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Enpass Assistant is unable to connect with the Enpass app. (macOS 14.4.1, Safari 17.4.1, EnpassExtension 16.10.1, Enpass 6.10.1 (1660))


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If you're currently experiencing the reported issue, please ensure the following steps on your PC: 

  • Verify that your browser does not have a verification code signature by re-downloading it from its legitimate source and trying again. 
  • Ensure that you are not using any VPN connection. 
  • Confirm that the Enpass application is running on your PC. 
  • Make sure the latest version of Enpass is installed on your PC. 
  • Check if the browser has been blocked from making connections to the Enpass app. To unblock the browser, open Enpass, go to Settings > Browser > Browser Authentication, and click "Review Browser." Find your browser and click "Remove." 


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Thank you for providing additional details. To help resolve your issue, could you please check the following: 

1. Multiple Enpass Apps: Are you using multiple versions of the Enpass app, such as the version from the Mac App Store and the version from the Enpass website? This can sometimes cause conflicts. 

2. Browser Extension Communication: The Enpass browser extension communicates with the Enpass app over the localhost address. Please verify that no third-party security software, extensions, or firewalls are interfering with localhost connections on ports 10391 to 10395. 

To check this, you can run a command in the Terminal: 

- Open the Terminal on your Mac. 

- Type the following command and press Enter: 


  lsof -i:10391 


  If this command shows no output (blank), try the same command with other port numbers between 10391 and 10395. 

Please share the output of these commands with us. 

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