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  1. Locking Enpass with a PIN active doesn't close the database AFAIK. If you lock it without a PIN being set, then it's closed properly. In Windows when Full-time TPM support is active, I believe the database is locked properly due to TPM handling the key rather than Enpass itself. I could be wrong though.
  2. @Gulshan Dogra, there was improvements regarding showing conflict-warnings in Enpass 6.8, kudos for that! Im still curious though, why there is a need to manually have to resolv a conflict at all (by clicking 'merge'), like in the above post. Could you shed some light over that?
  3. I just got a fat, full-screen ad in Enpass about your new Enterprise-plan. How can you justify to push a intrusive ad like that? I understand that you badly want to reach out to existing users, but seriously.. You have Twitter, Facebook, your blog, the forum (with the not-so-used Announcement-section). You also have the emails of all your customers. Have you somewhere promised not to use the emails for offerings and therefor decided to push out this directly to users running and decrypted instances of Enpass? There is an option in Settings - Advanced regarding Notifications. It reads that it's used only for security concerns and respects.. blabla. Are you going to push future "info" like that? Is that option what allowed that broadcast? Or is there another backdoor specially built in 6.8 for today's "Security notification"?
  4. I had to switch to other sync providers.. can't re-auth every x:nd hour on several devices.
  5. This happened for me too, but in the Linux and Android app in with a custom category.
  6. find it quite pointless to post another "bump" here, but anyway. I'm actually looking for a Password Manager for my company, even though I've been using Enpass back and forth for several years, it's been ruled out due to various reasons, one of them due to lack of cenralized management. With Enpass Business, this seem to be addressed. But even so, the Password Manager I'm looking for has to have proper support for a secure element such as Yubikey to be relevant. You really need to provide more serious ways to secure the vault joining the Enterprise-segment. ( and not only for Business-customers alone ). Not asking for ETA since that fails short, but only transparency. Are you working on it code-wise or not? If so, Is it expected to be available for all customers, only Enterprise, only Premium (not Pro) etc.
  7. the issue comes back still, all dropbox accounts at once on a device once it happens
  8. In fact, I'd rather see an "arrow" on the headers (Categories, Tags, Other) to collapse (compress) each section. It should start in expanded mode by default so user can compress one or more sections. The state of the sections should also be remembered while switching tabs (All, Browse, Audit, Settings). Please consider
  9. The above applies to my Android device with Enpass 6.8 as-well. Oneplus 7T, Android 11.
  10. I noticed some duplicated if I list items by a certain Tag The items are not duplicated or counted elsewhere, it's a rendering bug. Ubuntu 22.04 (x64) Enpass 6.8.0 (1059) 6 vaults
  11. No, I can add tags within the item, existing ones as well as new ones. Upon typing and hitting "Enter" the tags are defined (like in 6.7) However: 1. I don't get any suggestions like in 6.7 2. The tags are not shown in the item after pressing Save. I have to back out and step into the item again to see the tags. I'm using oneplus 7T and Android 11 for the record.
  12. Since 6.8, sync to Dropbox breaks several times per day both on Android 11 and Ubuntu 22.04. (not using windows atm. so can't vote for that) Re-authentication works for a few hours. Google doesn't seem to broken
  13. That works here. Is the button missing or do you get an error? Can you do a screenshot (if you can avoid sensitive info ofc) Also mention your Android version, device model since the moderators always ask for it
  14. 1. When launching Enpass 6.8, The upper right vault icon reverts to the one representing the Primary vault even when All vaults are selected. If you tap it and again select "All vaults" the icon gets the correct 'ring" 2. Even if a user clears all "Leaked passwords" by creating audit exceptions for them the audit-button in the navigation bar still has a red dot. Also the red banner on top is still there
  15. Please remove the "show more" button for the categories section, or at least save the UI-preference permanently. I like the new interface but as I navigate a lot through the categories, it quickly become tedious to click "show more" to reach my desired category. Scrolling is fast anyway
  16. Using the new 6.8 for Android, I have 0 identical passwords in the audit section. If I create two new items with the same passwords (asdfgh), they appear in the "Leaked" section which makes sense, but they're not showing up as Identical.
  17. Great work with the UI-revamp of the new 6.8! While long-pressing Enpass in the launcher and tapping "Search","New" or "favorites", Enpass opens but doesn't focus on the search bar nor bring up the keyboard like it did before. It just goes to the main view
  18. On Ubuntu 22.04, the new Enpass Beta 6.8.0 1059 brings alot darker background. In 6.7.x the dark parts for the areas of Items and details where gray, while now being pitch dark (OLED dark). I think it's a bit too black.
  19. Enpass: 6.8.0 1059 OS: Ubuntu 22.04 (Wayland disabled) Vaults: 6 I'm pretty sure I've seen this before, on both Desktop's and mobile, but reporting it here since my item-counters were fine on my desktop prior to the Beta-upgrade. I have a custom category called 'Shopping'. In the 'All Vaults'-view, the Item counter/indicator is missing even though I have at least one item there. If I switch view to the specific vault with that Item, the indicator works and shows '1'. As you see the Search still works and filters out the result, but the indicator still doesn't work. Again, I think this affects more versions and more platforms but this is the platform I can reproduce it on at the moment.
  20. I'm aware, it was more a question to people (coming from Samsung Pass) if they've been able to export data at all from Samsung Pass, but it seems they don't provide any such method, which sucks. So Enpass isn't to blame.
  21. Currently four static groups, (or categories) are shown in the little Assistant; Home (all items), Favourites, Credit cards and Identities. I suggest this to be customized by the user, maybe in Settings -> Customize. There could be a section there called 'Assistant' with some checkboxes. The checkboxes would include all the Categories including customized ones, as well as the special ones like One-time codes, attachments and so forth.
  22. Asking on behalf of someone else wanting to migrate to Enpass; Samsung Pass seem to hold it's users in a firm grasp without the possibility to export to CSV. I could only see an option to export to a "datafile" resulting in a .SPASS-file (passprotected and encrypted). Anyone knows if export/import is possible, somehow?
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