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  2. Hi, I’ve installed enpass on my iPhone and I was evaluating to buy the pro version. Is there a way to import backup? (*.json or *.enpassbackup) If so, how is the procedure? I just saw that is possible to create backup, not to import thank you Andy
  3. I`m tryng to syncronize the app in a new PC Windows 10. But I got the error "401" when it is sycronizing with Google Drive.
  4. Ho provato tante App per custodire le passw. che dicevano di essere gratuite e poi dopo qualche mese c'era sempre ala fregatura che o pagavi o non aprivi l'App. Vorrei sapere se oggi, l'App che mi costa €12,99, è un abbonamento annuale, mensile o una quota che non si ripeterà più? Per favore rispondetemi in Italiano. Grazie!!!!
  5. Hi, I am just wondering: is it possible to have two different versions of Enpass on one machine and use them alternatively? I often use Pale Moon as a browser, and the Enpass extension there does not accept the most recent Enpass version, because Pale Moon is based obviously on an older version of Firefox not accepting the new extension format the actual Firefox versions use? Are there any cons against using two different versions of Enpass because of possible confusion for the system? Thank you for your help
  6. Totally agree. CLI or API would be very helpful. Is there any chance to get it?
  7. You already have the opportunity to set an expiration date in days when editing the password’s field and then you’d have an extra section in password audit if there are some passwords that expire soon. But I agree, I miss the possibility to get notifications about those passwords, too. Especially on mobile devices it shouldn’t be that huge issue to add this feature. Furthermore it would be nice if the number of remaining days would be printed out under the password’s field for each appropriate item (maybe you also color highlighted e.g. in green when there is enough time and red when they are about to expire).
  8. Happening for me with the latest versions of both Enpass (6.1.2) and macOS (10.14.6). Most easily spotted by selecting "system.log" in Console when running as an administrator: Aug 19 17:10:03 REDACTED com.apple.xpc.launchd[1] (in.sinew.Enpass-Launcher[39450]): LaunchServices returned a bundle URL that does not match with the LoginItem's known association. Aug 19 17:10:03 REDACTED com.apple.xpc.launchd[1] (in.sinew.Enpass-Launcher[39450]): Service exited with abnormal code: 78 Aug 19 17:10:03 REDACTED com.apple.xpc.launchd[1] (in.sinew.Enpass-Launcher): Service only ran for 0 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 10 seconds.
  9. I have encountered what looks like *two* bugs in the .csv export function on macOS. I am trying to write a .csv file to the top-level directory of a mounted encrypted sparse image. That is, I have a 500MB file on my desktop, which when I click on it and feed macOS a password, gets mounted as /Volumes/passwords. I select Enpass's Export menu item, choose CSV, and browse to /Volumes/passwords. Then I click the export box, enter my master password and Enpass says it has successfully exported the file. Except it hasn't. It doesn't appear in the directory, or, as far as I can tell using "find -name", anywhere. Looking at the copy of in.sinew.Enpass.plist in the container Library/Preferences with "plutil -p", I saw that it tried to write to "file:///Volumes/". That's the first bug. It is stripping the last component of the path and trying to write to the directory above the one it should be. So I got a bit cunning and created the directory "/Volumes/passwords/dummy" (also proving that I could write to the mounted volume) and tried again. This time the .plist file said "file:///Volumes/passwords/", confirming my analysis of the first bug. But it still didn't write the file anywhere I could find, so that's the second bug. I am using Enpass 6.1.2 downloaded from the web site, on macOS 10.14.6. This worked using Enpass 5.5.7 on the same (current) version of macOS on another machine, writing to the same sparse bundle (which I later copied to the machine with 6.1.2). Indeed, what I was actually trying to do was dump the vaults on the two machines and then use "sort" and "diff" to check one really was a mirror of the other as they were supposed to be.
  10. Hi, I often have passwords with an expiration date (30 days, 90 days or 120 days). It would be helpful if I could add an expiration date when changing the password and get a notification before expiration. BR Christian
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  12. Hi I reinstalled a fresh Mac os Mojave, removed the Enpass iCloud sync and removed the app also from the iPhone but I still have this in iCloud settings: 7adb8cc6tf.in.sinew.walletx in the Apps That Can Look You Up. How can I remove it completely? Thanks
  13. @smadds I totally agree with you! I would really love to keep Enpass as my favorite password keeper, but I‘ve just started looking for alternatives because of Onedrive for business...
  14. Is there a quicker way to restore multiple vaults when i'm switching Device (Android/IOS) ? More than 5 Vault would truly be a hassle, we have to create vault, connect to cloud, enter vault password and repeat. I found out for OSX, you can just copy this folder below /Users/username/Library/Containers/in.sinew.Enpass-Desktop/ I think you should create some kind of QR code creation on Android/IOS for the account info, so we can easily just scan the code Thank You
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  16. You have to use the same account for iTunes /App Store. If the records are limited you're probably not doing that
  17. I have bought a copy and put everything on my iPad but when I try to sync to iPhone not all the entries are showing although the total number of entries is the same?
  18. Dear Anshu, That is exactly Nigels point (and mine too). Enpass does not support UWP anymore, so how can the current UWP-Enpass app (5.5) use the new Enpass 6 database. Regards, Toine
  19. Hi @Pratyush Sharma Hey at least you have some form of manual actually manuals, and given the breadth of features of the application and the new ones that get added things are going to get missed now and again.
  20. With $30 you already have the license for all platforms. 10 for iOS, 10 for Android and 10 for Windows. Since they are lifetime and not restricted to the amount of devices (afaik), what more do you want?
  21. OK, I've finally figured it out. I've disabled the following options for Safari and sync is working! Content Blocker Block Pop-ups Thank you for your support.
  22. Hello @Idoki, We apologize for delay in communication. Please note that this is a known bug and the fix for this is in our road-map for future releases. Meanwhile, you can right-click on the new tab page to invoke Enpass. Thanks for your co-operation.
  23. Hello @Jay Pi, Thanks for your mail. Please note that our development team is working on this. We'll communicate you about update once the Beta version is released. We appreciate your patience.
  24. Hello @Inkx, Thanks for highlighting this. We understand that the log-in is annoying, and we've considered this feature improvement in our roadmap for future releases. Thanks.
  25. Hello @RubenJ, We regret the inconvenience. Please share the issue details at support@enpass.io, we'll look into this. Thanks.
  26. Hello @Elliot, We apologize for the inconvenience caused, however, this issue will be fixed in the latest update. Thanks.
  27. Hello @Simon92, Apologies for the inconvenience. Please share the issue screenshot with us so we can look into this issue. Thanks.
  28. Hey users, The issue with 'Windows Hello' has been addressed and will be fixed in the latest/upcoming update. We regret the inconvenience at present. Thanks.
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