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Found 19 results

  1. Please offer the ability to add a passkey for Enpass itself for desktop and mobile. This would give users added safety with a backup option to log into Enpass in case we forget or lose our master password AND biometric authentication gives problems (e.g. my thumbprint often fails in the winter when my hands dry up).
  2. I have set the time out at 12 hours and i use a PIN. This has worked fine for years. Since a week or so i need to enter my master password constantly. Up to 50 times a day. Starting to get really annoying... I use a Samsung S22 Ultra. App version: Android 13 Battery use app set to unrestricted. Any ideas?
  3. I'm experiencing an issue with Enpass; I run Enpass on two computers, one of the computers when entering the Master password works, both installations of Enpass use the same Master Password, although when entering the same Master password on another computer I get an error that the Master Password is incorrect ?
  4. I am looking for a way to activate enpass with a pin instead of having to enter the master password every time I open it. It's getting to be quite a pain.
  5. Hello, I've bought a Premium License and I would like to know how I can change my Master Password of all my devices at once. I use a MacBook Pro, iMac, iPad and iPhone; and I don't like that If I change Master Password from my MacBook Pro, anyone with my old password can still access my Vault in my other devices. I hope my point is clear. Is it possible by hosting the Vault in the Cloud? so that if changing Master Password in one device, automatically affects all my devices in order to get in. Thank you for reading me.
  6. Hello, I think this question may be for Enpass Stuff. If I changed my Master Password using iCloud Sync, I understand Enpass can't have access to my current Master Password but I would like to know if Enpass can have access to my old (changed) Master Password used in iCloud Sync. Thank you.
  7. How to set a limit on attempts to enter a master password?
  8. Hello, Trying to set up enpass on my iphone after setting it on my desktop app, enpass won't accept the master password even though, the passkey is correct. Tried multiple times, with or without copy/paste. Thanks for your help.
  9. Hello, I'm running Mac OS Mojave 10.14.4 with Enpass 6.0.6 (326) I also run Enpass on Android and Windows (Desktop) but I don't have the issue on those platforms. I'm french, and using the keyboard layout called `US International with dead keys`. Since i'm french I'm using accent like `é` and `è`. In order to make a `é` I first need to type `'` then 'e'. It works well in Enpass on regular fields. However, it doesn't work on hidden fields. When I try to type `é` it will input a `e`. I tried to reset my local vault, where I can switch from a hidden to a visible input (and check that my `é` is now a `e`). Obvisouly, my main issue is that my master password contains some characters among `é è à etc...`, this means I can't type my master password. I'm forced to write it somewhere unsafe, cut it and paste it into Enpass. Then it works. But it's not cool having to write my master password in a visible app, and storing it in my clipboard. Not related : Your password security policy is not the same between your app and your forum registration. A password considered weak in the application is considered strong in the forum registration process. Fun fact
  10. I am still using Enpass version 5.6.10 on my Windows 7 laptop, but my Android devices (smart phone and tablet) are using The Android versions are working/syncing just fine, but I can't even get into my desktop Enpass because it won't accept my master password. It used to work, but not anymore. Anyone have a suggestion for fixing this problem?
  11. Hi ! I am a happy user of the free enpass desktop app. I'm using it on windows seven x64 and never had problems. A few days ago, I found (security settings) that it is possible to add a pin code to "re-open" it quickly. Very useful So I inserted such a pin code and.... forgot it... Too bad. I had to close and re-open enpass to change my forgotten pin code. And then came a question : I don't want to "crack" or bypass the security but I would like to know where enpass does keep its settings ? in the registry ? in a particular folder ? I was not able to find it by myself. Thank you for reply and sorry about my poor english
  12. tueber

    new year bug?

    Hi all, since the new year I am not able to access my enpass keychain anymore. It says that the password is not correct. This happens on all platforms, the keychain file worked since yesterday, the keychain file itself was not changed for more than 2 months... Does anyone have a clue? Regards Thorsten
  13. I know what the master password is but it will not allow access. Am running Xubuntu 16.04 with US keyboard. Enpass version is whatever was available on 2017-10-28 for Ubuntu. Looks like Enpass_Installer_5.6.0 (46.9MB). Master password contains special characters: "badk1++13s" (remove the quotes, yes that is the password). I typed the password into a text editor and pasted it so I know it was typed correctly. What gives? Is there a way to check if the key-chain was corrupted?
  14. Hello, Im using swedish as my display language of windows 10 and a swedish keyboard. I was getting frustrated because everytime i was setting up a OneDrive sync it worked on that device but not on the other one (win 10 pc / mobile). I got the wrong master password each time and couldnt figure out what was wrong... Until i found another thread here that found out that it could be the region setting of the keyboard thats messing this up. I tried to use a simple password without any special characters and that works! Can you please fix this keyboard region bug, i cant have a password manager which i cant use a advanced master password on
  15. As often used Touch ID, let me forget the master password. I forgot my master password can only use Touch ID,How to reset APP? I have backed up the password I recorded in it。 Can I drop this password library? Download a new APP from AppStore。 I purchased the Pro version,Re-download or pro ? I am a Chinese user, the English level is not good。
  16. Hi, I've been using the Windows 10 phone App for a while now - full version - and the installation on my Surface Pro 4does not work. It initially worked perfectly in sync however it now fails and I left it a while to hope a fix would arrive, but perhaps I'm the only one... I've uninstalled the app (perhaps leaving cache in the background) and restored the passwords from onedrive from my phone during installation, but i'm still stuck at the Master Password with no option for Windows Hello. I recently updated to Anniversary edition and it didn't work before the update either. Cheers,
  17. Hi all, I forgot my master password so I tried to reinstall and even deleted the install directory. But still after install enpass is asking for my master password, Where is those configuration and passwords stored ? How can I delete those.?
  18. Hi I'm a new user, I found out from this post while trying to figure out why my app always asks for master password when I have setup a PIN for it. Below is a quote I found from the post: Now I realise this is a 'feature' but I think this 'feature' defeats the purpose of the pin due to the fact that I don't constantly keep the enpass app running so mostly of the time I don't get to use my pin. I setup a pin for convenience and I have a complex master password for security. Entering my master password with a little android phone keyboard is a pain. Please create an option in setting -> security, something like "always use PIN" so some of us can choose to always use a PIN if there is one set. Regards, Peter W
  19. Hi there I switched to a new phone and restored my Enpass data from Dropbox. I can't seem to get the Master Password to work, even though it still works on my old phone. Any ideas about how to fix this? Thanks Julianna
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