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  2. I've followed the steps here: https://www.enpass.io/support/kb/troubleshooting/how-to-restore-enpass-v5-cloud-data-to-the-latest-enpass-v6/ but I get an invalid file whenever I try. I know the files not invalid as I can still use 5x
  3. When exporting the DB as json there are also historical items present like old emails and passwords. I can't find any way in the enpass app itself (OSX) to delete the history o those items or even all histories. This would be a nice feature to add
  4. I don't want to overwrite what is in dropbox from my other device. I want them to sync. I am fixing to reformat my Mac and don't want to lose anything and have to start over yet again. I can make a device backup, but how do I import and merge that later? Is it possible? I am ready to go except for this. If everything is synced on other devices, and in dropbox, I can erase this machine, reinstall Enpass and sync it to dropbox and everything comes back, right? So this backup is important. Please advise me on how to proceed. Thanks, Anna
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  6. Currently there is no way to create a new password/login when using autofill on Android (and I assume iOS). When creating a new login on my phone I have to go back and forth between the new app and Enpass, even then Enpass doesn't always capture the app/service address. It would be great if there was a "create new" button in the autofill selection. Tapping it would capture the app or service name, the URL and let the user enter the username/email and generate a password. When the user hit Save they're taken back to the app/service and autofill enters the info.
  7. I too am unable to do an in-app purchase and get the same error: not supported. Is there a fix for this coming?
  8. I received my 4XL this morning. And, sadly I can report face unlock doesn't appear to be supported.
  9. My icloud sync is impossible. I don't know how to do.
  10. 2FA like fido2 can prevent from a keylogger virus/attack and I think you have to consider it.
  11. Hi, is it possible to have an icon to generate the password and fill it in place once clicked? Here is an example. Each password field has a tiny icon to generate a new password and optional fill it in. Many thanks
  12. Hi, new Enpass user here - I tried searching for this feature and couldn't find in the settings or already request on this forum. I have been using the free version of Lastpass for over a decade and one neat feature about the browser extension icon is to show how many credentials there are for that website. To give you an example, below is a screenshot of Lastpass icon showing 8 as there are 8 saved credentials for that website. It would be very helpful to find out if you need to sign up or not. Many thanks
  13. I am not sure if autofill is at all supported for Credit Cards. In the manual, only "login" is mentioned.
  14. Fabian1


    I have some "ghost"-fields in some items. there a sections and orders of fields shown, and when try to edit, they will disapear in edit mode, but stay in view mode...
  15. Hi, this is easy. I understand your concern, but what you do is what everybody has done many times when a new device is added. It is described here: https://www.enpass.io/docs/manual-desktop/bnr.html#restore-from-cloud Just connect your Android App to your OneDrive, and tell it that you want to restore, not set up a new user. This is the difference.
  16. I found a simple solution for me: You have to Edit the 'Password' field by clicking on it. Edit the Password field type from 'Password' to 'Text'. Leaf the checkbox for sensible data. Now the password is still hidden and I can copy and paste my passwords again, while waiting for a fix!!
  17. @Kashish I don't have a problem, @Klaus Heim has a problem!
  18. Hey @Red0210, This is a known bug and our team is working to fix this in the next update. Thanks for reporting it!
  19. Hey @pauloirply, We were able to reproduce this issue at our end and the dev team is now working towards a fix on this. Appreciate your patience. Thanks!
  20. Hey @Red0210, We're already working on this issue and a fix would be available for this in the next update. Thanks!
  21. Similar problem... Ubuntu 19.10 . how do I get the older version which works?
  22. Wingfat

    Search Lag

    OS: Ubuntu 19.10 (New Clean Install) Harware: Dell XPS 13 9360 Disk format ZFS Searching causes system "freeze" for several minuets or crashes the system. Can only type in a few charters in search box before system becomes unresponsive. Firefox extension works fine... no freezing. I reinstalled enpass twice without any joy. Thanks for any suggestions..
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  24. I just checked. I bought it on 26.01.2019. Might it be, that it has something to do with me changing the Name on my Apple ID? I took over/back my small business from a friend after a longer illness. I could PM or email you a copy of my Apple App Store reiceipt.
  25. Enpass on Windows has the [BACKSPACE] mapped for deleting an entry. This is very unintuitive and very abnormal on the Windows platform which has a designated [DELETE] key. It would be best if on Windows we either have it remapped to [DELETE], or we are given the option to remap it ourselves. I was attempting to delete an item today and kept trying to use the delete key which was not working. I then right clicked and after a few moments, noticed the "Move to Trash" option. This verbiage is also abnormal for Windows as it is a specifically MacOS terminology. It would make more sense to have the option just say "Delete Item", maybe in red font, and the subsequent dialog that appears for user confirmation can notify the user that it will be moved to the trash bin. In the Trash bin the "Delete" option could just say "Delete Permanently".
  26. Just upgrade the outdated desktop version!
  27. The auto filling was just an example. I can think of stuff like checking if the website still exists, if the url is correct and so on. Having some way to interact with the database would be a nice addon (either via an api, sdk or just the json im and export)
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