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Vikram Dabas

Enpass Beta v6.0.8 brings Autofill support for Chromebooks, App Shortcuts and more!

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Hi @Vikram Dabas. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my rant. You clearly sensed my frustration as I was wiping all things Enpass off my Slate and reinstalling the stable version. Thanks for getting the CPU Drain fix pushed out (to you and/or the team). I'm back in the beta boat.

It's tough - we're the ungrateful consumers constantly begging for updates and features while whining about costs. But then again especially beta testers are donating our devices (some of which are pretty high value) to you to make your product more marketable. It's a tough tension. I look forward to seeing how you guys resolve it.

In any event, I've grabbed the last two updates to the beta. Everything seems fast and fluid. There are two things that should still be looked at:

  • I'm assuming that the Enpass Service notification will be mandatory; if that's the case, then please confirm. In any event, there's a typo in it: it reads "Enpass Autofill Serive"
  • When the app has been running for a while and you go to close it, sometimes it keeps popping up as many as three times. Current setup causing it:
    • Running a Pixel Slate in Tablet Mode (no mouse/keyboard/cover attached) on Stable v74 (fully updated)
    • Enpass App is pinned to the shelf
    • Press and hold Enpass App and choose "Close"
    • Expected behaviour: Enpass App Closes
    • Experienced behaviour: Enpass App opens. Press and hold and choose Close, enpass app appears to minimize and re-open. Rinse and repeat until it finally does close (and it does, but after several tries

Those are the only ones that I've found so far. Thanks for improving the process for us.

Another random feedback that I'm going to leave here rather than risking trying to get it out elsewhere. I've had a horrible time getting this posted. I actually drafted the bulk of this the day that you posted (and @Dentonthebear) and couldn't actually post. The anti-spam filter kept advising me that I was posting too many times or that my browser was forbidden. I also keep getting login problems accusing my domain of being a spam domain. I am sending this from a static IP address because it's my business computer - I'm a lawyer in Canada. I'm not sure what's going on, but maybe the spam filter could be eased up a little bit? Thanks!

On 5/14/2019 at 10:27 AM, Dentonthebear said:

But this is a beta release, and as such as most other companies say are not necessarily ready for prime-time use.

I'm not sure if this was aimed at me or not, but I'll respond to it because I want to be clear that I wasn't whining about a beta product not being ready for prime-time use. Rather, I was complaining about the lack of updates to the beta. Whether those updates came in the form of an actual update to the software itself (even with a disclaimer of "Try this out and see if the CPU bug is gone") or in a post ("Just FYI: we've nailed the CPU bug and will be rolling out an update to the software in a fortnight, barring other build issues"), I just wanted to know that this was actually getting fixed and that we could expect to continue testing. 

As I said: I don't mind donating my bloody expensive device for testing beta products if I know that the testing is leading somewhere. I was starting to wonder if this was going to languish in beta for six months, maybe even a year. Over a month without any changes to the beta and no roadmap for when we should see it doesn't inspire me to help them beta test. It inspires me to wait in the rest of the forums for the update to hit whenever it hits and to not help them out with the test. If I'm alone in that sentiment, then so be it, but I wanted it said just in case there's others like me reporting everything from showstoppers to cosmetic bugs and then wondering if we'll ever see a fix.

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On 5/15/2019 at 6:28 PM, Vikram Dabas said:

Hi All,

We have released another beta update v6.0.8.212 which will fix the high CPU usage and other critical issues. Please install this update and let me know if you still encounter any problem. The details are here:

Waiting for your valuable feedback.


Hey @Vikram Dabas !
First of all: Nice update, the CPU usage is much better now and the new keyboard shortcut is awesome! It's also nice, that I can use the same extension for windows/linux/mac and chrome os, as the chrome sync often "forced" you to get both on every device, and not just the one needed for your specific device. 

Now there are only 3 "bigger" things for me left:

1. The notification that just doesn't go away, as mentioned earlier. As a workaround I just disabled notifications for Enpass in the Android settings, and it seams my Enpass is still working as it should, but still.. please remove that, it's just annoying and actually bothers me more than I thought at first, as I constantly check my notifications thanks to it.

2. Better keyboard support. Also something that bothers me much more than I thought at first, especially because my Chromebook has no touchscreen! The keyboard shortcut is nice, but it doesn't really help you when you need to use your mouse again to select something. At least let me use my arrow keys and my enter key to auto fill. The Play Store (and other apps) implemented better keyboard support, so it should be possible.
Oh and PLEASE PLEASE! let me just open Enpass and start typing to trigger the search! I love this in the Play Store, and I miss it every time in Enpass. I always need to manually click on the search icon to start the search.. (Enpass itself, not the chrome ad-on)

3. When it's "time" for Enpass to lock itself it gets in focus again, so let's say after 5 min I suddenly get the Enpass window and see it getting locked.. not really nice if you are in the middle of writing a doc or so and suddenly you see the Enpass window :D Ofc I can't say if it would be even possible to fix this, maybe it's a limitation of the Android implementation in Chrome OS but if it's possible.. please fix it :) 

.. but that's it.. of course there are other small things here and there (sometimes when I open Enpass and I need to type in my password I first need to "click" on the password field.. it's not always the case, but sometimes.. don't know why), but with those 3 things it would be good enough for me! :)


.. but just a question: My Chromebook has no fingerprint sensor, but there are Chromebooks coming with such a sensor (like the new Acers and the current Google Pixel Slate).. do you (or someone else) know if the fingerprint sensor is supported by Enpass on Chrome OS? And if not, would it be even possible to support it? 

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@Vikram Dabas Bug Report: latest version brought back the bizarre CPU usage. Past betas have been fine. Please let us know when the CPU Usage regression is fixed again!

On 6/4/2019 at 12:06 AM, djohannes said:

.. but just a question: My Chromebook has no fingerprint sensor, but there are Chromebooks coming with such a sensor (like the new Acers and the current Google Pixel Slate).. do you (or someone else) know if the fingerprint sensor is supported by Enpass on Chrome OS? And if not, would it be even possible to support it? 

@djohannes I'm pretty sure that I've seen a few times that the Android Runtime Container does not have access to the fingerprint sensor. Enpass certainly doesn't, and IIRC one of the other major password managers had this chat on Reddit. There's current neither access nor plans to give it. Probably a bug to star somewhere but I've never found it.

--EDIT-- Just received the update ( and so far I don't seem to be having the CPU issues. I'll report if I do. I am having the same "Jumps up into focus when it locks" issue that we had in the past. Is that a demon that needs to be re-exorcised too?

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I'm running Enpass 6.2.0 (Android app) and Chrome extension 6.0.2 on an Acer Chromebook (CB714 with Pentium 4417U).

Everything works fine when I connect to the Internet using WiFi, but when I use an USB ethernet adapter the Enpass extension doesn't connect to the Android app.

In both cases (WiFi and ethernet), Enpass show this:


Indeed, when WiFi is connected the port is open:


Instead, when Ethernet is connected the port is closed:


Other Android apps work fine also with an Ethernet connection and have no problems in opening ports (like FTP server, incoming torrent's port, etc).

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Glad to know I'm not the only one. Moving from Windows to Chrome OS I needed a new password manager, and wanted one that was local (not cloud). Found Enpass and all looked good, got the trial version installed on the Chromebook, synced with old Windows machine, seemed like it was going to be a good choice and was ready to pay for it when I discovered the ethernet issue. Just like lammoth, I can get it to work just fine on WiFi, but as soon as I switch to ethernet the chrome extension quits working, telling me that I need to enable autofill.

On mine at least, when I enable autofill with wifi on, it's looking for, port 10295. But with ethernet it's looking for port 10395. I've tried entering the ip address with both ports, but neither works.

And to add to the confusion, if I have just wifi connected and turn on autofill, it's fine. Plug in the ethernet cable with wifi still on, and it quits working. Unplug the cable and it starts working again. It's a shame about this. I really thought this was going to be an alternative to Roboform

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@S87, @lammoth

We've already reproduced the issue with Ethernet on our Chromebooks. There's a bug with our Chromebook release. Our team is meanwhile looking for a solution to this! We'll keep this space updated as and when we have a feedback from the dev.

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