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  1. OK. Zero is not considered as a valid value so checkbox if unchecked for next time. Did it happen with non-zero value as well?
  2. @PeterM You need to tick the option first (checkbox). Than you can change the value to desired number of days. Thanks.
  3. @Federico Fortini If proxy is not working correctly, please wait for next update. It has fixes related to proxy. Thanks.
  4. There is no workaround fro that. There is no option to buy it on non-store version.
  5. Hi @Locutus, A generated password goes into history only when you actually take a action on it. i.e. copy/autofill/use in edit page. Please provide more details in where you are facing this issue. Thanks.
  6. @eddieb This is not the update I was talking. It is a pending update from last week which landed due to App store review process delay. Update 6.0.3 has the fix.
  7. @PeterM Password expiry is calculated from the date the password is created/changed. For example if you created/changed a password on 1 Jan 2019 and added a 10 days expiry today, it will be shown as expired since its has been 15 days since it was created/changed. Is this what you want to know?
  8. Hi @jack33, This is Microsoft Store specific issue. There is nothing we can do from our end to assist you. Thanks.
  9. Hi @OLLI_S, You can't buy/restore Pro-version from Traditional version of Enpass, because it can't access Microsoft Store. If you install Store version on both of your systems, a single purchase will work for both. Thanks.
  10. Hi @djohannes, That may because Enpass uses Qt/QML for its user interface which in turn use OpenGL for drawing. Please try this FIX and let me know if it fixes for you. Thanks.
  11. Hi @k3yb0ard, Here is a screen shot of item specific menu (next to fav button) for item specific keyboard shortcuts. Thanks.
  12. hi @pike, Filed a bug report. Will fix it in update. Thanks for reporting.
  13. Hi all, We have an issue related to Lastpass import. Please wait for next update. Thanks.
  14. @Merlin WebDAV fixes are in 6.0.3 branch (6.0.2 was a pending update from last week, it was stuck in apple review queue for some reasons).
  15. Hi @LCR49, Its development is almost complete. Will make into next month betas. Thanks.
  16. Hi @Oxymed32, Please let me know if following workaround fixes the problem for you. https://www.enpass.io/support/enpass-starts-with-blank-white-screen-on-windows-how-can-i-fix-it/ Thanks.
  17. Hi @ttmcmurry, I have filed a bug report. Meanwhile please let me know if following workaround fixes the problem for you. https://www.enpass.io/support/enpass-starts-with-blank-white-screen-on-windows-how-can-i-fix-it/ Thanks.
  18. Hi @SecurityEnthusiast, What you have set as "Ctrl+/" is called global shortcut/hotkey. It is there to invoke Enpass Assistant at any point of time regardless of weather a browser active or not. It will not filter based on url of browser. What you need to set is browser extension shortcut. In your browser go to "Options" of Enpass Extension (by right click on Enpass Extension button), and set a shortcut there. Remove "Ctrl+/" from global shortcut/hotkey first if you want to use the same combination for Extension. Improvements are coming in next update for auto-filling. Thanks.
  19. Hi @mato, Safari extension added. https://www.enpass.io/support/where-can-i-download-older-version-of-enpass/ Cheers.
  20. Hi @Matthi, Change language of 1password to English and export. Let me know if it didn't go as expected. Thanks.
  21. Hi @koenbro, Your browser is not redirecting back to Enpass. It should show Enpass in the first popup to handle enpassauth links. Try logout and login again to your mac session or set a different browser (Safari) as default browser temporarily. Thanks.
  22. Hi @PeterM, Just edit the item-and click on Field name, you will see a dialog with password expiry field. You can set a no. of days when it will expire since it is created/changed. All expired will be visible in Password Audit in sidebar. Thanks.
  23. Hi @x10an14, There is something wrong in this output. $ cat ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list [Default Applications] application/enpass=/opt/Enpass/Enpass application/enpassauth=/opt/Enpass/Enpass The path of Enpass executable should be /opt/enpass/Enpass not /opt/Enpass/Enpass. May I know from where you have installed it? Thanks.
  24. Hi @Peekaboo & @myironman, Enpass is not able to resolve through proxy. We have fixed few proxy issue in next update. Please wait for next update. Thanks.
  25. Hi @aristosv, We do appreciate feedback from users and take them seriously. We are bringing few thing back e.g. top-menu bar. You will see improvements in Enpass in subsequent updates. Thanks.
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