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  1. That's not really an error, just a hint.. are you trying to browse to the dav-url? Does any other DAV-clients work? Troubleshoot webdav in nextcloud from here https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/12/admin_manual/issues/general_troubleshooting.html#service-discovery-label
  2. It's well-known behaviour that apps in windows goes to systray when clicking 'X' in upper corner or Close. Especially when it has a reason of living permanently during the logged on user's session like Enpass does to serve queries from your webbrowsers plugin. It also makes perfect sense that the files are locked while the app is opened since Enpass needs to respond fast upon a query from a plugin or a keyboard shortcut is pressed, and also it does background sync while being locked It's techincally possible to release the file allocations while app is still running, but it's error-prone, and Enpass has builtin Sync so there is no point.
  3. Not sure if this is an issue of enpass. Enpass has its sync mechanism, mixing in another sync mechanism (Onedrive) is not ideal,generally speaking.. If you install the Store version, I think your db will reside in appdata rather than Documents, otherwise I'd stop syncing Documents if possible, Onedrive's default location is directly under user's home folder. Doesn't seem like you're able to exclude files yet in Onedrive https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/all/stopping-onedrive-from-syncing-specific-files/e5f3fd2e-6ec4-403b-9435-1ada19026919 At least not Onedrive personal, but for Onedrive Business the admin can apparently do it
  4. What browser? Tried to clear user data there? Is your OS time correct?
  5. Please bring Dark mode back for Classic theme in enpass for Windows. It looked so good and matches macos and Linux theme
  6. +1 Especially in addition to a designated vault for work, 365 is a very important sync provider
  7. You're using the Free version of the IOS app, which entitles you; Stores up to 20 items Single vault See pricing
  8. I dont think Enpass was targeted, there where easier, standardized targets with APi's like you mentioned. They also stole oath tokens meaning that no matter how you store your password, the resulting granting "ticket" for e.g Google or Microsoft Live was passed on. But of course Enpass wouldnt sustain a root-level threat like that if being targeted. The security of an individual app cant hold up if security of underlying operating system is broken.
  9. You have to use the same account for iTunes /App Store. If the records are limited you're probably not doing that
  10. Good respone @Hemant Kumar, but I think another thing is the sellingpoint of Enpass. While some other password manager have their sourcecode opened, they offer subscriptions, onlinestorage and/or sync of the vaults. Enpass moto is "No subscription" and "...nothing is stored on our servers". What enpass has is a good piece of software especially considering the cross-plattform UXP with clients for a broad range of operating systems. While it still lacks autotype, it's still unbeatable at being everywhere; from Linux desktop all the way to my wrist. Opening up the code completely would lead to numeruos forks on Github in no time, and the golden egg wouldn't..well there would be more eggs.. And, sure the third fork could have a oneliner backdoor implemented, but that applies to all software on github. IMHO it's fully understandable if Enpass having 25 employees with paychecks working hard on numeruos platforms wants to keep an ace in their sleeve, it's just happens to be one of the _worst_ software categories to keep behind closed bars nowadays :-) While I was one of those asking for an audit, which you did (kudos again), perhaps you could still conscider opening parts up in a distant future. For instance, in version 6, core and UI is written separately, perhaps you could open up the core code, leaving GUI propriertary? Or, open up core+UI but leverage some extra parts only through licensed stores which you're already doing (Pro). E.g Enpass could be available FOSS on Github, but the cloudsync would only be available on your site, (still free for desktops)
  11. Because there are two different platforms. Since there's no subscription for enpass they charge you per platform
  12. I had this issue too, probably something with play store or play services. Had to clear data for play store to solve it. Surely the database itself isn't truncated just because it you're back to eval, it's just the view on the mobile devices that's being limited. So you can always view it on a desktop
  13. No more dark mode in classic theme :-(
  14. I filed a bug report too in SR ECS-682, without noticing it actually worked after entering master password two times
  15. Do you have access to the server-side logs like /var/logs/apache2 (tail -f logfile) or the nextcloud log if that's what you're using
  16. I filed a bug report regarding this too. Hope it wasn't intentional
  17. This is a major thing I miss too. It's been in the roadmap for Enpass since 2017 when v6 started being crafted but no news about it last couple of months.. This is the last missing cornerstone missing for me.
  18. How do you get Enpass to open a beer for you? Not sure if you're referring to WebApp-version of Excel or fat client, but im guessing an locally installed app. What you're after is AutoType, something i miss very much in Enpass and hence do not use enpass as my daily driver. AutoType like applied in Keepass,keepassxc or Keeweb doesn't rely on any extra plugins to autofill but simplified acts like a keyboard and types the value in the textbox in focus atm. Enpass can't do that now so you'll have to rely on the Clipboard-feature. Watch out for clipboardhistory though.
  19. For anyone who does have local admin privs and can install systemwide applications, I got it working using https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=52685 (x86, not x64). Obivously not desireable procedure for portable mode, but remember this is beta.
  20. I´d like to opt for a better looking Android Wear app. At least for the situations where only TOTP is synced to the Wear-device, I'd want bigger digits and also a more graphical counter for the validity. As a (crappy) mockup attached for round watches..
  21. I´m upping this. Except for TOTP, i don't need to autofill web-forms nowadays since I like most others since the sessions are cached. I do on the other hand have password protections on many applications, like a dozen Cryptomator-vaults. Autotype and being able to set a custom sequence for those records is mandatory for me, hence I use KeeWeb atm. But I'll switch right back to enpass once autotype is implemented cause it awesome otherwise
  22. If you didn't enter your masterpassword, the passwords isn't readable, even if the wallet was downloaded and passed to a third party. You should probably check https://www.dropbox.com/account/security to review past events
  23. Might I ask what the webDAV fix is about specifically? My wallet resides on self-hosted nextcloud
  24. Is it possible to have Enpass launch a file using the OS default application for ut? Instead of an URL, I'd like to enter "file://C/temp/secret.zip" and just click it, instead of copying it.
  25. Just remember that storing your first factor along with your second isn't conscidered good practise. The shared key for generating TOTPs is reversible to cleartext to (be able to sync ofc.). One could argue that its overkill to protect it further since its already within the vault which already is protected. But still, having your one-factor vault compromised would result in breach for your two-factor logins, if stored together :-)
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