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  2. Hey has anybody else had an issue where, when they try to restore the iOs app from a file or from WiFi, and are prompted to enter the "file's master password," the app says their password is "invalid" always? I typed my master password in over 20x and it said invalid when I'm certain it was correct.
  3. I'm a new Enpass user attempting to set up sync to my own WebDAV server. I seem to be connecting, but the sync fails every time with error code '904405' both from Windows (10) and Linux. I have verified that the time is set properly on the server and all systems. This error code does not seem to be documented anywhere. What should I try?
  4. Sorry, I'm kinda noob with Fedora Silverblue. How could you make it work exactly? I was able to extract those binaries, but I don't know what to do next. I tried to copy them to my .local folder, but I couldn't open Enpass. Thank you, Rafaelles.
  5. @Anshu kumar Sorry to hear that. I'd love to see your app either on your own website - or downloadable via Google Play store, but buying the pro variant verified via a license.txt or so, like with Titanium Backup. GApps isn't the solution since I am testing MicroG. And Enpass is one of the last apps I can not just use yet. Therefore I fear I need an exit strategy to export all data to KeepassX or something similar.
  6. rich26

    Missing elements on iOS

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  7. Any progress on adding Brave browser to the list of recognized Android browsers? Autofill isn't working yet.
  8. bump I would also like this to happen!
  9. Go to this website: Download and Install GApps for Lineage OS GApps is both hardware and software dependent. You must select the right GApps for your phone's processor and for your phone's version of Android. Any changes you make to your own phone are your responsibility. Have a good idea as to what you are doing.....you may brick your phone.
  10. I don't want to lose the popup window of the Enpass Chrome extension when I click on something that isn't the popup window. For example.. I had an Enpass extension for Chrome popup window appear when capturing a new login or update. But I clicked away from the popup window, and the popup windows disappeared. I then lost my login credentials, including the password I just generated. Since the information wasn't captured by Enpass, I had to go through the extra trouble reset my password and start over. I've done this a few times when I've tried to click the main browser window to copy/paste information into the Enpass extension window. Thanks. Chrome Extension v6.0.2
  11. Hi @Roger, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. This issue has already in our bug tracker and I will notify the dev team to look into it. Thanks for your co-operation.
  12. Hi @mdovey Sorry to say but at the moment you have to re-enable the sync from Enpass settings. However, I have noted down your suggestion and forwarded to the concerned desk for further improvement. The feature of the WiFi sync is already in our top priority list but at the moment I can't assure you any ETA. Thanks!
  13. Hi @creativecreature, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. Please follow these troubleshooting steps mention in this FAQ and let me know if the problem persists. Thanks!
  14. Hey guys, Thanks for your suggestion. I have noted your suggestion and forwarded to the concerned desk for further consideration. Thanks!
  15. Hi @VAUSAUSER, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. It would be a great help if you can share the screenshot of the problem along with the Enpass version so that I can help you better. Thanks for your understanding!
  16. Hi @EnpassUserAndroid, Sorry to say no! I would like to share that Enpass is tied with Google Play services and can only be downloaded and purchased from the Google Play store. We strongly recommend users to install Enpass only from the respective app stores (Google Play Store in your case) as apps on Store are signed with developer certificates and delivery through it assures that software is genuine and not tempered. While installing Enpass from other websites or stores might put you in trouble of security risk like data theft. Thanks!
  17. Got the same issue, latest MBP 15" running latest MacOS and a Dell U2717D plugged via USB-C.
  18. Hey @Robin L, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. Please follow these troubleshooting steps mention in this FAQ and let me know if the problem persists. Thanks!
  19. Last week
  20. I'm confused about sync in WHERE database overwriting takes place, and if I can choose the overwriting direction. What if I want to overwrite my local device with what is on the cloud? What if I want to keep what is on my device and overwrite the cloud with new or changed infotmation? Example: I had a weak password on SOME*website*.com, so (on my Windows 10 PC) I logged into Enpass (I do not use a keyfile) using my master password, and generated a strong password for SOMEwebsite.com, then saved the new entry. I also logged onto SOME*website*.com and changed my password to the stronger one that Enpass generated. Then I synced to my cloud on Google Drive. Afterwards I logged onto my enpass account on an Android tablet using my master password. I synced to my Google Drive cloud, but the password entry of SOME*website*.com within Enpass on my Android tablet was unchanged from the previous weaker password. I tried this same kind of password modification on a different website, first using my Android tablet, then relogging onto Enpass on my Windows 10 PC, and syncing with similar results...the password did not change on the Windows PC. I'm confused. If every syncing operation from each separate device overwrites Enpass data on the cloud, then why is there not some kind of switch within Enpass to either 1. Sync to the cloud (overwriting the cloud) from the respective device when changes are made on the device. OR 2. Sync to the device (overwriting the device) from the cloud which was changed from a different device. My present understanding (especially because from my example), tells me that the cloud database seems to be always overwritten by each separate platform device running Enpass, the exception being the subsequent times when Enpass is first installed onto an additional device without any existing Enpass database entries (before setting up sync), and then syncing after setting up sync.
  21. Hi, I'm running enpass using dell xps 13 with a 4k monitor. My OS is Solus Linux. Even if I set scaling to 300% the enpass UI still looks super tiny when using a high resolution display.
  22. I have setup a PIN in IOS. I understand that the Master password will be mandatory to unlock after three incorrect attempts of PIN. Is it possible to have the option of forcing the Master password (as in the case in Windows).
  23. The thread to which you refer does not answer my question. I need access to two different accounts, having two different clouds, having two different email IDs on the same Windows device. I will try installing a second instance of the app and see what happens. I just tried to install a second instance; my only options were to uninstall or repair; I chose to repair; no opportunity to use a different ID. So it is clear that I cannot have more than one instance of the Enpass app on the same Windows computer. And I do not find a way to access the different account via the browser. Am I missing a link? P..S. Two vaults in the same account are not a solution for me.
  24. UP! Was googling for this and this is the only post I found. Using autofill to generate new passwords and create new accounts would be really helpfull. Any plans for this?
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