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    Bitwarden, pretty easy to set up the self hosted server and it has all the desktop/mobile/browser apps + the code is also available on Github. I really liked Enpass, but the v6 ruined it for me. It's not trustworthy anymore.
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    Hi there, I am happy user of Enpass and I have - like many others - recommended it to many of my friends. However I am completely unhappy with: 1- Pro version for Desktop - your main motto is: "desktop version for free" - it is NOT ANYMORE as you have removed few free-till-now features and included them ONLY in Pro version 2- main reason I bought Enpass is its capability of multi OS synchro - I bought iOS version and Android version. Together with MacOS version I am a complete user. The problem remains: I need to pay 3 times now (considering the point above). The answer from the developers that it is IMPOSSIBLE to merge buying from Google Play and Apple Store is just an EXCUSE - the versions on stores could be "light" or "free" while user could have activate Pro versions by using another credentials. All above is making me looking for the alternatives and for sure I will find one soon. Not me only but everybody who is unhappy for this greedy approach. Seeing on this forum (but not only here) how many people realised that version 6.0 brought completely new way of treating the customers it is only a matter of time when someone will come with more user friendly versions. Again: I am not against payment. But I am against paying 3 times for the main feature of Enpass that is: multi OS synchro.
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    And how come no one from Enpass is addressing this issue here?
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    I tried to regress to v5 by side-loading the iOS app (v6 is a disaster) but the app doesn't work. The biometric login doesn't work, the pro license doesn't work, the sync doesn't work. not having backwards compatibility and doing a forced upgrade of the mobile apps was a cynical move to screw everyone. I am looking for a new app.
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    Hi OLLI, this is already the case. If you open an entry and show the password it is colorized: Only if you are in the password generation dialog it isn't colorized. I think that is because the generated password is display on a green background and mixing this with other colors could under some circumstances lead to hard to read passwords. @EnpassTeam: My only idea for this to work nicely would be something like the following:
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    Hi @mato, New Enpass extensions can only be used with v6 because they both App and Extension use different negotiation techniques than v5. So, you can't use v6 extension with v5 app or vice-versa. Functionality wise both are equal. The only pro for v6 is, it is being actively maintained and updated. Thanks.
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    Now that Enpass 6 is what it is, what alternatives are you considering? My biggest requirement would be that the implementation is totally open-source, to prevent a vendor lock-in.
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    as far as I explored Bitwarden: that one is really ONE MAN show - 8 bit company is 1 person only at least here in Enpass we see (saw) few guys from the devs team and frankly: if I was a dev I would have hired 1 person to answer all forum messages - PR like - devs job is to write software not answers to users questions, right? ;-)
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    I am afraid I am in the same situation so welcome to the club someone already said in this forum: if they (developers) did NOT do anything with 5.x it would be MUCH better than what happened to and with version 6.x eh...
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    My personal criticism: No password history Paid Windows Store version need to be paid again to get "Premium" Folders are gone Missing CSV export Search doesn't seem to work on all fields I don't like the new UX of the Windows desktop app... Sadly after 4 years (I started using Enpass on march 2015) and two paid Enpass versions (Windows Store + Android) it's time to search for a new password manager...
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    after upgrading to 6.0 i've grown to really dislike the developers of this app, they could have been doing so many other things with their lifes yet they choose to pick a decent product and totally destroy it and lock us to Enpass 6... I got thousands of clients passwords in Enpass folders that I cannot export because no one takes JSON or TXT as import, i can't downgrade and i can't export CSV
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    "Bitwarden: it's really free, not a fake "free trial free"" - I believe they summed up the Enpass correctly ;-)
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    Hi @mato, Safari extension added. https://www.enpass.io/support/where-can-i-download-older-version-of-enpass/ Cheers.
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    I managed to use the git master version of https://github.com/roddhjav/pass-import/issues to convert enpass6 file into Pass. So that'll probably be my alternative.
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    Obviously, no one here actually read the EULA we all consented to when we installed Enpass: https://www.enpass.io/legal/, where it clearly says "Maintenance, Updates and Pricing: It is the Company who will decide the timing and pricing of future updates for Software comprising of new features, improvements and bug fixes." That is, btw., perfectly standard practice for most commercial software companies. "Lifetime license" is for Version 5. Version 6 is a new product, with a new license, that is subject to new Ts and Cs. Get over it, or just RTFM the next time. That being said, the upgrade to V6 should have been optional (as it was on Windows), not forced (as on Android). I hope Sinew realizes that the forced Upgrade on some platforms effectively ended the lifetime license people had? Forcefully removing the lifetime licensed V5 product is VERY close to a breach of contract. Not offering a clear opt-out or orderly roll-back option is not ok. Microsoft tried that way back when they rolled out Windows 10 and got heavy flak for that. They've learned from their mistakes, now Sinew should, too.
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    That is exactly my point. I'm happy to pay another $6 since it's something I use quite often, but don't rip me off by removing features. Make your product great and have people pay for those features if they feel they have value.
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    I'd really like to see a right-click cut/copy/paste menu in desktop Windows V6. I can kludge it with keyboard shortcuts (ctrl-V, etc.) but someone was asleep at the wheel there. Also, the search function in desktop V6 doesn't search within an entry- it only searches titles, meaning the mobile apps actually have more functionality. Lastly, for those of us with Windows Mobile devices now stuck on v5.x forever, I really wish the V6 updates warned us that V6 and V5 were incompatible. I only discovered that after updating a half dozen Android and iOS devices that are difficult to roll back. Now I can no longer use Enpass on my Windows Mobile devices, and because of this, I'm contemplating switching to a different password manager unless you introduce a legacy compatibility mode that allows V6 to read/write V5 wallets. I really, really regret the V6 upgrade, and would have set up all of my devices *not* to autoupdate if I had known.
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    Hey, I've signed up here just to reply to this topic. I have the same concerns - I'm very disappointed, because Desktop version was always free with all features included and it was one of the main reason for me to purchase Android app (don't actually need the mobile Enpass, but just wanted to pay for such a great product). Today I noticed that new version of Enpass is available, it looked for me like a great New Year gift. But when I opened the updated app on my MacOS, I realised that some key features which have been always available all the time for free (like Touch ID) - they suddenly became Premium. This is really confusing me. What I need to expect next? Version 7.0.0 will extract Cloud sync feature in some Super Premium plan and I will have to pay again, right? This must not work like this - this is just a cheating, it's not a right way to suddenly make free features non-free and ask user to pay for it to earn more money. This is weird to see that Enpass developers cannot merge purchases from other platforms - this is just another and very convenient reason for them to make people to buy their product again. I can leave without Touch ID on my desktop version, OK. But I cannot trust Enpass like it was before version 6 upgrade, very upset with this situation. Thinking about moving to another password manager Thanks
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