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  1. Hi @Wolfgang, Not sure about any timeframe for custom logos and attachments yet but definitely we can't start working on it for 2 months at least. In the meantime, you will see lot of new BIG features. Just stay connected with us at @EnpassApp on Twitter.
  2. Hi @edenhaus Thanks a lot for your suggestion. However we are working on all new password generator with lot more but easier options to generate all kind of passwords, esp. pronounceable passwords with option digits and special symbols. Considering your suggestion, we will also refine progress bar.
  3. Thanks a lot for offering help in improving Enpass localization. We use Crowdin.com for translation and if you're interested, please send us an email at localization@enpass.io.
  4. Hello @JB Labelle Thanks a lot for liking and using Enpass. Since Enpass is an offline password manager (with no access to your data), so sharing data among users is not so good like online password managers where your data and account lie at their servers. Although very soon we will start working on improving the sharing feature to next level with multiple vaults having different master passwords We do have the Browser extensions but they lack the feature of form filling which will be rolled out in steps as discussed here And yes, your such delineating topics really helps us in improving Enpass very quickly.
  5. Hi @iSCSI, Thanks for reporting this issue. I request you to please contact us at support@enpass.io with mention to link of this discussion % of Scale factor Screenshot and our development team might send you the latest Beta build to test a fix.
  6. Yes, hopefully this month but can't assure you the exact ETA.
  7. Hello @Harsha Raj, We have changed the Beta testing mode from Closed Beta to Open Beta, so now there is no need to join the group to get the Beta version. Anyone can become a beta tester by visiting this link https://play.google.com/apps/testing/io.enpass.app
  8. Hi guys, We have noted your request for Auto-locking through PIN code and will definitely add this soon. Meanwhile, if you feel that unlocking of Enpass is very frequent in its default settings, you can associate the auto-locking with the System Idle time, so that Enpass gets locked only when you leave the system inactive for some time (say 2 minutes).
  9. Hi @alien51 We are really sorry that you had to face wrath of your girlfriend and on the other hand you couldn't skip the call from your mom. Enpass cares for you and today in a meeting, we discussed the issue of supporting dark theme for Android but frankly telling that due to many other priorities like TOTP etc, we have no idea when we will start working on dark theme. Hopefully like iOS, Android will also support the Night mode in device and for the time being will save some of our development efforts.
  10. Hello guys, You can make Enpass extension work with Vivaldi browser by turning off the Code signature verification in main Enpass App as explained here in user manual. Before that, just have a look at the whole scenario and associated risks (if any, in your case) in turning off the Browser verification. Currently Enpass supports extensions for widely used browsers; Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera browser. However the Enpass extension can be installed in many other Chromium based Web browsers available in market, provided they support installation of Chrome extensions (Here Vivaldi browser is your case). So as mentioned here under Communication section, Enpass App validates authenticity of both extension and Browser before making any connection and serving data for autofilling. In case of Vivaldi Browser, Extension Validity Check gets passed but the validity check for Browser gets failed and you get the Error 403. So if you turn off the code signature verification, you can bypass the Browser checking and set your foot into autofilling in Vivaldi Browser. To avoid any security risks associated with turning off the code signature verification, please make sure that you download the browser from the legitimate source and double check the authenticity of any extension you install. Hope it helps!
  11. Hi @Plonqor On Windows desktop, you can customize the sidebar from top Menu -> View -> Sidebar. Please refer to Windows user manual here https://www.enpass.io/docs/desktop-windows/sidebar.html.
  12. Hi dansor1983, Yes you can hide categories from the sidebar as every platform has settings to manage sidebar from Settings->Customize->Sidebar as described on this page below https://www.enpass.io/docs/android/customside.html The And you can check this from user manual of any platform here https://www.enpass.io/support/ Hope this helps!
  13. Hello @rk, Thanks a ton for all your time and efforts in writing such a delineating email which clearly portrays a cloud and subscription based software for small teams and Enterprises. Anything that is real demand of our beloved customers is added to our top priority list and we do our best to incorporate them in future versions. We are keeping notes of everything being mentioned here. Regards Hemant
  14. Thanks for your love for Enpass. This is what motivates us to ameliorate it day by day. Definitely we are NOT leaving development of the traditional PC app so you can enjoy it freely.
  15. Hello @alien51 You can still organize your various passwords using Folders. Folders in Enpass works like traditional system where you can create subfolders to keep your data in desired hierarchy. Even you can control the visibility of Folders in sidebar. If there is something else, you want to achieve please leave your comments and we will definitely give that a serious thought.
  16. Sure Binh, we will roll it out step by step on all the platforms probably with in a month time.
  17. Both the options will be there and definitely we will keep on improving Enpass and Keyboard based on lovely suggestions we get from you guys. So keep posting your views!
  18. Hey guys! First of all, I would like to express my feelings of extreme happiness on seeing the first two posts of feature request on our Forum. Thanks a lot on behalf of whole Enpass team. The portable version is almost done and very soon we will release the Beta version of that. And you would be happy to know that along with being portable it will be cross-platform at the same time. Also we will add Forum for posting topics related to Beta version and hopefully it will help us alot in ameliorating the quality of final product. Once again, thanks alot for your efforts guys and keep posting!!
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