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0x803F8001:"Enpass Password Manager is currently not available in your account"


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20 hours ago, BarrBarr said:

Hi @Manish Chokwal, as you can expect - your statement is not appreciated - as stated many times here - where was your support in time of need? where is at least the help of posting workarounds? You can stick thanks for patience and support you know where. How would you feel to be stranded only with one password - to you vault that is useless because you cat access it! You wasted 3 hours of my work time - after disfunction in matter of days you can keep your statements to yourself.

No matter what you will say, at this point we all know, that we cannot trust you, you are not able to provide any guarantees about supporting you users. Your strategy is to quietly sit in the corner and then if some miracle happens and problem is solved start shouting hey fellas everything is good and great, it's wasn't our problem, nothing happened, thanks you are great.

you should really start thinking about your services..

You also could have checked Twitter (see a post before) or other channels instead of ranting/trolling here on the forum and be more helpful next time. A post like this doesn't help at all and brings only negativity, where nobody asked for either. Hence I suspect your post will only be ignored, how much you try to be outstanding by changing the background color for the text.

If you'd been testing things around, you should've quickly seen that the MS Store had issues, which you are now reflecting at Enpass, which totally is unfair/irrelevant. The only thing to complain about, is the lack of communication on the discussion forums, so you didn't have to do a single thing with your lazy and much complaining ass.

A little late to the party, but it's working for me as well.

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