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  2. Hello, After moving to the new phone (Samsung) I had to reset and reconnect my android watch (Huawei). After installation of Enpass and on start up of the application it asks me to activate "Apple Watch" in Enpass settings on my phone despite the fact I'm not using Apple. I have Android Watch activated on my phone application but it still cannot start on the watch. Tried reinstalling on the watch, clearing application data and cache but it still doesn't start on the watch. On the phone it works fine. Any ideas?
  3. I cannot answer that one, but as well as being a girls name and a card game, patience is a virtue. Programming is not easy especially in the moving goalposts world of IT.
  4. @Ankur Gupta, this unfortunately did not work. In this case, I didn't even modify the JSON file just to rule out changes I was doing. So I exported the JSON of my vault from Enpass, erased everything, setup a fresh vault using iCloud, then imported the JSON. It recognized all the items but after import none of them ever showed up. This seems like a bug, I suspect. Can you please shed some light on this? Is there any other way for me to achieve a bulk edit of items using exported data to then import back into Enpass? My use-case is to, for example, change a field name of "Login Page" to "Website" to match other entries already using "Website", just as an example. I'm happy digging in to data files and understand there's no GUI way to do it, but even after modifying the JSON (or even without modifying it at all) I cannot seem to import it successful, it rather it shows successfully importing them but none of them show up anywhere, it's as if it never happened.
  5. The same here: Systemversion: macOS 10.14.4 (18E226) Safari Version 12.1 (14607. with Enpass Safari Extension 607 Enpass 607 (336) The same problem appears with older Enpass 6.x.x versions.
  6. how long does it take? we are waiting months!
  7. Hello, At work our administrators have restricted the access to all cloud storage sites (like OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and many others). So I can no longer sync my password vault at work (so Enpass is unusable for me now). So please offer a feature in Enpass that exports (packs) the password vault to a ZIP file. Then I can send this ZIP file via email to work (also USB-devices are blocked). At work I can import the password vault in Enpass (so you also should offer an import-feature). You should also offer the same feature for the settings. So I can export the settings from my PC and import them at work and also at my Surface Go (so I have the same settings at 3 computers without having to manually adjust them on every device separate). Best regards OLLI
  8. Hi, we are using Sophos Firewall... But even when bypassing the problem still exists
  9. @Anshu kumar, i can side load an .apk outside of Play Store. Why don't you want me to try and see if a previous version solves this issue? I mean, did you guys identify the source of this problem? Will it be fixed in the next stable update or maybe in a beta? And if so, when?
  10. Hey @Raffaelo, Thanks for reporting this issue. I've noted down this issue in the bug tracker and notified the dev team to look into it. Thanks for your co-operation.
  11. Anshu kumar

    Latest Beta?

    Hey @RHPT, Can you please tell me precisely for which platform you want a beta so that I can help you in a better way. Thanks!
  12. Hey @Maarten Sorry to say but It's not possible to install outdated versions from the Google Play store. Thanks for your understanding!
  13. Hey @BrigoNortensson, We are really sorry for the trouble you are going through. We have checked this issue with the different WebDAV accounts and got some feedback from the customer that its working fine. It would be a great help if you can share the demo account of your WebDAV via PM so that we can check where the problem could be and try to fix asap. Thanks for your co-operation.
  14. Hey @nephilim, Can you please let me know which Proxy or Firewall client are you using so that we can investigate further. Thanks for your co-operation.
  15. Thanks for responding. Didn't really believe anyone would. Sorry. Data was located on a local disk sdc1, I have sense moved it to a network share on a freenas system. Actually moved it to the share so I could see what a share string looked like. I have been trying to get Emby to reference a share and had no clue, as to what the share string should look like. I'm a Linux newbee. Spent many years as a developer/programmer on windows systems. I tried your program see if it would give me a string to look at. It did and I was pleased. This was not a security issue, as I stated it was working perfectly, until I did the sync and got the error. Also I deleted the Enpass folder copied it in again deleted it again, cleaned it in every way you can imagine. Every file and folder was there except the file vault.enpassdb when it was failing. I have cleared the problem. I used the shotgun! I showed hidden files and deleted everything with any reference to enpass, except the file used to do the install. I don't know which file had the error and don't really care at this point. I am now able to create a new vault and will restore from a previous backup. Again Thank you soo much for responding. jes
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  17. RHPT

    Latest Beta?

    What version is the latest beta? There hasn't been a new release in a while and I see that version 6.0.7 has been released for the web version.
  18. Hi - thanks for letting me know. Andrew.
  19. Why don't you guys respond to my question?
  20. 6.0.7 was waiting for me on my work computer (Macos) this morning. Fails the same way as 6.0.6 and 6.0.5. Thankfully, I haven't upgraded to 6.x on my home computers... they're still usable. But I'm stuck in a position where my work computer only has the old passwords, and none of the new. And if I ever forget and add an account on the work computer, I'm going to have a hell of a time reconciling the two (as yet, the work computer's copy of the vault is some old snapshot). Please fix this. I cannot wait forever. The only thing preventing me from switching is that I've yet to find another password manager that worked as well as Enpass 5.x for this particular feature.
  21. Hi unfortunately not, I already tried manual proxy settings... OneDrive itself works as expected.
  22. Hi, Thanks for the information. The issue has been identified and will be resolved in the coming updates.
  23. "For security reasons, Enpass never automatically fills the details in a webpage until the user triggers the autofill action (Press the Shortcut or Click the item from Assistant)" -> It is the first action in my list: I did press the shortcut, so I DO want to have the data filled. And it would be correctly filled if I didn't have to enter the password (e.g. after restart) macOS 10.14.4 Chrome Enpass 6.0.7 (336) -> would be great if this would be selectable text to copy&paste extension: Version 6.0.1
  24. Hi, We are already transparent about it and have admitted it the Enpass Security White paper. Also, I know it can be inconvenient if you need to enter Master Password after every fresh start of the application. We would love to provide the Full-time Windows Hello support, but the integration of Hello in Win32 apps isn't quite the same as in UWP apps. Although we have already found a solution and currently our team is working on it. We will release it in the future updates which inevitably makes the things better. It's going to take some time until then; we appreciate patience and co-operation. Thanks.
  25. Hey @Andrew Myers Sincere apologies that the issue took more time than expected. It's been resolved, and an update v6.1 with the fixes will be rolled out soon. Meanwhile please click on the Merge button. Thanks for your co-operation.
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