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  1. I actually don't understand if the auto-fill vulnerability applies to the Firefox-extension. Today i noticed via the appmanifest-checkup that you have Firefox-extension 6.8.8 published and available on dl.enpass.io. It is however not covered on your Download-site. I installed it and it works. Is it going to be properly published?
  2. In Enpass 6.9.0 stable builds, the websites favicon doesnt show anymore within inline autofill. This applies to both Windows (UWP) and Linux (RPM) and both extension versions 6.8.3 and 6.8.6 Tried with Chome, Firefox and Edge. Enpass extension 6.8.3 on Firefox and 6.8.6 in Chrome. Tried to disable and re-enable 'website icons' in Enpass and relaunch with no avail
  3. Why is the extensions for Firefox still at 6.8.3 while all other browser has 6.8.6 6.8.6 - Changelog Auto-fill vulnerability related to embedded iframes when “Autofill on page load” is enabled in extension settings. Auto-fill problem on Synology reported by a few of you. Inline menu showing password generator when trying to autofill. https://www.enpass.io/release-notes/enpass-browser-extensions/
  4. The portable versions lags behind even more..
  5. The TOTP-functionality isn't just for Premium is it? it's the Audit-stuff including 2FA that is preserved for Premium.
  6. TOTP is calculated based on the local time on each device. Please check and adjust and make sure they're the same
  7. Obviously? that's why merging 5 vaults into 1 is an option if it is sufficent measures for op.
  8. If you really want to keep those vaults independent and on separate cloudstorages, webdav is the only method working since it allows you to specify the path. This would be possible in the oath2-provider situation aswell, but Enpass has for some reason chosen to used fixed paths. what you could do, i guess, is to use Folder as the prefered synchronization method. As you probably understand you'd have to use another sync-mechanism such as OneDrive, Google Drive (or whatever they call 'em now) and sync the target folders to the cloudstorage that way, but many people already have them installed anyway. I don't recall Folder being an option in the Android app previously, but it is present in Android (6.9.0). So by using something like https://foldersync.io/ on android, you should be able to have as many vaults as needed on one cloudaccount. While it is a positive thing securitywise to separate the dutys for local decryption from cloud synchronization (and holder of the oath2-keys), it is slightly more complex and possibly carries higher risk of incidents, such as corruption, missed-out sync-intervals having your latest update being written over. Like @AnakinCaesar mentioned, merging your 5 vaults is alot easier if it's sufficent to store them under one cloudaccount. For instance vault-items previously being stored separately could after the merge be tagged respectively.
  9. I'd say either your time on the device is off, or your network has SSL inspection.
  10. Fixed in version 6.9.0 beta Thank you!
  11. Dark mode is present as of 6.9.0 b2. Thank you!
  12. Since Enpass 6, favicons are used based on the first URL-field in a item. There are cases where you have an item containing a URL, say a Software License, where the URL is only used to get a suitable favico. You have another item for the actual login, and the URL's lead to the same domain. Currently, there's no way to prevent the license-item from showing up at the login-page (if you disable autofil in whole, the login-post won't show neither). The fact that inline autofill and legacy autofill uses separate logic is a problem of its own. Make it easier to use favicon without the item being suggested in login-pages. perhaps a checkbox in the post that disables autofill for both inline and legacy autofill. Enpass 6.8.4, Linux.
  13. There are few things you could do in order to type less. 1. Make sure to use a device where biometrics are supported 2. Not recommended, but you can set a really short password (one character) but you're then also adviced to at least use that with a keyfile (which doesn't have to be picked every unlock. 3. Set the enpass-extension to fill credentials automatically during page loads 4. Disable autolock of the enpass app, it can run in the background without locking unless the app is exited.
  14. You can just create your own template from the Desktop-versions. If you want to modify the field-order of a builtin template, say "Login -> Standard", you could create a new template, choose to copy existing (Standard), re-arrange the fields. If you want to rearrange the fields of hundreds of items in a batch, youd have to do a file-export into JSON and do some serious Python-scripting, But if you just want to move all items from the "Login" category to "My reorderd custom category" you just multiselect items from the category you want to hide, then select change category. then you simply click in the left bar of Enpass and choose Edit Categories and untick the "Login". Then for any newly created items, youll choose your custom category and theyll be sorted like you want.
  15. Ivarson

    Subtitle Field

    I think that depends on the sorting order as well as the template type. Generically it's just a matter of which field is "on top", so just reorder the fields, dragging the desired field on top. I think
  16. Reinstalling enpass won't help. It's something in 6.8 that causes these slowdowns, also mentioned here This only applies to the windows-builds, Linux and Mac aren't affected. Could the devs at least acknowledge this?
  17. Enpass has the same amnesia under Linux, however, there I can simply restart enpass, untick and then immediately tick "Remember keyfile", it will in other words honor the setting the second time you enable it. Does the same apply for MacOS?
  18. You basically create a new vault on your phone and then copy all your items from the primary vault to the new vault. Once the new vault is backed up you create a new primary vault and copy /import the items back. The procedure of copying items doesn't require password verification so it's the only option if enpass corrupts the vault (or you actually did forget the password)
  19. Enpass changed to subscription-model few years ago. Try to send email or DM to someone here providing the receipt of the earlier Enpass pro purchase and which email you want it to be reassigned to, and you might be able to see all your items without paying again. See https://www.enpass.io/blog/general/how-will-our-subscription-model-affect-existing-users/
  20. Enpass changed to subscription-model few years ago. Try to send email or DM to someone here providing the receipt of the earlier Enpass pro purchase and which email you want it to be reassigned to, and you might be able to see all your items without paying again. See https://www.enpass.io/blog/general/how-will-our-subscription-model-affect-existing-users/
  21. If you refer to sharing a simple record between you and another enpass-user, you do that by sharing the item with a preshared key, which the receiver can import through a file or the clipboard. Or did I misunderstand?
  22. Got an enpasscard file from a friend by email. We have a shared psk. When opening the enpasscard-file with enpass, the app just opens to enpass main view after unlocking. Importing via text and the clipboard works, but then a embedded image wasn't included. The same enpass card could be imported in enpass for Linux with the image included. Android 13 Enpass 6.8.6 768 Google Pixel 7
  23. If you already recreated this issue, this should be known by you, but I'll mention it anyway: The "sort by created" actually sorts item by modification date. While this is still a bug, I can at least achieve what I want.
  24. This issue has come back for me, that is, the keyboard isn't triggered when tapping "search". Enpass 6.8.6 768 Android 13 Google Pixel 7 Neither SwiftKey nor Gboard "pops up" (previously only SwiftKey had this issue)
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