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  2. pturnbul

    How to restore wifi backup file to Enpass

    I am over writing an existing. Enpass database with a wifi Enpass backup file. Thanks. Paul.
  3. False

    Nextcloud Plugin

    Hello, in some situations im on other devices and want to login on some pages. Because im using enpass to save my save passwords (length > 50) its almost impossible to know the passwords. But i sync my Enpass with my nextcloud, so i would love a nextcloud plugin which can be used as alternative to the desktop client. Greetings, False
  4. How do I restore a wifi backup file to Enpass running on Windows 10? There used to be a restore option but this no longer exists in the console. Thanks, Paul.
  5. Yesterday
  6. maetthew

    Enpass canceling logout/reboot/shutdowns

    @Anshu kumar Absolutely will do, happy to help you any way I can to get this resolved. If for some reason I miss any post in here, feel free to e-mail me (I assume you can get my address from this account).
  7. np, I'm just asking if it's possible to fix, it's not a life or death situation =) It would just make enpass, which is already great, even better!
  8. Programie

    Start Enpass hidden

    In my previous post I only tested it in the way of quitting Enpass and manually starting it with the "-minimize" option which worked as already described. But I still got the issue after login. After some time trying to find out what exactly causes the issue, I tried to remove the startup entry completely. But Enpass still started on login even if it should not as there is no startup entry. Then I figured out that KDE by default saves the opened application in the session and restores them after login. But in that case, Enpass is started with "-session <some long session id>" instead of the "-minimize" option which obviously results in having the main window visible on start. I've now configured KDE to always start a clean session on login without restoring previous opened applications and re-enabled the "Open Automatically at System Startup" option in Enpass. Now Enpass is starting with only the tray icon visible. There is also an option to exclude specific application from session restoration, so excluding Enpass from the session restoration should also work. But in my case, I keep the session restoration completely disabled.
  9. Tina

    Enpass Start

    Can you link your duplicate thread mentioned in the post?
  10. gaetawoo

    28 days later still no Box

    No idea what to do with this.
  11. gaetawoo

    28 days later still no Box

    @Anshu kumar On windows Desktop program, the Box.com sync option doesn't actually work. It never logs in. When I select it, it opens an authentication window in my browser, I log in, grant access, and it says it wants to open the next link in the Enpass desktop app, I say ok. and then in the enpass app, the loading animation just keeps... loading/spinning. It never works.
  12. MarvinD

    Enpass Start

    Dear support team, after my ticket updates seemingly remained unanswered I would like to remind u about it: it is STILL not working. Whenever I try to launch it from the application launcher (w or without shortcut) it fails to do see (see my other post about it). It was recommended to upgrade to the most recent version of my OS and Enpass 6.0.4 and curl is installed. What can be done ?
  13. Hi, I'm using Enpass in a Windows 10 laptop and in an android OS, both are saved in the same Cloud (googledrive) and both seam to have diferent databases, they doesn't have the same information. I don't know what to do anymore. Thanks
  14. FuN_KeY

    [BUG] Incorrect TOTP value on Windows 10

    Hello Anshu, You are right, that was the problem ! Thank you very very much !
  15. Przemuś

    Generated passwords don't work

    Thanks for answer @Anshu kumar but I can't find anything about already used logins and passwords. Can You tell me that I have to change every password on any website that I'm logged in and generate new password?
  16. German

    Hangs upon searching (6.0.3)

    i have the Same Problem. With macOS Mojave by 1787 Entry's. Also searching in my database takes between 20 - 25s. In that form its totally unusable. I cannot get a coffee, every time I try and search for a login. OnePassword does not have this problem. As already mentioned at rburgst, this must be remedied quickly. Otherwise I'll look for another PasswordManager. I can not work so fluently.
  17. OLLI_S

    Enpass 6 Portable availanle?

    Hello @Anshu kumar, What do you mean by saying co-operate ? OLLI
  18. Anshu kumar

    Empty Duplicates

    Hey @Rogalog, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. We have fixed some issues and update will be available soon. I would like to have your feedback after the update. Till then please co-operate with us.
  19. Anshu kumar

    Slow searches since upgrade

    Hey @RobC Sorry for the trouble you are going through. This issue has been fixed and an update will be available soon. Till then please co-operate with us.
  20. Anshu kumar

    Windows Hello issue

    Hey @ddebono, Thanks for writing in. This issue is already in our roadmap and fixed will be available in the subsequent update. Thanks!
  21. Hey @gabeweb, This issue is already in our top list and fixed will be asap. Your co-operation is highly appreciated.
  22. RobC

    Slow searches since upgrade

    Hello, Been using this across a few machines and since the update to version 6 searches have been really slow. I mean slow to the point where I am considering looking elsewhere. Anybody else had this problem? It is the same across 2 different macs. Search speed seems fine on the iOS devices but really slow on the mac.
  23. Anshu kumar

    Generated passwords don't work

    Hey @Przemuś Thanks for using Enpass. Please have a look at our user manual to know how Enpass works. Hope this helps!
  24. Anshu kumar

    [BUG] Incorrect TOTP value on Windows 10

    Hey @FuN_KeY This problem surfaces when the date and time on your devices don't match internet time. So please make sure that date and time are accurate on all devices (preferably set to automatic). Hope this helps!
  25. Anshu kumar

    Enpass canceling logout/reboot/shutdowns

    Hey guys, Thanks for sharing the details. I have noted down this issue in the tracker and notified the dev team to look into it. Till then please co-operate with us.
  26. Hey guys, I would like to share that recently, Google Chrome changed their signing certificate which leads to the failure of code signature verification in Enpass. We have implemented the fix and a new update will be rolled out asap. Meanwhile you can click Alllow button and continue. Thanks!
  27. Hey @david Sorry for the trouble you are going through. I have noted down this website and notified the dev team to look into it. Till then please co-operate with us.
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