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  1. @enpassuser3 No. Its fine. Address is not accessible outside of your machine.
  2. Hi all, Are you using proxy fro internet? We have made improvements for proxy detection in upcoming update. Thanks.
  3. Hi @C__O, Please change 1password interface to english ,export and then import into Enpass. Enpass should now map fields properly. You can try this in an new vault. Thanks.
  4. Hi @frank-de-cologne, Some users are reporting issues regarding "entries not filtered by url" in extension and this issue is certainly related to that. We are on it. Thanks.
  5. Hi @mk14sanchez, Enpass keyboard is not designed to be replacement of your regular keyboard. You can switch to it by keyboard switcher only when you need to fill information from Enpass and back to regular keyboard after that. Thanks.
  6. Hi @Thomas7777, Is it Linux? You can fix wrong scaling issues by following this FAQ. Thanks.
  7. Hi @Ducilator, We have fixed a crash in Safari extension related to this. Please wait for next update. Thanks.
  8. Hi @enpassuser3, Are you using any proxy? If yes, please exclude localhost and127.0.0.1 from it. Also if you are using Sophos antivirus this post might be helpful for you. Thanks.
  9. @lammoth Thanks for reporting the issue. Fix will be there in upcoming updates.
  10. Hi @Seger, Please check if second vault folder have write permissions. You can check this by mounting that folder with file manger (Finder/File Explorer) program on you desktop and creating folder/files there. We have also fixed many WebDAV related issues (thanks for demo accounts provided by our users), which are due for upcoming updates. Thanks.
  11. Hi @dahling, Sorry for trouble. Please let me know Enpass version of both devices and the cloud used for sync. Thanks.
  12. Hi @andlinwinuser, The issue has been fixed. Will be there in next update. Thanks.
  13. Hi @mike_w, When you delete an android application, all its data will be deleted too. However, if an application writes something out of its assigned area(sandbox) e.g.. to memory card, it won't get deleted. If you uninstall Enpass, the data and preferences created by Enpass will be deleted too. However, if your have synced your data to any cloud or took a backup to local storage/memory card, it won't be deleted. Thanks.
  14. Hi @AnnoyedEnpassUser, You can restore Enpass v5 data like by following this guide. https://www.enpass.io/support/how-to-restore-enpass-v5-cloud-data-to-the-latest-enpass-v6/ Thanks.
  15. @AwesomeDogee Next update will have this option.
  16. Hi @AwesomeDogee, TouchId icon on Touch Bar is returning in next update. Thanks.
  17. @boris, Next update has an option to fix these kind of graphics issues. Please wait for update.
  18. Hi @eaxs, Sorry for trouble. Please wait for next update. New update has an option to fix these kind of graphics faults. Thanks you.
  19. Hi all, Auto addition of selected tag from sidebar when adding an item is coming in next update. Tag autocomplete is on our list and you will see it in future. Thanks.
  20. Hi @100 Watt Walrus, All actions on for an item are in next to favorite button (three vertical dots) on detail page. It is not possible to provide every action in context menu (it will make it too long). But some of these can be included. Your suggestions? Thanks.
  21. @100 Watt Walrus On item detail page, rightmost icon on top toolbar (three vertical dots) in android, contains extra actions like duplicate.
  22. Hi @C__O, Suggestion #1 is a bug that is reported by some of other users too. We are on it. Suggestion #2 is already implemented and fix will be in new update. Thanks.
  23. Hi @JohnJohnson, Is it the same WebDAV folder where you have previously synchronized your data from Enpass 6? @dieTausendsassa As I said earlier Please wait for update. Thanks.
  24. Hi @boris, Sorry for trouble. Is second screen is attached to different graphics card? Thanks.
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