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  1. Did you try using Windows Hello? V6 --> Broken/doesn't work after app startup. Why does enpass have to run in the background and hog resources? --> see previous. Hello doesn't work at all if you don't keep enpass alive all the time. Why do I have to always click the face icon before I can Hello open my vault? The UI needs more clicks to get the same thing done. Too much whitespace. Design looks awful. No UWP/Fluent design. In 2019, UIs should be a pleasure to use and look at. Upgrade broke all devices apart in our household, for both of us. That's a 100% upgrade fail. Including a dark theme you have to manually enable as a feature is just lame. The V5 UWP automatically followed the Windows dark system theme since … ever? I'm glad it works for you, but I'm finding it ultra-annoying and after weeks of no improvements, I'm debating whether to change platforms altogether.
  2. @Kennyeastmids: Enpass is subtly telling you to abandon that stone-age OS in favor of something safe. Using Enpass on 7 is like keeping your money in a strong safe but leaving the door open.
  3. Sure. She should install enpass in her windows PC account from the store using her Microsoft account and sync to her personal OneDrive. Then she'll have her own personal enpass with her own master password, icons, tags, etc. Syncing to OneDrive guarantees she retains access to her passwords even when she loses access to your shared PC. Such as when you separate. ;-)
  4. Beg to dis-agree. One-Time password after restarting the computer is NOT fine - for me at least. The whole reason for Enpass' existence is to NOT have to remember passwords. The whole reason I chose Enpass back in the day was because it was the first to support Windows Hello. For almost two years, I stopped using passwords, thanks to Enpass and that was a great time. Now, the product took a version step forward and my usability to a step backward. Heck - Windows doesn't even need a password to log me in anymore, ever! Are you telling me Windows is now more innovative than a product that was built, by design, to eliminate passwords? The rant continues... Oh, and I hope Enpass realizes that for users who value convenience more than ultimate security, the biggest competitor is not 1pass or keypass or whatever other pw manager, but Edge, Chrome and Firefox. Fully built in password and forms management, with perfect sync across all platforms. I'm starting to enjoy how Edge takes care of all my passwords on all devices natively - no master password needed. Ever. (MAN... I am annoyed! Just had to get my phone from the car, just so I can unlock Enpass on my PC!)
  5. Obviously, no one here actually read the EULA we all consented to when we installed Enpass: https://www.enpass.io/legal/, where it clearly says "Maintenance, Updates and Pricing: It is the Company who will decide the timing and pricing of future updates for Software comprising of new features, improvements and bug fixes." That is, btw., perfectly standard practice for most commercial software companies. "Lifetime license" is for Version 5. Version 6 is a new product, with a new license, that is subject to new Ts and Cs. Get over it, or just RTFM the next time. That being said, the upgrade to V6 should have been optional (as it was on Windows), not forced (as on Android). I hope Sinew realizes that the forced Upgrade on some platforms effectively ended the lifetime license people had? Forcefully removing the lifetime licensed V5 product is VERY close to a breach of contract. Not offering a clear opt-out or orderly roll-back option is not ok. Microsoft tried that way back when they rolled out Windows 10 and got heavy flak for that. They've learned from their mistakes, now Sinew should, too.
  6. well... thanks, I guess. But please don't call Windows Hello support working as expected at app startup a "feature". Hello not working after restarting is a BUG, plain and simple. If your choice of using Qt as the app framework causes this, then you made the wrong choice and should've stayed with UWP. btw. other Qt apps such as Skype and Teams (?) also have horrible UIs with tiny text and objects and are sluggish, bloated and unresponsive. Sorry to flame you like this, but I used to be a super-satisfied, paying Enpass customer and recommended and demoed it all the time. Now, V6 is just plain annoying. Sinew is lucky that moving to a different password manager is too much of a hassle for me.
  7. Interesting, Microsoft Store didn't update our Enpass UWP automatically. We had to install V6 manually, resulting in BOTH V5 + V6 being installed. In any case, I'd prefer V6 to just work and provide the same slick, simple UI and user experience that the UWP had. The fact that you always need to enter the master password once after restarting the device is ultra-annoying.
  8. I bring it up because being able to keep the pro version after the upgrade was brought up by you: Precisely. Sinew made that choice and will deal with the consequences. However, they are fully within their rights because it is in the license agreement you accepted by installing Enpass. That, in turn, is something we as customers have to deal with. (Sometimes I just wish ppl would read the EULAs before they buy and install software.)
  9. @Sinew Team: You realize none of these problems would exist if you kept the app universal? Switching to a generic/cross-platform wrapper is bound to make development easier, but the user experience worse. Tip from a guy in the IT business: cross-platform wrappers such as Qt are great for NEW apps, that need to target as many potential new users as possible. Since there is no previous experience to compare to, this kind of app generally does well. But in cases where previous user experiences change/degrade due to the wrapper, you get push back from your users. And can I just say that asking users (noobs!) to hack environment variables is from the STONE AGE? That used to be common back in XP/7 days, but not in 2019, when we are used to Universal / Fluent apps, iOS and Android on our phones and Windows 10? Besides, hacking environment variables might not work on S-Mode and corporate managed devices. Just bring the UI in to the year 2019 please.
  10. Yup. Get Windows 10. Seriously man - you're using a 10 year old OS, which is a security risk in of itself.
  11. Use any (!) fingerprint reader that is Windows Hello certified or supported. Just Bing for "Windows Hello fingerprint reader". ;-)
  12. +1 I have a Surface Book 2 (4k panel). UI has too much whitespace and objects and fonts are too small. And you can't seriously be asking users/noobs to manually hack environment variables? Which, on many systems might not even work... such as S-Mode or corporate managed devices. Just get your UI up to modern standards please.
  13. OK, I discovered that this apparently impacts everyone - and might even be by design. That is NOT GOOD. Please change this behavior asap. Because right now, I need to get my Android Enpass to get my Enpass Master Password to get my Windows Enpass EVERY TIME I restart my PC. That can't be intentional, can it?
  14. No there isn't. In fact, this is intentional. Many devices can recognize your face. So just by looking at your screen you could inadvertently unlock enpass (or any other app), which could display potentially sensitive information on your screen - with people around you watching. Giving you the option to "cancel" prevents enpass from unlocking by accident. You can use the Feedback Hub app in Windows to make a feature request to Microsoft, if you'd like an option to change it.
  15. I never said to continue using V5. I suggested to uninstall (which implies using a different product altogether) or to continue using the free version of V6. No one forced you (or me) to pay any money whatsoever for V6. The premium/paid version unlocks Windows Hello, Dark Theme and Custom Categories. For me personally, being able to use Windows Hello is easily worth the one-time cost of two small Starbucks coffees.
  16. What do you mean the "platform (windows) has not been changed"? Yes it has - V6 is available for Windows too.
  17. So? You can elect to uninstall V6 or just use the free version. AFAIK the pro version is necessary for multi-vault and black theme features. No one forced us to pay for the V6 pro/premium version. We certainly weren't, and we have four different platforms in our household.
  18. Yeah, the EULA also says: Maintenance, Updates and Pricing: It is the Company who will decide the timing and pricing of future updates for Software comprising of new features, improvements and bug fixes. There you have it: EULA lets Sinew charge again for V6. Perfectly standard for almost all for-profit software companies btw. and nothing wrong with it. This doesn't mean I fully approve of the way Sinew handled the feature upgrade... Personally, I'd have liked an opt-out, or a way to defer it until I understand the implications better. At the very least, better communication and guidance, of which there was none.
  19. In V5 UWP, you cloud right-click an object and the context menu would give you the option to directly copy user names, passwords, CVCs, etc. without having to open the object first. In V6, that seems to be missing. Now, I need to tap the object first to open it, then right-click the field I want to copy. Too many clicks/taps. Can you please bring that part of V5's behavior forward? Thanks!
  20. I can't shrink the Enpass UI to less than 2/3 of my screen size on my Surface Book 2 (3000x2000 pix). See screenshot attached. Even when I snap Enpass to the side of my screen, it stays about 2/3 large. Too big for me. Even manually, I can't shrink it smaller. Oddly, when I try the same thing on my old FHD (1920x1200 pix) screen, Enpass will shrink to 1/2 screen size, also when snapping. Is that a resolution or an aspect ratio problem?
  21. I know I might be flamed for this, but does any of you actually have the EULA and/or purchasing agreement and/or claim that says "lifetime license, INCLUDING all future upgrades"? When software companies offer "lifetime licenses" (sometimes called "perpetual use rights") that typically only applies to the version you just bought - NOT to future versions. So yes, we all bought V5 licenses (I did too), but I'm willing to bet that that did not include rights to new/major releases, such as V6. That being said, if anyone could find some clear licensing statements to this effect and post them here - that'd be awesome! :-)
  22. Did you ever use the V5 universal app? Personally, I thought that was awesome. A great implementation of UWP. Slick, simple, uncluttered and accessible - worked great on phone, tablet and PC (mouse). The new UI is not as accessible: Too much whitespace and/or objects are too small. Plus, it looks stone-age to me as a Windows user. Fluent design is awesomely beautiful ans accessible when used properly. "Accessibility" to me means: everybody (and i mean everybody!) understands how it works, how to use it, it is easy to read and operate. The new UI has to accommodate too much new stuff and the black theme is full of dark grey on black. Can you please read some accessibility guidelines? Apple, Google and Microsoft all have them and it seems you read none. I also realize you are trying to make a UI that works on all platforms and therefore ought to be as generic as possible. But we all chose our platforms for a reason - last but not least how it looks and feels. So i understand that Apple users are frustrated with the user experience - but so am i as a Windows user. No offence to Android (i have two myself), but nothing feels consistent on those devices anyways, so Enpass' UI looks perfectly at home there. Personally, I'd pay extra (platinum?) to get the real UWP / Fluent design back to Enpass. And by the looks of it, so would the Apple crowd.
  23. +1 As a long-time, very satisfied Enpass user, I'd like to echo the sentiments here. To be clear: I'm not upset that you made a major upgrade to V6, I'm upset HOW you did it. Personally, I am tech savvy, so I was able to help myself and my partner to upgrade to V6. However, my partner had NO CHANCE at all to upgrade herself and had already started to panic (passwords missing, devices not syncing), when she asked for help. In short: the upgrade experience was catastrophic. 1. Because I loosely followed the beta program for V6, I remembered reading that V6 vaults aren't compatible with V5 and that the upgrade from V5 to V6 is a "one-way" operation with no backward compatibility to V5. I thought that was a beta-issue only and would be solved in the release. That incompatibility caused my and my partner's devices to literally break apart, because sync just stopped. No message, no error, no warning, no instructions, no announcements. In our case, my partner lost a few passwords during the upgrade and broke sync between her devices. She had added new passwords to her Android V5 over the last couple of days. Then the upgrade automagically happened through Google Play. When she opened the new version, the passwords were imported to V6, breaking backward compat with V5 still on our Windows devices (no auto-upgrade on Windows!). So when she opened Enpass V5 on Windows, the new passwords were missing, because they didn't get moved to V6 on Windows yet. So as far as she could see, passwords were inconsistent at best or lost at worst. 2. We use Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Mobile and Android Oreo and Pie in our household. The upgrade experience was different for each platform. I realize you don't control the platforms, but could you at least have provided some clear upgrade guidance for each platform? Android upgraded itself, Windows 10 Pro didn't and had to upgraded/migrated manually, Windows 10 Mobile … just ended without comment. 3. At no time were we made aware of a coming upgrade and/or its consequences - much less an opt out. Microsoft is better at this, and that's saying something! 4. There is no obvious way to roll-back and recover from a failed upgrade. Really?! That is essential! Again, even Microsoft handles their Windows feature upgrades better - the roll-back actually works. If something goes wrong, users MUST be able to roll back. Do you realize that some people have access to their ENTIRE DIGITAL LIVES stored in Enpass? Breaking that could literally ruin someone. Managing passwords and access is more critical than managing data - you have a bigger responsibility than Microsoft or Amazon, who run the world's cloud services. What saved us was that we had all kinds of different platforms and each one failed differently, which luckily meant that at least one Enpass still worked, in order to get at our master passwords. PLEASE DONT DO THAT AGAIN.
  24. +1 Agreed - this is ultra-annoying. I need to get my Android Enpass to get my master password to get my Windows Enpass. And the extra click on the face icon is plain unnecessary. Off-topic: why didn't this thread show up when did a global search for "hello" in this forum?
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