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  3. I see that this has been posted before, without any response. Why is this option included in the General Settings when it doesn't work? Maybe there'll be an answer this time?
  4. I've been using L***P*** for many years (actually from the beginning), synced with Windows (7 & 10), Ubuntu (Linux), Note 4 & Note 9, and an Android tablet with thousands of accounts, secure notes, identification credentials and banking information for myself and many companies I work with as a technical consultant - Having to purchase separate packages for each platform/device is a major deal breaker. Sorry
  5. Had the same issue, check to make sure the permissions are properly set for the storage you're using to save your backup - I was using my Google Drive and once I set the permissions everything worked. Greg
  6. Hi All I apologize for the inconvenience. We were having some temporary technical issues with the Enpass extension for Chrome browser. The issue has been resolved and you can install the extension.
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  9. Ditto. Following the link to Chrome download link from https://www.enpass.io/downloads/ doesn't work either (points to the same URL as mentioned above). @Vikram Dabas@Ankur Gupta, please chime in and let us know what's going on, and how long you expect it will be before we can once again download Enpass Assistant for Chrome.
  10. Hey everybody! I would like to propose to change the print dialog to be more customizable. I am keeping a printed version of my complete Enpass Vault in a secure location as a backup, but there are no options to configure the result, and the default is pretty paper-wasting. (my 331 password entries result in 72 A4 pages!) I would love to be able to shrink this, for example be able to remove the "Last Modified" or the category, or only selectively print specific values. (Example for what I would love to have, don't worry, those are fake passwords)
  11. @Anshu kumar any update on this bug so far?
  12. Hi, hope somebody can help: on Mac I run Enpass 6.1.0 with Chrome Version 75.0. Three days ago I upgraded to the Premium version. Since the upgrade the Chrome extension displayed a red (!) window, not usable. Unfortunately I didn't make a screenshot. So I uninstalled the Chrome extension and wanted to reinstall it - but when I go to the download page for the Extension (Download page for extension) I get a 404. When I search for "enpass" in the chrome web store no results are found. Thanks for any help Boris
  13. Hi, Now that the v6.1 is out, I can confirm the window keep it's size, but still not keep it's place. Thanks.
  14. Hi guys, We are having some temporary technical issues with the Enpass extension for Chrome browser. Our team is working to fix the problem. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Your patience is appreciated. Thanks
  15. Where did the scary message originate from? Speaking only for the Play store all the developer info is right there for all to see.
  16. Unfortunately I have to report that this is still an issue. But I narrowed it down to a single case: The power bug appears, when vault is locked and main window closed so it runs completely in the background and does only appear as systray icon. So exact steps to reproduce: 1. Launch Enpass, but do not unlock vault. 2. Close Enpass main window using "x" on top right corner of the window. Thus Enpass is still running in background but only shows as system tray icon. 3. Open elevated Powershell, run: "powercfg /energy /duration 10" 4. Open energy-report.html, scroll down and notice that there is a yellow warning because Enpass is requesting raised Windows Platform Timer resolution 5. Now click on Enpass tray icon and unlock the vault 6. Run "powercfg /energy /duration 10" again and check energy-report. 7. You will see that now, Enpass does NOT request timer resolution raise anymore and the warning is gone. 8. Wait for 1 minute system idle (or whatever that leads to Enpass locking the vault automatically) 9. Recheck "powercfg /energy /duration 10", you will see that now Enpass started again this timer request and the warning reappeared. So Enpass is doing something bad, while it's just running in background and vault is locked. It's basically requesting high-precision timer all the time while its idle. This is very bad style. Could you please have a look on this again? Right now, Enpass is the only app on my PC that is behaving badly regarding Platform Timer. So right now I have to close it completely and prevent it from running in background instead of just locking the vault to prevent higher-than-normal battery usage. @Hemant Kumar @Anshu kumar More background information for why this is important: https://randomascii.wordpress.com/2013/07/08/windows-timer-resolution-megawatts-wasted/
  17. Same here, fresh install of a Chromium browser (Epic browser). Can't be found with regular Chrome either.
  18. I love Enpass and use it daily. However, recently, I received a scary message on my android regarding potential security risks with Enpass. After a bit of digging around, it appears that Enpass is a bit secretive on its developer information. The security problem is that the Enpass app has not gone thru the proper measures to verify the developer. This may not be a biggie for some apps, but for a program that is securing sensitive info that hackers would love to get a hold of, the developer should not be afraid of providing their information publicly. This shows confidence in the company and not potential hiding from something. I hope this can be resolved or I will need to start looking for a PM that can prove it is trustworthy with my sensitive info.
  19. Ditto. Same here. Fresh chrome install and went to get the extension. Does not exist.
  20. Within the main app, if I click on Install Extensions, it takes me to Windows Store. I already have it installed in Edge. I cannot get the extension for Chrome which is my default browser. Even on your site, for Extensions, if I click on Chrome, another window appears and says: 404. That’s an error. The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know Even on Chrome's Extension site, there is no Enpass for Chrome. How can I get the Chrome extension? Thanks, Robert P.S. On another install, had no problem.
  21. Last week
  22. Is there a fix for this yet? I'm encountering a similar issue using the Chrome store extension with un-googled Chromium running on Mac OS Mojave. The workaround described above works but I would like to know how to fix the signing issue. Is this actually an Enpass issue? It seems like a Chromium problem.
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