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  2. Are there any other ways that could protect the keyfile in the worst case scenario? I don't like to have more passwords to remember.
  3. Often an item is related in some way to another item. It would be helpful to be able to embed a link from one to the other to make jumping between them easy. The way I see this working would be to create a field type called Link. Then that field would provide a button to pick the item to link to (this would be similar to existing Search system in main app or browser addin). Once the related item is picked, its name would be shown in that field (possibly in URL format) so you could click on it and be taken to that item. eg. Item MyBank has field called Link which lists MyCreditCard. Click on MyCreditCard in the MyBank item, and I am taken to the item MyCreditCard. I would probably put a similar link in MyCreditCard to take me to MyBank, or you could helpfully auto-add that
  4. I just set up the rpm installation of enpass on a new install of Fedora 32. I use two different vaults in two Google accounts synced with Google Drive. Setting up the primary vault to sync worked great, clicked the xdg-open dialog and enpass received the auth validation token properly. I'm now setting up the secondary vault and it's failing on the xdg-open redirect. Even though enpass is running at the time waiting for the auth. I've tried both firefox and chrome and they both look like they are not properly submitting the URL to enpass through xdg-open. I read a few threads here and tried various things like rebooting or updating desktop and mime databases. Executing xdg-open with an enpassauth:// scheme in a terminal actually is caught by enpass and it displays an error obviously since I don't have the proper information in the url path. Going to boot back into linux and try a couple other things, I'll update if I end up fixing it. I just think it's strange that it was working fine when I added the first vault and now it's weirdly broken trying to add another one. Well that was weird, it seems to be working now. I guess rebooting twice is the answer.
  5. Hi Guys, it is really annoying. Every time when i log in e.g to my router or raspberry the assistant starts and asks for authentication. What for? Even when i mark the ip address to be ignored for automatic saving or disabling the automatic saving for new entries, this dialogue comes up. Am i missing something? How can i disease this? thx
  6. I found the answer. I was not able to move to a different vault during a "search." I don't understand why I can't move items that I searched for.
  7. Hi, my "Add to Vault" Button is greyed out. I too, have the pro version. Please advise.
  8. Interesting point. Is there some way to see and vote feature requests? (like aha.io or within this forum?)
  9. Thanks for the update. I have updated Enpass on both laptops but unfortunately the issue is not resolved. Following is the information you asked for; 1) Yes the issue occurs on both laptops. What do you mean by their version? Both are running windows 7, 64-bit system, i5. Brands are HP & Toshiba. 2) Antivirus is Trend Micro OfficeScan 12.0.5383 which is installed only in HP laptop. Toshiba laptop does not have antivirus. 3) Admin user in Toshiba. In HP guest user but I had login as admin and still the same.
  10. It's impossible for hackers to crack the database if they don't have access to the keyfile. The secret key gets appended to the master password so the password will be very long (check the picture). The best way is to keep the keyfile on your device and only the enpass database on your cloud storage. Correct me if I'm wrong but the only reason to use a keyfile is to ensure that the Enpass database will be safe on your cloud account. When hackers get into your device they will find your database and keyfile location, so it's always recommended to use a unique strong master password. As a backup measure I encrypted the keyfile with AES Crypt: https://www.aescrypt.com/ it's an open source cross platform tool (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS) to encrypt/decrypt files. So that I can safely store the encrypted keyfile somewhere else like on an other cloud account ,webhosting or work computer (which I have easy access to). Just in case when my house catches fire with all my data and devices. This picture may also be outdated.
  11. One more thing I found: If you start the Windows Store App as Administrator (right click the app icon and select Run as Administrator) it creates a new Windows User folder! It contains a strange question mark character instead of the "å". This folder only contains the path to the Enpass storage directory. As long as Enpass is running as Administrator, it can create a new vault in this "wrong" folder structure, where new items can be added and saved and removed. However, I was not able to restore my Google Drive vault with this workaround. It just sits there waiting, but it does not crash as it does when run as a normal user. /Håkan
  12. I happened to have another disk with a previous Windows 10 install on. Today, when I connected it for a completely different purpose than this, I did so without connecting the network cable. And on this install, the Windows Store App worked! It was version 6.4.1 (642), and I have the folder structure to prove it. There it is: Users\Håkan\AppData and so on, with the LocalState folder that contains my vault. However, as soon as I connected the network cable and rebooted, the Windows Store App was updated, and no longer worked. It wanted me to set things up as a new user, which just don't work, as posted earlier. To find out the version of the updated version, I had to create a new user account, without any special characters in it. The latest updated version is 6.4.2 (662). But, with hope for all users that are afraid that they have lost their vaults, the above folder structure and vault files remain, even after the non-working version is installed. If Enpass can fix their App, a new and working version would probably find the old folder structure and be able to open the vault again?
  13. Hello, is it possible to describe the format how enpass generates the share link/file (enpasscard://share?data=XY&tag=XY, *.enpasscard) ? I have a tools that generates wordpress instances and then in want to import the login for a generated instance without manually copy and paste user password and url, the best way i found is using the share link. Unfortunatly i dont know how i can generate this link by myself with a custom PSK without using enpass. (The data is base64 encoded and probably aes256-cbc encrypted but where is iv stored or is salt used) thanks
  14. Hi, I have been using EnPass with TouchID for some years now everything worked well until today. Multiple things are wrong: Since this morning, I am not able to activate TouchID anymore and all the security options don't work anymore. Also, PIN configurations are not saved by the app as well as the time-based logout settings. Now EnPass always locks directly after leaving the app. Today, EnPass suggested that I should register an account because I am eligible to use EnPass Pro for free. When I do that, the registration somehow succeeds, but my E-Mail is not shown (Email field is empty) in the "registration was successful" screen. After going through the registration process, the app still suggests, that I register and says I'm not registered but shows, that the Pro account somehow is activated. When I want to enable TouchID, the button instantly deactivates the function. So it is not possible to turn it on at all. This is really frustrating, I now have to enter the Master Password every time I want to use the app!! Here are my software versions: Enpass Version: 6.4.4 (462) iOS Version: 13.4.1 (iPhone 7) What I have tried so far: Resetting all TouchID settings and re-activating them (although I think that this is not the root cause because all the other security settings don't work as well) Deinstall EnPass completely and reinstall the app + new synchronization set up
  15. sethm


    What a bluetooth device - which could be compatible with any OS ?
  16. This used to work fine with LastPassin IOS, then stopped with version 13. credit card info does work on android with Lastpass. so will Enpass work with IOS 13 & Androi 10 ?
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  18. Thanks Garima , I love your product and have been using it for years.
  19. Hello, I hide/minimize it using CMD+W/CMD+M so its running in the background. Its never focused but it come into foreground when unlooking the lockscreen.
  20. Well, i should to do this Guys all information about your job will in Web (Facebook, ect) Your sinece is more than worst service I will not reccomend your product to buy
  21. Hello Irmalsfot thank you for the Information. Yes, I have a non-english character user account name. On my second PC with W10 1909 the Enpass App. But the last Update is not installed an its work fine. So it seems, the last Update is corrupt! On my Laptop I installed the Traditional Win32 application and I can synchronize. Thank you Jürgen
  22. Pie

    Crash update app

    The new update crashes when I try to open it. How can I fix it? Can I delete the app and download it again or will all my data be lost? Thanks!
  23. Hey @eurekaqq, have a look at my post in another thread, regarding the same matter. If you are lucky, your vault files are still on your disk, where the Windows Store App stored them! You can just copy them to the location where Traditional Win32 stores them. Have a look at my description, but no guarantees... https://discussion.enpass.io/index.php?/topic/18951-internal-error-995-no-restore-from-backup/&do=findComment&comment=31646 Good luck! /Håkan
  24. @Kashish Please add this to the wish list. At the moment it is hard to add an item to the Apple Watch. Every item has to be selected manually. A simply option under the Apple Watch preferences: [x] Sync favorites [x] Sync vault That would help that much! Sync favorites should be the default option, if a user enables the Apple Watch support. Regards.
  25. Hello @Kashish I like to ask, if there is something new? I am a lil bit disappointed, that this privacy issue doesn’t becomes addressed. Thanks. Regards.
  26. Thanks for dealing with this issue. Enpass just appears on screen after startup without doing anything.
  27. John Doe

    Portable 6.4

    Hi - on the back of your advice, I changed my sync from iCloud to google Now when I go to enpass portable, and give it authorization to sync via google - i get the below screen (attached). I click on copy, and immediately after that EnPass portable which is open - shuts down on my Mac What am I doing wrong?
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