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  2. Hello, I have a paid account I would please like to know if I can add 2FA to my Enpass account? . Thank you.
  3. I experience the same problem while working on a Mac. From one day to the other it just did not work anymore
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  5. I have registered Enpass with "sumit@murari.me" before the subscription started, but not get lifetime licence for it again. Need some help over there, not sure if it's the right portal to raise that request. Please let me know, what is required from my side
  6. Hi @Garima Singh, Thanks, I was able to resolve my problem by searching for the Enpass folder, which I found in the Apps folder. Previously, I had renamed an old Enpass folder to "Enpass 1", which may have caused the problem I was having. To fix, I downloaded the latest Enpass file as a backup, then deleted both Enpass folders and reconnected and resynced all 3 devices. John
  7. Hello, I installed Chromium and made it the default browser, then tried again to restore my data from Google Drive. This time it worked! Thanks for the help. The interface looks ugly on the Ubuntu system compared to my SuSE KDE Plasma system but since it is just a VM for tests it doesn't matter. Kind regards, Oliver
  8. I had the same issue today on my Linux PC and Samsung S9+ phone... for whatever reason both just started requesting for password on OneDrive data in order to sync. Same as others, I haven't re-encrypted the data using some different password. Tried to delete everything from OneDrive, remove application access for Enpass on OneDrive and then re-establish the sync, but that didn't help, so only switching to different cloud service (DropBox) solved it. Hopefully this is just temporary issue, because I really enjoy and appreciate the way Enpass just works... for years.
  9. Hey @Vincent91 Thanks for writing back. To ensure the security of data, we use the open source sqlcipher encryption. Please revert us back if you have any concerns. Thanks.
  10. Hey @Philip Colmer Thanks for writing to us. To do so, you can create a secondary vault and share this vault with the new staff. Once you have set up a new vault in Enpass, you can easily share them with anyone using cloud synchronization. To do so, please follow the below steps- Step 1- First, you’ll need to sync the newly created vault with any of the supported cloud services in Enpass. To do so, follow the below steps- Open Enpass> Go to ‘Enpass settings’ --> Vaults --> Select the new vault---> Select ‘Set up Sync’ and choose a cloud account. Enter your cloud account details, follow the instructions and wait till the sync is done. Step 2- Share the cloud login credentials and secondry vault password with the new team members you intend to share the vault with. Step 3- Now the new staff can restore the vault data by creating a new vault in his/her Enpass from Settings and restore the data via sync using the same cloud account as in Step 1. To do so, please follow the below steps- Open Enpass> Go to ‘Enpass settings’ --> Vaults--> Create a new vault by clicking on '+' --> Click on Restore from the particular cloud --> Login the cloud account--> Click on Continue --> Enter master password (same you using while creating the secondary vault)--> Tap on 'Continue'. Note- 1- Any changes in the new vault will remain in sync as long as none of the team members disconnects the sync on their devices. 2- Every person having access to the new vault has full permissions to read, write (delete) any item from the vault, or even change the vault password as you can’t set any sharing attributes or access permissions. You need to share the password of the new vault which you’re sharing with other users. You’ll have to share the login details of the cloud account with each user you want to share the vault with. Note: We recommend creating a separate cloud account for sharing vaults to protect personal cloud account’s privacy. Also, you can refer to this FAQ. Hope this helps!
  11. Hey @PJS Thanks for sharing your valuable inputs. I have forwarded the same to the concerned team to investigate this issue further. Thanks for the co-operation.
  12. Hey @CLC Sorry for the trouble. I have noted down this and notified the QA team to investigate into this. Thanks for your cooperation.
  13. I've tried using OneDrive Personal. The first problem was that the path has to be Apps > Enpass, which means it isn't possible to share just the Enpass folder. I have to share the entire Apps folder, which is potentially dangerous. The second problem, and one I don't really understand, is that after sharing the folder and my colleague adding it to his OneDrive folder (so that is appears as Apps> Enpass), when he tries to restore from OneDrive, it says there isn't any data there. So unless I've missed something, I can't use OneDrive either.
  14. The timeout is 30 seconds, it takes me less than 3 seconds to try to paste the copied content. As per your suggestion I increased the timeout to 10 minutes (600 seconds) to no avail. I however found out what the problem is, Enpass uses two methods for pasting: Wheel click (clipboard is not populated from Enpass, content selected previously) Right click + Paste (clipboard from Enpass is used) In other words Wheel click and Right click have different content when Enpass is used (this is the only application to do so from my experience with Ubuntu). If abc is copied from a text document, and xyz is copied form Enpass by clicking on Copy icon, there are two clipboards, depending which buttons are pressed. I tested the two clicks/clipboards in Terminator, Terminal, Text Editor and few other apps, the behaviour is the same, i.e. only Enpass seems to use two clipboards. Whilst I can live with the workaround, could you see on your side if this is the case?
  15. Hi Garima, Point 2. of my original post said "I have tried disabling the firewall, but that made no difference. In any event, Enpass has specific permission to penetrate the firewall, so that is not the problem." I just uninstalled the program again; used Revo uninstaller to remove the remnants; used CCleaner to clean the registry; manually cleaned the registry by removing all references to Enpass ... then reinstalled the program. No change. I tried again with the firewall disabled, with the same result. I have attached 3 screenshots showing the firewall disabled, Enpass having the rights to traverse the firewall, and the error which still comes up - SSL connect error. None of my other programs are having a problem connecting to the internet. What other settings could prevent Enpass from connecting?
  16. Hi @CLC Thanks for sharing the details. It seems that firewall is blocking Enpass to connect with internet. Please disable the same and check if the problem still persists. Thanks for your cooperation.
  17. Hey @Karsten.74 Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We are already aware of this issue. Our Dev team is working on it and the update with the fixes will be available soon. Please stay tuned for the new update and let us know if the problem still persists after the updated version. Thanks for understanding!
  18. Hey @randomhammer Welcome to the forum! Thanks for using Enpass and writing in. We understand the problem and will help you out. Could you please try saving the 1pif exported file to some other location and check? Make sure while importing the file, you’re selecting the folder rather than the 1pif file. Please try exporting 1Password data as CSV and try to import the same in Enpass. Let us know if you have any concerns. Thanks.
  19. Hey @Martijn;) Thanks for notifying. I have noted it down and forwarded to the team for better understanding. Hopefully, an update for Enpass will be released soon in which we've significantly improved auto-fill feature. Please stay tuned for the new update and let us know if the problem still persists after the updated version. Thanks for the co-operation..
  20. Hey @KathyG Welcome to the forum! Thanks for using Enpass and writing to us. To know about auto-filling in any desktop, please refer to this link of user manual and let us know of you have any concerns. Thanks.
  21. I've been using Enpass with my team at work successfully for several years. We've only had the one, primary, vault and it has been stored on our NextCloud server, allowing each of us to sync via WebDav. We've now got a new member of staff. I don't want to give them access to the full vault from day 1, so I was thinking of setting up a second vault that would be shared with them and then copy items over as and when they need them. I've just tried this with Google Drive. Syncing works fine but I cannot find the data on Google Drive in order to share it with my new member of staff. So that leads me to this question: which sync destinations support sharing with other users? The limitation of one Vault per sync destination account makes it impossible for me to use our NextCloud server. Thanks.
  22. Hello, After clicking the enpass icon on Debian Buster Desktop and entering credentials the application crashes with the following syslog entry: Jul 3 06:48:50 Debxxxx kernel: [170487.546114] traps: ApiRequestWorke[16321] general protection ip:7f3fcb0c2550 sp:7f3f7e5f3eb8 error:0 Jul 3 06:48:50 Debxxxx kernel: [170487.546120] in libpthread-2.24.so[7f3fcb0b6000+18000] Does anyone know a solution to this problem? thx & rgds Karsten
  23. I exported a vault in 1password to 1pif format. I open Mac version of Enpass, select import, select 1password and 1pif format. I then click on the folder icon and navigate to the folder my pif file is in. The file is there, because it shows up in the picker window. However, when press "Continue" I get a message in red "No PIF file present in selected folder". The file certainly is there, I see it in Finder and I see it in the window where I choose the directory. What do I do when Enpass says something is not there but it is?
  24. Last week
  25. Hey @Garima Singh You can also test this on the Norton LifeLock login page. If anyone on the team uses Norton 360, they can test it out. This website also has this problem.
  26. Help/about is not available until I get into enpass, but it was the latest from the Microsoft store downloaded day before yesterday.
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