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  1. Hi @gurco21

    With Enpass, your data is fully encrypted with 256-bit AES with 100,000 rounds of PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA512 using the open-source encryption engine SQLCipher. This provides you with advanced protection against brute force and side channel attacks. You can learn more about security with Enpass by referring to this link.

    Regarding Enpass not being open source, the same is being discussed in the below-mentioned forum -

  2. Hi @AnakinCaesar

    Upon conducting a comprehensive analysis of the screenshot you provided, it appears that you have included a URL with an "https" prefix. However, due to security considerations, Enpass currently does not support autofilling for URLs with "https" on "http" websites. I kindly request you to either modify the URL to "http" or create a new item specifically for "https" websites.

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  3. Hi @Sigan

    At the moment, the Enpass app synchronizes your data -

    • Every time the app is unlocked
    • Every 15 seconds when the app is active in the foreground on your device
    • Within 5 seconds every time you save a change

    I have also forwarded your feedback regarding synchronizing Enpass data when the app is in the background to our development team for future consideration. We value your input and appreciate your cooperation and support during this time.


  4. Hi @AnakinCaesar @Andrew Polishchuk

    Our team successfully replicated the bug responsible for the disruption of autofilling on icloud.com. We are actively working on a patch to resolve this issue, which will be released soon.

    @AnakinCaesar Regarding the login forms you provided for Sonarr and Radarr, we haven't been able to reproduce the problem thus far. To assist us in identifying the bug, please provide us with the exact steps you are following. This information will greatly aid our investigation. Also, if you are using a specific environment for the local address you shared, please confirm this. If you prefer to share this information privately, feel free to send me a DM.

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  5. Hi @xmestessox

    That is correct. It is indeed possible to configure and utilize Enpass Portable alongside an existing Enpass desktop installation on your system. Remember to designate distinct locations for storing the database files of each Enpass version. However, it's worth noting that certain features might not be accessible in the portable edition of the application (like Wifi Sync)

  6. Hi @sebixibes

    The Face ID needs to be enabled from inside the app by going to Enpass Settings -> Security -> Face ID. Please note that the master password cannot be recovered if it is lost, as it is not stored anywhere. We prioritize your data security, and as a result, we do not have access to your confidential information. You have complete control over your data to ensure the highest level of security.

    However, if you have the Enpass application installed on another device that has Face ID or biometrics enabled, you can use the following steps to change your master password:

    1. Open Enpass on your mobile/device using Face ID/biometrics.

    2. Go to Settings-->Create a new vault of Enpass on your handset with a new password.

    3. Copy all the items individually from the other vaults and move them into the newly created vault.

    4. Sync this new vault with a new cloud account.

    5. Now reinstall Enpass on any other device and restore the data using the new cloud account.

    6. Once all your data is restored on the other device, repeat step-5 on all your other devices.

  7. Hi @Prof. Dr. Martin Marsian

    Enpass app downloaded from the Mac AppStore does allow you to use the touch ID at all times, even after restarting the device. Could you please confirm if you have downloaded the Enpass app from the Mac AppStore or from our official website as Only the Mac AppStore Enpass version supports full time unlock via Touch ID. Otherwise, please try the below troubleshooting steps and share your findings with me -

    1. Disable the Touch ID in your Enpass app. Then restart the app and re-enable the Touch ID again.
    2. Create a manual backup/ set up synchronization for your Enpass data and then reinstall the app.
  8. Hi @Theodosis Karageorgakis

    Please restore the Enpass data from the local backup file (with 171 Items) instead of Dropbox. Also, before proceeding, kindly ensure that the encrypted backup file on your Dropbox account is removed.

    Once you have restored the local backup file on your PC, please synchronize your Vault with the cloud service of your choice and then restore via the same cloud service on your mobile device.

  9. Hi @xmestessox

    An Enpass vault is a highly secure and encrypted database designed to store your sensitive data. By default, Enpass creates a single vault to accommodate all your information. However, if you have a specific need to keep certain data separate or isolated, you can create additional vaults. Multiple vaults are particularly useful when you want to segregate your passwords, such as using a Primary vault for personal items and a secondary vault for work-related passwords.

    It's important to note that both the Primary and secondary vaults can be accessed using the same master password. In the situation you described, both you and the other person would have access to both vaults. In the event that another individual is utilizing the same desktop device and intends to utilize Enpass, there are several workarounds available, which are detailed here.


  10. Hi @jcovello

    As you mentioned that this seems to be happening when Enpass is synchronizing via Onedrive, please give the below steps a try and share your findings with me -

    1. Remove the synchronization from all the connected devices. While doing so, you will also get an option to 'Delete data from Onedrive'. Please proceed with it and after doing it, enable the synchronization again.

    2. Ensure that you have allowed access to Enpass in your Firewall/Antivirus Settings. Moreover, if you are using any VPN service, try disabling it to check if the issue persists.

  11. Hi @Theodosis Karageorgakis

    Based on your statement about having 171 Items on your Desktop device, I would like to confirm whether you created a backup of your data and restored the Items from that backup. If you followed this process, your Desktop device should have 171 Items. Once you have verified that the Desktop version of the app contains all the Items, please proceed to set up synchronization on your desktop device and then on your Android version of the app.

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