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WebDAV sync + restore still broken in 6.0.3


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EDIT: I am not sure tbh whether it was fixed by version 6.0.6 or whether I just entered the URL correctly for the first time since January, however, I got it running again in my internal network with the following settings:

URL: https://<internal IP of Synology>:5006/home
User + PW of my (non-admin) Syno user
Skip HTTPS certificate check

Please confirm in Synology's WebDAV settings (reachable via package manager) that HTTPS is activated and set to port 5006 (or adapt accordingly).
If you have HTTPS certificates installed, you don't have to skip the check, of course.
Please note that my vault file was always located and is still located under /home/Enpass

Finally I don't have to do the synchronization by this annoying backup workaround anymore. 9_9

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15 minutes ago, Daniel.Muth said:

I reported this more than 2 months ago and it's still broken with iOS version 6.0.6, just checked it ... ¬¬

I will try the workaround posted by Seger if I have some more time, anyhow this is ridiculous that there is still no official solution!

EDIT: By the way, can you please also add the option to edit synchronization settings? One always has to disconnect and then completely enter everything again, that's annoying.

you can always contact me and I'll help you. can write me a by pn and we then do a teamviewer seasion. Best regards,

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could you please have a look ? The WebDAV in Nextcloud is still broken. Probabaly now you know the problem. the iOS app has weird path resolution. I have a QNAP so the Synology workaround will not work.

On MAC and Windows the synch works perfectly well.

Thanks for your support

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