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iPad/iOS: Crash/Freeze/No Autofill under 6.8.3


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Hi I have the same issue as the other guys ever since I updated the app on my IPad Pro 2 it crashes when trying to validate

I also done the same things as above to, no difference

All works well on my Samsung android phone 

Thanx in advance

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Just chiming in here to confirm that my wife lost access to her vault on her iPhone at version 6.8.3. She also updated her desktop app and now she has no access there either. She uses OneDrive for syncing the data.

I use exactly the same versions myself but no problems for me -- weird.

Enpass app is rarely updated and I am very disappointed -- your testing should have caught something as obvious! Please update the app ASAP.

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It has been one month since the release of 6.8.3 and we still continue to receive the same BS response and ask to be patient.  Patience has run out!

So I'll ask a different question to spare myself the anguish of your canned response:  What are you going to do for your subscribers for this intolerable inconvenience???

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I would like to reinstall my pro iOS app, because the face scan not working on my iPhone. Before reinstall, must be to close down the app in the setup menu, or enough to remove the older version and reinstall with my account? My licence will be works with the new version?

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Hey @disappointed,

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused you. It is certainly understandable that you are concerned about this new issue, and I have referred it to the appropriate team for investigation on a high-priority basis. In the meantime, your patience and cooperation are greatly appreciated here. 

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