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My name is Leo and I have a question.

I use the Enpass password app for many years and the new version looks very nice.

Congratulations Enpass Team! 

Good job 

I immediately bought the Premium version.

Can someone tell you how to remove the personalized/customized icons?

I have make some and they are not good.

What is the correct file format and size in pixels?

Maybe someone can help me further.

Thanks in advance.


Greetings, Leo

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Hi @Dentonthebear,

Sorry for late reply. We have no restriction on size when you choose custom icon. We resize an provided image to 200x200 pixels, after resizing if its size is less than 100KB, it is used as custom icon otherwise not.

So, a Custom icon with 200X200 pixel and less than 100KB will always be accepted.

Also, favicon support is coming soon and it will save your time from adding custom icon for every website.


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is it possible, that enpass load the icons of the website or account, which ich use. For example paypal?

Until today i use 1Password. And there they load the Icon, after entering the Website URL.


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