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Found 20 results

  1. Hello, Enpass Support! I use Enpass keyboard to autofill credit card in shopping apps and browser in Android. It's a great feature compared to other apps. I like it a lot. However when entering the card expiration date, I often have to select date manually from the list (not fill in like card number or name on card). I like the expiration date to show up at the same time while selecting or searching the card so i can see it. Please see the attached picture. I like a dark theme for the keyboard too. Thanks for your support!
  2. Hello! When you enter a wrong master password and hit enter, a red circle appears around the padlock, and the password box get blocked for around 2 seconds. When I try to unlock Enpass, I happen to type a wrong password, but then start retyping it instantly. And then it turns out to be wrong again, then again, and again. Before I started paying attention what actually happens, I thought that I was typing a wrong password multiple times. The truth was that keyboard input was ignored during the two seconds, while red circle was visible and the password box was hidden. What I would expect intuitively is that keyboard input is not ignored, and that pressing any key brings back the password box, before the 2-second delay passes. This way no key pressed could be ignored, letting the user access their password vaults quicker. Would you consider an improvement here? Thanks! Best regards, Mariusz Schimke
  3. Hello, This is a feature that I've been waiting for a long time on previous version, but never appeared. I Use the beta testing to try and ask for this : Would it be possible to have an azerty (and other language) keyboard for your non english users ? Thanks for your feedback,
  4. I have Samsung Tab S6 with keyboard cover and I can't login to Enpass using only physical keyboard. Enpass does not react to Enter key and there is no arrow button on the form. Therefore, I need to invoke on-screen keyboard and press "OK" button every time. Please add support for Enter key on login screen.
  5. Hello, I'm running Mac OS Mojave 10.14.4 with Enpass 6.0.6 (326) I also run Enpass on Android and Windows (Desktop) but I don't have the issue on those platforms. I'm french, and using the keyboard layout called `US International with dead keys`. Since i'm french I'm using accent like `é` and `è`. In order to make a `é` I first need to type `'` then 'e'. It works well in Enpass on regular fields. However, it doesn't work on hidden fields. When I try to type `é` it will input a `e`. I tried to reset my local vault, where I can switch from a hidden to a visible input (and check that my `é` is now a `e`). Obvisouly, my main issue is that my master password contains some characters among `é è à etc...`, this means I can't type my master password. I'm forced to write it somewhere unsafe, cut it and paste it into Enpass. Then it works. But it's not cool having to write my master password in a visible app, and storing it in my clipboard. Not related : Your password security policy is not the same between your app and your forum registration. A password considered weak in the application is considered strong in the forum registration process. Fun fact
  6. Using Enpass' keyboard for autofill is too cumbersome. It would be good if the keyboard layout can be enhanced to include numbers and symbols (secondary). Better if the device's default keyboard layout can be used to autofill instead of using a separate keyboard layout. Attached my preferred keyboard layout below.
  7. Hi, the idea of a keyboard for autofill in Android apps is great (more because in Android 4.4 the notification mode for autofill is not supported), but it's not very handy to change keyboard every time I need to autofill, and the Enpass integrated keyboard cannot substitute a full Keyboard app (with multiple languages, completion, prediction, and so on....). I think you should take into consideration a partnership with a keyboard app developer, in order to integrate Enpass feature in a full Android keyboard (maybe with a "plugin app"). An example should be SwiftKey, a very good keyboard now free to install.
  8. I only have enpass keyboard enabled. It occasionally gets stuck at fingerprint validation for more than 20 secs after I press tap to fill on the keyboard. My device is running Oreo 8.1. Didn't have this issue on nougat.
  9. Tap to fill does nothing. It simply disappears from keyboard after pressed. This is specifically on Android 8.1 Oreo.
  10. I've recently migrated from Keepass. One thing I miss is the ability to copy a password to clipboard using CMD+C... any chance this could be added in a future version? Thanks for all your work on Enpass. Edit: I've just found this post and the list of supported shortcuts: Perhaps you could introduce a way to make these customisable, in future?
  11. Bibon

    Firefox Android

    Hello, I have been using Enpass for several months on Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android 7 with Chrome or Safari Since the release of the new Firefox, I would like to generalize its use on all my devices but it is not effective with Android. Indeed, the Enpass notifications do not work with Firefox Android and being French (sorry for my english), the Enpass QWERTY keyboard solution does not satisfy me ... Can we finally hope for an evolution on one of these features: an Enpass keyboard in AZERTY or an Enpass extension for Firefox Mobile ??
  12. When attempting to delete an entry using only the keyboard, the desktop mac app does not put the cursor on the popup confirmation window. The window pops up, and TAB, ENTER, or the arrow keys do not function. The only key that appears to work from here is ESC, which does close the window. Because ESC works, but nothing else I can conclude that the window has focus and is accepting keyboard keys, however this is not the case for any _other_ key.
  13. keyboard enhacement request Basically I do not trust soft keyboards capturing everything including the Masterpassword and Pin and therefore set the Default Keyboard on my Android devices to Enpass keyboard. This works well for me, I do not require predictive typing or spelling, most of the time until I need to correct errors in whatever I am typing - trying to place the cursor in the correct location can be a nightmare. Now to my suggestion / wish. Would including an additional set of keys to move the cursor left or right be pratical? - perhaps at either end of the space key for example. The reason for this suggestion is because this feature exists in the 3rd party keyboard I use and is the only reason that forces me to switch out of Enpass keyboard - often I forget to swich back to the Enpass keyboard.
  14. Hi all; am into evaluating Enpass for my password syncing needs, so far I really love what I see (also because this seems the only of these tools to provide a working Linux desktop app which is a strict requirement to me), however on Android using mobile Firefox I fail to do autofill: Having set up Enpass keyboard, autofill continuously ends up with a message like "autofill not supported on your platform,-201". How to resolve this? I'm on AOSP / Android 7.1.1, rooted, on a Moto G 2015. TIA and all the best, Kristian
  15. Hi Enpass Team, please one feature request, I mean, that this feature many people will welcome with open hands: * add into Enpass Keyboard: add on spacebar button option longpress what show keyboard selection, same as is have original Google GBoard Because for example I using 95% time GBoard and only for web and passwords I switching on EnPass Keyboard,. Switch from GBoard on EnPassKeyboard is easy and fast, long press spacebar But switching back from EnPassKeyboard on GBoard is not so good, because I always must click on some text field on web and after slide down Notification center in android phone and here click on keyboard options, and select back GBoard. See you different? between "switching from gboard to enpaskeyboar" and "switching from enpasskeyboard back to gboard" And this you can easy fix, that add on enpasskeyboard on spacebar same function as gbourd - spacebar longpress = change/selection keyboard (as have it gboard as popup window) only additional information: for example I, I have OnePlus 3 and this 5.5inch phone is harder slide notification center down and switch back on gboard. this is second item why is good request add into enpasskeyboard longpress on spacebar as switch keyboards. In my eyes, I mean that when Enpass Team add this feature into enpass keyboard, that it create BETTER USER EXPERIENCE sorry for my bad english
  16. Hello, Im using swedish as my display language of windows 10 and a swedish keyboard. I was getting frustrated because everytime i was setting up a OneDrive sync it worked on that device but not on the other one (win 10 pc / mobile). I got the wrong master password each time and couldnt figure out what was wrong... Until i found another thread here that found out that it could be the region setting of the keyboard thats messing this up. I tried to use a simple password without any special characters and that works! Can you please fix this keyboard region bug, i cant have a password manager which i cant use a advanced master password on
  17. Hello, I'm not quite sure if this is a bug or the expected behaviour at the moment: When I open a website on my Android phone and bring up the Enpass Keyboard to autofill the credentials, it seems that there's not chosen the one entry for the website, but I get a list of any entries that have a URL type field, regardless of what's in there. This doesn't happen if I want to autofill into an app... Any suggestions on this?
  18. Windows 10 64bit Chrome 51.0.2704.29 beta-m (64-bit) Enpass 5.2.0 The keyboard shortcut is unreliable, especially for intranet sites. I have multiple very similar intranet sites, which all get matched correctly when I manually click on the extension (only one result), but the keyboard shortcut doesn't work for about half of them. Let me know how to provide more info, as I realise this would be hard to replicate.
  19. I really like the Enpass keyboard, but since the new update it enables switching keyboards using the globe key. I am using the Google keyboard and I've set two languages (English and Dutch). I always switch language using the globe key, but now it also switches to Enpass, which I don't want. So I want to be able to switch through my languages from the Google keyboard without the Enpass keyboard getting in between. I understand that some people might like this feature, so maybe this could be an option in the settings? Thanks in advance! Kevin P.S. I really like the new notification to fill username and password!
  20. Hi! Globe Key on Enpass keyboard should be change fast to another keyboard, but is not doing anything for me. Long press on space bar let me choose change keyboard. It is not big problem for me, but i would to tell about a bug. My device is Sony Xperia Z3 with Android 6.01 (Concept version).
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