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  2. Anshu thanks for the support. it worked. In regards my earlier problem with syn with Gdrive. I should have installed the enpass on the "User" account - instead the "Admin" one which I did. ( I always create a "User" account" where I do all my activities) The very reason the sync worked on one account and not the other. Best to install enpass with the working (user) account instead of Admin (root)
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  4. Hello, I frequently use Adminer script to manage MySQL database. Most of the time, Enpass does not succed to fill in automatically the login form. When I clic on an Enpass connexion, all the fileds are filled, and then immediatly flushed. But if I copy the fields manually, and then submit, it works. Any idea of what happen ? JM
  5. Guys, I have a weird bug when switching screens. I do this a lot because I work at a company with sometimes a meeting. When I hook or unhook, the resolution is incorrect and Enpass does not work properly anymore https://www.dropbox.com/s/qb8hx8oa71ycvpv/Schermafbeelding 2019-05-20 om 16.54.03.png?dl=0 Currently, I solve it with simply rebooting Enpass, which works but its quite annoying to do it every day 6 times.
  6. Hello, For logins Windows The csv file must respect the following structure (10 data fields): "Title","Username","Email","Password","Website","TOTP Secret Key","Custom Field 1","*Custom Field 2","Note","Tags" If some data does not exist, it is necessary nevertheless that the field is present by indicating a double quotation mark. For example: "Title","Username","Email","Password","Website","TOTP Secret Key","Custom Field 1","*Custom Field 2","Note","Tags" "Enpass", "Ekalb","","MyPaswword","https://discussion.enpass.io/index.php?/login/","","","","",""
  7. Got the v6.1 today but I don't find any favicon option!?
  8. ANSI method did not work. I will start looking for another application that will work with privately stored data and sync. This should not be happening.
  9. Tuinpad how would you "side load" the edge extension. I'm looking for an edge extension package to download to install without the use of the Microsoft store.
  10. Yes, you can share the app by signing in the Store app, with the same Microsoft id with which you have purchased the Pro-License.
  11. Hey @Max_C Sorry for the trouble you are going through. Please let me know currently which Enpass version are you using? Also, please let me know while downloading the app from Store what error message or code are you getting? if possible please share the screenshot of the problem so that we can help you better. Thanks!
  12. Hey @MLevi, Thanks for writing in. If you want to merge two different Enpass 6 data, please enable sync with the same cloud account on both devices. Hope this helps!
  13. Hey @JasonHK, Thanks for your suggestion. I have noted down your suggestion and forwarded to the concerned desk for further consideration. Thanks!
  14. Hey @thedude, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. We have improved import functionality in the latest beta version of Enpass 6.1. If you are willing to try before public release please download Enpass from this link and share your feedback. Thanks for your co-operation.
  15. Hey @nihebe, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. It's been resolved, and an update v6.1 with the fixes will be rolled out soon. If you are willing to try before public release you can download the latest beta version of Enpass 6.1 from here: Cheers!
  16. Hey @Vipul, Thanks for writing back and I'm sorry it took some more time as expected. But the good news is that we have fixed this issue and release a beta version of Enpass. If you are willing to try before public release you can download it from here: Thanks!
  17. Hey @MLevi, Our dev team is looking into this issue. Till then please co-operate with us.
  18. Hey, Thanks for writing in. To uninstall Enpass, please run this command in the terminal: sudo apt-get remove enpass Hope this helps!
  19. Hi @OLLI_S Thanks for your suggestion! We will take it into account and maybe will implement in further versions. Cheers!
  20. Hi @Friedi The Beta has already been rolled out. Please check this forum post for more details:
  21. May I suggest that this download be made visible on the download page? We also hope that any and all fixes to Desktop code is done with Portable - in sync. Portability is very important for Road Warrior businesspeople who are particularly worried about data security given laptop theft risk. ###
  22. So, you can understand? I can't understand that we have to wait WEEKS (!) for a BETA!!!
  23. Wanted to look at a password. The prompt tells me the the beta is expired and the app is not even downloading from the store. What's going on?
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  25. Releasing the beta in the coming weeks? Really? How can your release cadence be in weeks? Is this 2019? Come on guys, if you are marketing this tool as a productivity boost and security mechanism then this issue is to an extent unacceptable. Make a point release, it's likely a touch of css and nothing more.
  26. @Vikram Dabas Here is a screenshot of the scan results of the Have I Been Pwned plugin in KeePass. I selected to see all results (default is to see only those results where the password was not changed after the breach) so you see more results. You see that the plugin gets the Password Change Date in KeePass (this is not stored, but he plugin compares the passwords in the history of each entry). It also displays the breach date and at the bottom you get information about the breach. Would be cool if Enpass also offers such a "Check breach by website" feature and also displays information (text) about the breach. Of cause in a larger font. OLLI
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