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  1. Hey @CT94,

    Welcome to the forums.

    It's strange to read as Enpass doesn't require an active network connectivity while opening or logging in. 

    On 1/6/2020 at 2:08 PM, CT94 said:

    Enpass on Android does not open up when I have no internet connection available

    Could you please share the Android version, the Enpass version and the device name? Also, do you face any error or an issue while opening Enpass without an active internet connection?


  2. Hey @eyecrispy,

    We regret the inconvenience with cloud sync. 
    Do you get any particular error while syncing or does the sync set up successfully? Also, share the device model name and the Enpass version you're facing the issue on, we'll check the issue.


  3. Hey @Sandzhaj,

    Thanks for sharing your issue on the forum.

    8 hours ago, Sandzhaj said:

    every time i close my browser (chrome-based) and launch it again, enpass extension asks me to enter the code

    One probable cause for the repeated authentication seem to be the Browser Authorization settings under Enpass settings. Please check under Enpass browser settings -> Browser Authorization if the checkbox is enabled. If it's enabled, please disable it. 

    Meanwhile, we're sharing the screenshot of the issue with the concerned team. @Sandzhaj could you please confirm the following:

    • Enpass version you're using.
    • Browser name and the version.
    • Did you try checking the same with any other browser?


  4. Hey @Adam DZ,

    Thanks for sharing the version info. If there's a network firewall configured at your workplace, Enpass wouldn't communicate with the Dropbox servers, and hence you won't be able to set up sync. To setup Dropbox sync, you'll have to ask the administrator to allow network access to Dropbox.



  5. Hey @billigan,

    Thanks for joining in on the forums.

    On 1/4/2020 at 8:30 AM, billigan said:

    Is it possible to switch the behavior from double-click to single-click for the password entry?

    Please note that this is a default behaviour for the desktops and can't be changed. Also, if you have only a single-item login associated with a particular URL, Enpass provides an option to directly fill the login details with the keyboard shortcut. To turn on the settings, open Enpass -> Browser -> Autofill login details without showing Enpass Assistant.

    On 1/4/2020 at 8:30 AM, billigan said:

    Also, when I tried to register for the Enpass forum to post this, I found no way to create a new password on the fields provided on the signup page. The two lines for password did not offer any autofill or autocreate password options from Enpass (only the iCloud Keychain). I right-clicked and found an entry for Enpass but that opened up the mini browser again without a way to create a new password

    If you sign up on a desktop, you could use the browser extension's password generator to create and fill passwords in the password field. Once you submit the sign-up form, Enpass extension would prompt with an option to save the login details.


  6. Hey @Vipul,

    Welcome to the forums.

    To sync with iCloud, please create a new vault with the same Master password as that of the data on iCloud. After creating the new vault, setup sync with iCloud and check. If the issue persists, share the following details:

    • Enpass version you're using.
    • OS version and the device details.
    • Are the date/time settings set to Automatic on your device?


  7. Hey @mani,

    Thanks for using Enpass and welcome to the forum.

    Please note for the search to populate results from Notes, make sure that you've set the search option to search with "Fields" in the Enpass search. If you've set search to "Title" or "Passwords", Enpass won't display search results from the notes saved in your data.


  8. Hey @Ralle82,

    If you add an item using the Add new item(+) option in Enpass, there's already a drop down menu to choose the vault where you wish to save the item. Additionally, on desktops, as a part of the auto-save feature, the Enpass extension provides an option to select the vault in which user wishes to save a login item if that's already not in the Enpass database.
    If we've missed something, please let us know.


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  9. Hey @formerflyboy 

    Welcome to the forums.

    When you enable the sync with a cloud account, Enpass encrypts the local data with the Master password and then uploads the encrypted file on the cloud account. So while restoring the file on your Android device, please make sure you are entering the correct master password (the same password of Enpass app you are using on your Desktop).


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