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  2. There is a major problem with the "classic" theme, that makes it absolutely useless for the people who really want it. The context menus have not been fixed. The hover behavior is completely lost. In the items pane (where it shows a table with all the websites entries), if you select one item, the hover over another one, and then right click it does not work. When the context menu shows up, all the options will happen on the item that is currently selected, instead of on the item where the mouse is hovering. It basically that the context menu is not contextual anymore. A major innovation from the Enpass team: a context-unaware context menu.
  3. Jim

    Fresh Start?

    I purchased Enpass quite some time ago. I have never been successful in getting it to work seamlessly across my machines - and most importantly my Android. So I have kind of limped along, occasionally spending a couple of hours trying to get things to work, then quitting in frustration. Some issues have been getting sync to work with google drive from my Android (Nokia 6.1), getting the desktop version to use the same sync file as the android...in short, I'm pretty disappointed and fed up with fighting Enpass. Plus, I used the beta for a while - don't know if that caused any further complications. The issue I'm facing right now is - after removing Enpass completely from my android, then reinstalling, and authenticating successfully with Dropbox, I'm redirected to Enpass which tells me that it couldn't authenticate. This seems to happen when I try to use Google as well. The specific error for Dropbox is "Unable to restore data due to insufficient access rights" - but I'm clearly logged into Dropbox. I am thinking I should uninstall my desktop version on all pc's and uninstall all versions on the phone. Which desktop version should I use to reinstall x64 or Win 10? I assume I should also use the latest Android version (but not beta)? I'm aware I sound like I'm a complete idiot here, but I'm too frustrated to care. :-) Any assistance would be appreciated.
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  5. I am using Chrome with no Enpass extension, Windows 10. I have disabled autofill in Settings and disabled autosubmit login for the entry. When I invoke the site, it generates a very long URL with a lot of parameters, and the site can't digest it - it hangs forever. How do oI get it to just use the URL I entered? Thanks.
  6. Hi Gang, I synchronize my Enpass Vault between my MacBook Air and iPhone via iCloud. Since the most recent upgrade, I've been getting fairly frequent requests to reauthenticate via iCloud. (None of this is covered in any detail in the manual, of course.) Although the frequency of this is annoying (and might even have more to do with Apple security requirements than with EnPass's), it certainly isn't multiple times/day as some others have apparently experienced. However, I suddenly found myself with a problem that prevented me from completing this reauthentication at all, and I thought I'd share the solution in case others run into it. Clicking the reauthenticate link in the Mac OS X Enpass application launches my browser with an Apple URL where I'm asked to enter my Apple ID and password. Naturally, it's a strong password, so I want to use Enpass to look it up for me. The auto-fill doesn't typically work for these Apple web forms (though, thankfully at least you can paste a password into the field from the Clipboard) so I swap over to Enpass, look up the Apple ID record, copy its password, swap back to my browser, and paste the password into the web form. At this point, I just watch a spinning cursor in my browser window forever. :( I asked Enpass tech support for help, and they suggested that I try some other browser, but that wouldn't have helped at all (nor did removing various associated browser cookies). The problem was instead that looking up my Apple ID password in the Enpass application interrupted the reauthentication process (which obviously involves communication between this Mac OS X application and the iCloud server). In other words, "user error". D'OH! The solution I came up with is to copy my Apple ID password first, before I initiate the reauthentication operation. FYI, - Schmed
  7. Hi Anshu, Thanks for your reply. The beta did not fix the problem, unfortunately (see attachment, and yes it's red ... not photoshopped). If I switch back to the screen without rebooting Enpass it still works.
  8. I was going to enable my Windows Enpass to update with Beta versions and read this on your site: The Enpass app itself will notify you about the Beta update as soon as it's available. To receive the notifications, you need to enable the 'Beta Updates' from Enpass Advanced Settings. I cannot find such a setting in either the Windows or Mac installations. I have looked under both Settings and Advanced Settings.
  9. Hi @recrudesce That's very unfortunate, and I am sorry for the inconvenience. I require some more information so that our team can check and investigate the issue. Enpass version. The number of total items in Enpass (across All Vaults). Chrome OS version. Do you use keyfile with your master password to login into Enpass? Have you enabled sync with any vault? If yes, please share the cloud services. Does the problem occasionally occur or every time you unlock the app? Has this issue occurred after changing some configuration in Enpass? Also, please disconnect your Chromebook from any internet connection and then open the Enpass. Now check and let us know does the app still takes time to unlock it.
  10. Hi @dasunsrule32 Enpass Linux version is for x86 64 bit architecture only. There are many Chromebook models which are ARM and x86 32bit. So, for better coverage of devices, we are currently focusing solely on the Chromebooks running the Android OS.
  11. hello, it is impossible to import a file msecure csv... he answers me "empty folder", Which is not true. I'm running Ubuntu for Enpass 6.0.6 and Msecure latest version on Windows. Thank's
  12. I have the same problem, with the latest enpass for mac. Exported from 1password mac -> pif file Imported into Enpass, working great, until I found no info about the sites, so no match to fill information. The windows version of enpass (latest beta) crashed when importing 1480 entries and only imported ˜ 800
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  14. So, running this on a Chromebook (Pixel Slate) is not a particularly great experience. It takes about 60-75 seconds for the application to unlock after I type in my Master password (sometimes it doesn't even unlock, and just goes back to the password entry box), then it takes a further 20-30 seconds to load the password vault. This happens if I use the native Android application to unlock, and the beta Chromebook extension and irrespective of how long it's been since I previously unlocked - as in I can type my password in, wait 70+ seconds, see my vault after 20 seconds, instantly lock the vault, and have to wait again. I also am unable to right click in a password field and choose Enpass, as it just pops up a tab in Chrome with the "Connecting to Enpass" which instantly disappears and nothing happens - so I cannot create passwords. It also does not offer to save any new credentials that I enter on websites. Basically, the ChromeOS implementation of this is dire, and needs some serious work. On my Pixel 3 with the same version it's instant, and the same Chrome extension on Windows and Linux is fine.
  15. PROBLEM: "Last Synchronized" field is blank. I even tried the "Sync Now" button, and the field still is blank. Perhaps worse, my vault isn't getting sync'd or backed up. Thank you.
  16. I just realized, that I posted in the wrong section. The problem appears on OS, not on iOS.
  17. Thanks for getting back to me. I tried the beta version on my Windows PC, which was the one with the sync problem and could not get it to sync at all. I tried making Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge all individual default browsers and all I got was the redirect message and no synchronisation. Maybe I should stick with v.6.0.6 until the beta stages of 6.1 are completed. I didn't try v.6.1 on my Mac.
  18. Dear Enpass Support, I created a backup file to save my data. As I am now trying to import the .enpassbackup file, I can only import files from other applications or a pre-formatted CSV. How do I restore the .enpassbackup file that was created? Thank you for your help! Vivien
  19. Same here. Additionally, when moving the Enpass window from the external screen to the MacBook's Retina display the whole window turns black.
  20. Hey @JmC, Thanks for reporting this issue. I have noted it down and notified the QA team to look into it. Thanks!
  21. Hey @Simon92, We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. This issue has been fixed and an update v6.1 with the fixes will be rolled out soon. Further, I would like to share that we have rolled the beta version of Enpass 6.1 If you are willing to try the beta version of Enpass you can download it from here. We appreciate your patience.
  22. Hey @cbailiss, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. It would be a great help if you can share the crash report mentioning your name in the comment box or Title of this thread so that we can check and try to fix asap. Thanks for your co-operation.
  23. Hey @pineman, We have rolled out the beta version of Enpass 6.1 and will try to push final update asap. If you are willing to try the beta version of Enpass before public release you can download it from here: Thanks!
  24. So, I'm not alone. Should I be glad? I've had to switch back to my Lumia 735 recently. Since it had Enpass installed, I've thought the app would sync data from Android phone. How I was surprised when it took only part of the data. Well, is there a workaround yet?
  25. I use enpass in three places: 1) Android Phone 2) WIndows 10 PC 3) Windows 7 PC All three sync via One Drive. I upgraded sometime ago to V6. Enpass was working fine on all three devices. Recently I tried to update Enpass on windows 7 (a minor enpass update 6.x to 6.x). Since then, I have been unable to restore the data onto the windows 7 device. When I try to, I am redirected to the browser, I log in and get the "Authorisation Finished" message in the web browser. I am redirected from the browser back to Enpass. Enpass prompts for the password (I assume this is the normal one I enter when opening the app). I enter this password and immediately Enpass crashes. Very frustrating. The issue started with the update to the 6.0.2 version and I was hoping a further update would fix it, but it hasn't. I am still having the same problem with 6.0.6. Any suggestions on how I can fix this? Thanks
  26. So I have a couple Chromebooks that are Neverware Chrome OS devices. They don't support Android apps, but they do support Linux apps. Is it possible to get the Linux version connecting and working on Chrome OS? I've got it installed, but have had issues when logging in and connecting to the browser extension using this method.
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