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  3. I have my primary and secondary vault that share copies of logins/etc... from the primary. I would like to have any updates and changes to any of the shared logins/etc... done on the Primary or Seconadary vault to be reflected to the other vault. Can it be done and doing it manually is not the answer I am looking for ... it is a shared vault after all.
  4. For MacBook Pro with TouchID users it would be helpful to have TouchID on by default, but when the Macbook is connected to an external monitor and is in clamshell mode (closed lid) then it would be helpful, if it changes to the PIN, once you open it again it should go back to TouchID to unlock Enpass. Alternatively if there is no way to implement this, it would be possible when TouchID pops up, to decline and when TouchID fails to show the PIN entry.
  5. Hi, can anyone reproduce the following error with the opensuse (rpm) repo? Fehler beim Download (curl) für 'https://yum.enpass.io/stable/x86_64/repodata/repomd.xml': Fehlercode: 'Connection failed' Fehlermeldung: 'Could not resolve host: yum.enpass.io'
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  7. Guys, if 1Password can import from Roboform, why can't you? After three long years....
  8. i have now 1Password, and import from Roboform works in 1 Password with one Klick . and now all ok . bye Enpass , and get lucky with my money , never ever enpass. all my people go also away from enpass.you are all unable. And Autofill website also not work . haahah you are all Birds.
  9. Recently, I have notice that auto-fill no longer works reliably on my Google Pixel 3a XL phone. When I am on an app or a website, sometimes I get a drop down for enpass, somethings it doesn't appear. Often when it does appear, it appears for a second before disappearing. I can't figure out what condition triggers the drop down and what it does not trigger. I am talking about auto-fill using the android autofill framework and not the accessibility. I have tried uninstalling Enpass and then reestablishing auto-fill. However, it does not work. I have installed Enpass Beta and it did not work either. It's not that doesn't work at all, but that only some of the time. Phone: Google Pixel 3axL OS: Android verison 11 Sep 5, 2020 Enpass version: (I have the paid version) Paul
  10. Yes German. But I have change language to englisch, but the same Probleme and error. Not working.
  11. Hi, I'm getting the attached error when trying to open Enpass after updating at the windows store. Please help. I don't even have that file path on my computer at all.
  12. I've set that Enpass is started automatically on system startup and I use Windows 10 2004 (latest version). Before the last Enpass update to version 6.5.0 (707) I had no problems with this feature. But now, after Enpass was started automatically when I start my computer, the window for entering the master password remains visible until I manually close it... Before that update, it appeared only for a few milliseconds and was closed immediately. Enpass then ran in the background - just as I would expect it to do when it was automatically started after system startup. Is this an intentional feature in the new version or is it a (known) bug? I find it inconvenient that I always have to close the Enpass window myself after system startup.
  13. The red-boxed field cannot be entered. Enpass Beta | 6.5.0 (701) Windows | 8.1 x64
  14. I tried to revocer from iCloud but it says "Error while recovering data". I am working on an iPhone SE with software version 13.7 See attached the screenshot.
  15. Windows 10 latest Build, and Updates, Enpass Windows Latest version, Roboform latest Version 8.9.3 Export in Html. Message Error: Nothing to import. i have paid enpass, and cant use it, because i have over 400 Logins, and i dont want manual make it all step by step new in enpass. Why it dont work, there are here so many Users and import dont work. Its a shame for you. want my Money back , and will pay new Licence Roboform, there all works fine
  16. @Pratyush Sharma, sorry, it didn't show up on the updates page of macOS, so I thought I had the latest version installed. I updated it to 6.5.0 (700) now, and I can still reproduce the issue, but in slightly different steps. Basically the password is copied correctly now when you select an item by mouse cursor or by arrow keys, but not when it is auto selected as you type a filter phrase. Quite and restart Enpass (required), Open assistant, type a phrase, press Command + Shift + P to copy the password of the selected item. The thing is that as you start typing, the first item is always selected blue. When you type a phrase that selects the appropriate item for you, it is natural that you don't select it manually (it's already blue). This is the case when the key combination still fails.
  17. Hello, if I ente rthe username manually into the field I can add the passwort by enpass...the username is already in enpass, it will just not taken over into th elogin-window. Additionally I tried already different kind of URL's: - IP:Port/cgi-bin - IP:Port - http://IP:Port None of them has been working. As I had two local QNAP-units I tried it as well on the second one - with the same result - the username will not copy over into the login-field. The units are only accessable locally, sri no external access possible . Attached thow the fields are configured - is there anything you see, what could be the reason for not using the username? Tnx
  18. Enpass (macOS 10.15.6) - v6.5.0 (700) & Enpass (iOS 14.0) - v6.5.1 (483) ...and still no Sync via WiFi. Will this ever be implemented as promised?
  19. eiram

    Marie M.

    I have a desktop MAC, Safari latest OP system, from Apple App. store I (first time user) installed , opened Enpass Password Manager, v6.5.0 but it did NOT showed up as Enpass FREE PREMIUM Desktop for MAC that I should be getting on my Desktop MAC. ( it only opened to a lesser Empass v6.5.7(700), that is NOT FREE PREMIUM for DESKTOP for MAC, as I should be getting! HELP, I've been working on this for days & I'm ready to stop trying with ENPASS Password Manager.
  20. Initial usage shows a lot of improvement! It hasn't crashed since I enabled docked mode. I will report back in a couple of days.
  21. Ok i verify you suggestions and if disable internet connection load immediatly .... So just have now a solution ? Hispa
  22. I like to report that I am having the same issue. Has the fix been implemented?
  23. Hi @hispanico We need a little more input from you so please try disabling the internet and then run Enpass on your system. If you experience any change, please share the feedback with us. Thanks!
  24. Hi @KHK, Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. To further investigate this issue, please try to manually save the username of this item and check if the username and password get autofill. If you face any problems in autofill, share the URL with us to check the issue at our end. Thanks for your co-operation.
  25. Hi @Rudi @Helmut Irle, Could you please try to use the assistant in Docked mode and revert to us. To do so, go to General settings -> Enable Docked Mode option here. Thanks!
  26. Problem fixed in windows now with newest release. I still have problems on Android. But that's maybe because I can't create an exclusion rule on Android?
  27. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app . To the right of the address bar, tap More Settings. Autofill and payments. Tap Addresses and more or Payment methods. Add, edit, or delete info: Add: At the bottom, tap Add address or Add card.
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