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  1. Hi, is there a chance to use autofill funcion with this page? DForum Thanks
  2. From the user manual: Click the Enpass icon to launch Enpass Assistant from your browser when you reach a login page. Enpass Assistant will show you the list of all matching login items (already saved) for that domain. Select the one you want to sign in with. Login details will be filled-in automatically. What it does not mention is that you have to enter your master password in the Assistant. Is that correct? I have to enter the master password each time. The reason I ask is because with Apple Keychain, I don't have to enter a master password, Keychain just autofill
  3. I would love to see Inline Autofill added to Android 11
  4. Hello @Garima Singh, thanks for reply. Here answers to your questions 1. Google Pixel 4XL 2. 3. Paypal APP (Paypal website works correct) 4. I'm not sure I understand what you mean. - I have Enpass as service for Autofill in my Phone Settings (Language and Input -> Service for Auto-fill), and I see under accessibility is Enpass activated too. Cheers
  5. Hello @Garima Singh, thank you for the answer. But unfortunately that was not my question. I have with the page that problem that the data are stored but when calling the page the field Password is always empty and thus the login does not work. On most others I do not have any issues, but hete will enpass autofill not work corectly
  6. When I login to a website with 2FA, Enpass enters the username/password. Then I am prompted for a 6-digit code. Enpass does not autofill this code. I go back to Enpass, look up the account, copy the code and then go back to Safari to enter the code. Is this the official way of doing this? I think it would be easier if Enpass autofills the 6-digit code. Or am I missing something?
  7. Hi, the autofill has problems with this page when trying to login my company's resources, using Okta form Go here https://login.okta.vonage.com/ and the autocomplete doesn't work - neither for the email/username nor the password, the extension tries to submit an empty form - macOS 11.1 - Chrome: Version 87.0.4280.88 (Official Build) (x86_64) - Extension: 6.5.1 - App 6.5.2 (726) from App Store but it stopped working a while ago (older Chrome version, older OS)
  8. Hello, Until about 2 weeks ago I was able to swipe from top of the screen and choose the "fill with Enpass" option. Now that option is gone. All I have is a popup next to input fields and a keyboard. Is it possible to bring Legacy autofill back? I tried to disable and re-enable the assistance features for Enpass. This didn't help. I tried to disable and re-enable the legacy auto-fill in the Enpass app itself. This didn't help. I tried to uninstall and re-download the app from Play Store. Unfortunately, with no luck. Any ideas on how to bring it back? My phone is G
  9. Hello dear Enpass Team, I'd like to request and/or share some ideas with you. So I'd miss some features, such as: (Mobile) Inline autofill on Samsung Mobile devices (with OTP maybe?) (PC and Mobile) Password to change reminder (ex; like on Microsoft, the password must be changed like every 30days) (PC) A stand-alone add-on for every browser (no desktop app required) (PC) An icon, next to the login field (PC) PC application support (PC and Mobile) Overall security score by percentage (Android) really important to me personally, detect "pin codes
  10. Hello Enpass team, since the last Android update ( I lost the autofill on my banking application, in general the pop-up button appeared and I selected the account but now I don't I no longer have this possibility although it works well with other applications
  11. Hi, is there any kind of AutoFill into Gboard similar to what Dashlane offers when running Android 11?
  12. Hi Guys, on many Apps and on chrome mobile browser the password autofill ist not working correctly. It will autofill only username or email address in all fields incl. password field. Switch off and on the autofill function in enpass app omegle xender solves the issue only for the next login attempt. After that its broken again. Im using Android 10 (Oxygen OS on my OnePlus 7 Pro. Any chance to get this issie fixed?
  13. I have an up-to-date iPhone X and am unable to get it to work with some apps (ex. Vanguard). It essentially doesn’t recognize the item after I create it. I can see it in the list of items on the Enpass app, but when it comes time to autofill the username/password there is nothing to select.
  14. Hello, Hello, Since today it is impossible to make the link between a website and enpass. A window displays : « The Enpass extension could not receive information from the application. » How to correct this problem? Thank you.
  15. Hi, I am experiencing some issues with Enpass autofill. When for example trying to login to paypal.com using Firefox 84.1.4, the Enpass auto fill window does not show at all. If I click into the password field, it shows for a splitsecond. If I repeatedly click into the user name field and then into the password field again and again, the Enpass popup eventually stays and I am able to click it. Enpass works fine from this point on. paypal.com is just one of many examples. The workaround does always work though but it sometimes requires 10-20 clicks. I am using the Android Autof
  16. Enpass Autofill hasn't worked since last 2 updates. I was hoping the recent update would fix it but it didn't. The autofill selection window shows up, I can select the items from the list, but nothing happens and it doesn't fill in the credentials. It just stays there doing nothing. It used to work well before these updates Here's a recording of the problem: Screen recording for demonstration Phone: Oneplus 3T OS: Android 9
  17. I am having problems using enpass with Bank of America mobiile Android App. Here's what I am doing. 1. Open Bank of America App. It prompts me for password. 2. I select Autofill, which fills the user name and not the password. 3. I can go to enpass and copy the password and then paste it into the passcode field. This does work but enpass doesn't offer to save the password or anything. Note that enpass works fine with the bank of america website on windows. I am wondering if there is an issue with the field name. Perhaps field name on the app is not the same as the webs
  18. End of last week I updated to the latest version that uses the new autofill version. I've always used Enpass on my phone with an unsupported browser (Kiwi Browser), as I love my browser bar to be at the bottom of the screen. It always worked with the old filling feature where I would get a notification. It didn't recognize the website, so I had to choose it manually, but that was no problem for me. It always filled the date perfectly. With the last update the filling of log in data doesn't work with the notification anymore and now it doesn't work in the browser I'm using as I don't see t
  19. Good morning from Spain, I can't get autofill to work on this page https://empresas3.gruposantander.es/paas/loginnwe/
  20. I like get enpass installed on all my devices and i got hang of the autofill on the Microsoft Edge side of things but not on the iphone . How do I use autofill on the iphone app? Thanks
  21. Could you add Android Autofill framework support to Fennec browser?
  22. Hello Everyone, Since a couple days I own a chromebook and everything has been great so far except for the fact that whenever I want to login somewhere it blocks me from doing any kind of manual input. until I input something from enpass that is wrong and then edit it I cannot use my keyboard to put anything else. Is anyone else having this same issue? It's very frustrating.
  23. Hi @ijmm, Sorry for the inconvenience you are facing because of the erratic autofill behavior of Enpass after the recent updates. We have diagnosed and fixed the issue where the pop-up for autofill using Accessibility is not appearing for some apps, giving the impression that autofill has stopped working. Ideally, it should have appeared at the same place where the Android Autofill dialog is coming. See how the autofill-prompt using accessibility should have looked like. Our idea for this change in the appearance of autofill using accessibility was to streamline the behavior of
  24. After 4 years using Enpass, unfortunately I am looking for a new password manager. What motivated this decision were the growing problems I had with autofill on Android until I reached the point of not having support for Samsung Internet, which is the app that I decided to use as the default browser on my new smartphone. The problems started in an update from the end of 2020 (I don't know which), where the autofill in some apps started to not work properly, filling only the user or email fields. Since then, in subsequent updates, other apps have started to experience the same problem
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