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  2. End of last week I updated to the latest version that uses the new autofill version. I've always used Enpass on my phone with an unsupported browser (Kiwi Browser), as I love my browser bar to be at the bottom of the screen. It always worked with the old filling feature where I would get a notification. It didn't recognize the website, so I had to choose it manually, but that was no problem for me. It always filled the date perfectly. With the last update the filling of log in data doesn't work with the notification anymore and now it doesn't work in the browser I'm using as I don't see t
  3. Now, one day later, its working again, at least on MacOS :-) Why now? I do not know? Automatic update? Or simply a total restart of the Brave browser?
  4. Is Enpass from the Windows store and the one from the website the same? Thought there were differences?
  5. Is it possible to restore the file from the carantine without risk? Has anyone already done this without risk? Greetings to the team
  6. Hello. Same problem here with Norton an Enpass Desktop version 6.60.770.0 What can I do? Restore the file from the carantine? Has anyone already done this without risk? Greetings to the team
  7. Greetings, I inadvertently dismissed the blue 2FA banner that shows at the top of 2FA-eligible items and it appears that once that has been dismissed (via the "don't save" button) the banner cannot be turned back on and the walkthrough to scan a QR code for that item is no longer available. Is there any way to scan a QR code (or enable 2FA code saving) for an item after the banner has been dismissed? Thank you.
  8. Hi Garima, could you please give us a perspective on when the fix will be provided?
  9. Thanks, @Garima Singh. I don't like giving negative feedback, but I'm feeling more and more disappointed by the app. I have an impression that you concentrate too much on delivering new features at the expense of improving UX-related details and fixing bugs. Sometimes I get overwhelmed. A couple of days ago I opened Enpass mini to an empty list of passwords. I couldn't search for anything, the list remained empty. I had to open the main window to search for a password. Just a moment ago I opened Enpass 6.6.0 (772) to see a transparent window (see the attachment). Searching in E
  10. Hi - This problem is definitly very annoying. Can you tell when a fix will be provided, please?
  11. It looks like the old master password remains stored somewhere, so the reinstall thinks it knows a password that was maybe a file left behind after the uninstall? How do I REALLY delete ALL the old file stores that it appears are left behind, one of which thinks I already set a password even though the install is fresh? Thanks all
  12. Last week
  13. Hi, I was wondering when the option to enter a PIN in the desktop version of Enpass is going to be added. I found a discussion from 5 years ago, and at that time it said it was 'on the roadmap'. 2016 PIN Request Thanks, Barry
  14. A guy named CodeSalat on the Brave forums found an even better workarround Go to brave://adblock/ Then go to the custom filters and add this: @@ That should fix it. Works fine for me and my friends. Original Post on the Brave forums: https://community.brave.com/t/brave-shield-blocking-enpass-extension/212460/7
  15. Hi folks, For a long while now, Enpass Assistant has been unreliable at best for me: CMD+/ doesn't do anything about half the time I use it, and I end up having to click the toolbar icon to activate Enpass Assistant And it's not website-specific. I've had occasions on which I've logged into a site using Assistant, logged out, remembered something I needed to do there, and CMD+/ fails to activate when I'm logging back into the same site minutes after it worked the first time. This has also happened the other way around: CMD+/ fails on the first login, and works fine on the se
  16. Hmmh, this is not really a solution, sorry. Yes, if I lower the shield in Brave, the attempt to connect to Enpass succeeds. However, it takes several seconds for every attempt and even though the Enpass app is already up and open, when Brave finally does connect, the app is somehow closed and I have to re-open it again (with my master password or fingerprint). Also the auto-fill of the credentials does not work, so I have to copy and paste both the username and password fields into the login of the website I want to visit. This is not a very nice User-Experience. Furthermore now I am also
  17. On my linux laptop, enpass renders quite poorly. I've tried several resolutions and the different built-in cards. Attached is a screenshot where the desktop is at 1920x1080. I'm running Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS with the default Gnome desktop. You can see if one pic that the text is too tiny to read. In the other, you'll notice that the app takes up most of the display window. It would be great if enpass had a configuration option to adjust font sizes, for example. NV137 / Mesa Intel® UHD Graphics 630 (CFL GT2) XPS 15 9570 (087C) Dell Inc. * GP107M [GeForce GTX 1050 Ti M
  18. Hi. It's been a while. I had abandoned the issue for a while. However I reinstalled Enpass on the mac via the link you sent. And it seems syncing now well via my serever between the Mac and the Windows desktop. Thanks.
  19. +1 This would be such a time safer!
  20. when I create a new element, the password field is not seen as a password field so it does not allow the automatic generation of the password
  21. How do I add extra security fields so the answers are hidden
  22. same hier. fix it please. Windows Hello after restarting still not fixed and now brave problems too.
  23. In the Classic theme, please consider allowing users to adjust the position of the vertical separator bar between the list of items and the details panel to the right of it. The separator is a standard windows control which the development team has simply marked as not being adjustable. Justification: For some items, the name and Username fields in the list are cut-off (truncated) from user's view because of this. Allowing it to be adjustable and it's position persisted between restarts would markedly improve the user experience of Enpass. Your Modern theme simply lacks refinement
  24. Just an update, I too have this issue. twice a week I have to re-authenticate. And I am on 6.6
  25. Same here. Just updated Brave to the latest official release (V1.21.73) and the extension stopped working
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