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Found 21 results

  1. Current behavior: 1. search for an entry using the search function 2. select the entry found and copy the password, for example 3. minimize Enpass window 4. open Enpass again after a while, press Ctrl + F to search for another entry. 5. get angry because the old search term is still in the field and has not been deleted. Now the field contains "googleReddit", for instance. Desired behavior: [1-4] 5. the text in the search bar is marked like with Ctrl + A. This gives the user the option of completing their search (e.g. "google.com") or starting a completely new search (e.g. "reddit"). 6. i find the entry for Reddit on the first try.
  2. It there has any URL Scheme to launch EnPass and perform actions on search behalf ? Just like this workflow in 1password: https://blog.agilebits.com/2015/02/03/community-goodie-workflow-chrome-for-ios-1password/ And the URL Scheme in 1pass and last pass: 1Password: Onepassword://search/{DomainVariable} LastPass: lastpass://search/{TextVariable}
  3. xfanth

    Slow Search

    Hello, When using enpass, the windows desktop app search is very slow (1~4 seconds) I've been a developer for 16 years, so I've come across situations like this before. To the developers of enpass, have you tried using indexes? For an example of a client facing, near-instant search: "SearchEverything" (https://www.voidtools.com/) performs near-instant searches across all file names on your filesystem (3.1 million+ objects on my system). For an example of an off the shelf opensource search solution: "ElasticSearch" (https://www.elastic.co/) is a software package that can be used by companies to perform lightning fast index based searches for their customers There is no need for it to take several seconds to do this search! You can index on non-sensitive information, and then decrypt the password when the user requests it (copy/view password) It might be worth have a look into. If you're already doing this, why is it so slow compared to other index based searching? Do you need to re-model your index structure? Thank you for reading! I see this is a common pain point of enpass usage. If you could fix this, enpass becomes a very easy recommendation! Enpass info: 693 items in vault version: 6.74.934.0 System info: CPU: 6700k GPU: 1070 GTX RAM: 32GB OS: windows 10 x64 pro 19044.1466
  4. Just helped set up a new M1 MBA running macOS 12.0.1, and Enpass 6.7.4 (from the Mac App Store) is malfunctioning. Every search, no matter what, results in "No Matches Found." Vault is synced. Every item is there. Searching in "All Items." Have quit/relaunched. Have rebooted. This is not happening on my own M1 MBA, running Enpass 6.7.2 beta or after updating to 6.7.4 (951). (Side note: Why am I not getting notifications of updates in the beta?) Suggestions?
  5. The search function doesn't seem to work on the windows platform. If I key in the name of the Title of the entry I get no items found... but they are there. Works on my iPhone fine.
  6. Hello world, I'm running Enpass 6.1.1 on mac OS X High Sierra 10.13.0 and Firefox 68.0 The Enpass extension is unable to find an entry corresponding to the current website, but when I do a manual search it appears. It's a frustrating and time-consuming issue. Is there an obvious setting I should be using to avoid it? Here's 2 screenshots of my experience.
  7. Am I able to search for a specific password in Enpass? For example, could I search through Enpass for everything with a password of "mypassword85"? By the way, I have the paid version of Enpass.
  8. hello there. i am using enpass beta 6.0.3 (261) on a windows 7 (sp1) system. every time i use the search field, it freezes. i manage to enter a maximum of 5-6 letters before this happens. it takes about 1-2 minutes until the program is usable again and then the whole thing starts again from the beginning as soon as i enter another letter into the search field.
  9. Version is 6.0.0. If I perform a search and there is a result, I have to click on the result, if I want so see the content. And after I can copy the data. In the older version, the first result is active automatically, so I was able to click directly to copy the password or something. Please include this feature again, it saves time and improves usabillty.
  10. While exporting from Enpass to CSV, I received the warning message "Attachments will not be exported with this operation." It was then that I realized that Enpass currently does not provide a convenient way to filter the list of records to those that include attachments. As an Enpass user, I would like to select a category on sidebar that shows me only those records with an attachment. This would double as a feature to help me quickly determine if I need to update or remove attachments stored in Enpass. After several are stored, I am sure that the average user would forget which records contain attachments. Actually, after installing Enpass 6 (beta), I see that it has this feature implemented.
  11. Enpass searches in all items when one chooses to do so. Wished that Enpass also searchesin Title, Fields and passwords all together by default. I wonder why one has to choose from one of the three which could mean that one has to search three times.
  12. Is there a way for me to see all of my entries that have not been added to a folder? My purpose here is to find entries that I have forgotten to categorize to a folder. If not, it would be great if there was either 1) a "None" folder that an entry is in by default until it gets added to a folder (LastPass has this) or 2) a smarter search query that could allow you to search for folder = null
  13. Enpass doesn't search by few separated words (record named 'john smith card' not found by typing 'john card' in search bar). This is a big headache if you have hundreds of passwords. Can you add this feature in a future releases?
  14. Hi, I've a question around search result ordering. When I search for a login credential, either in the desktop app or browser extension, it doesn't give weighting to the title/name. An example of this is where I've 'gmail' in the title. Searching for this term will return an alphabetised list of logins where 'gmail' is in the email address, rather than prioritising items where "gmail" is in the title/name. This seems odd since the name/title is a key piece of metadata
  15. Product: Enpass Version: 5.6.2 System: Windows 10 Locale: en_US --- What can I do to remove the lag? Maybe a registry hack or something else? My machine is pretty friggin' awesome, it's not on my end. Also, the lag appears sometimes in Edge / Chrome Browser too. Whenever I search for something in Enpass, it has lag. It just doesn't make any sense. Notice the gif below, it's normally always even slower than that too!
  16. Hi, I'm running Enpass 5.6.0 (112) and search is painfully slow, especially when using the browser extension. Another thing that bugs me is that it doesn't always pick up on the correct URL. I often need to search for the site I'm on because Enpass doesn't detect it properly. This coupled with slow search makes things difficult to use (and I really want to move away from 1Password, but the speed is killing me). Now, I know this can't be due to the size of my DB because I've only got about 700 items and on iOS it's reasonably fast. While on the topic of search, when enter a search word, Enpass will find the item, but then when I open Enpass again, the previously entered text is still present but the entries aren't selected, so I need to delete a letter and type it again for the search to work.
  17. Search in Enpass Hi guys, First of all, thank you for this great app. After years using another password manager, I changed to Enpass due to security concerns. Although, let's be fair, the other app (Safe in Cloud) never had security issues. Everything inside Enpass works fine to me, except the search mechanism that is a little bit slow and sometimes doesn't work. If I open the app and go straight to the search function, it will not work. I can even write the complete name of what I'm looking for and it won't come out. If it's something starting with the letter Z, I have to scroll all the way from A to Z. For the search to work, I have to leave the search menu (press back) and start the search again. Even then, there's a lag. You type the first letter and wait half a second and then the results start to come up. It's not immediate like the normal search on Android (ex. Search for an app on the app drawer). I hope you can fix this. Best regards Vladimiro Costa
  18. On the Windows client, it would be nice to include search filters for password only, url only, etc.. This would speed up searches. Also, it would be really great to restrict search results when browsing in a subfolder or tag.
  19. Change the context menus' search function to only search by the title and not by the email/username associated with the account. When I go to search for my email for example, it pulls up every single website that uses that email address.
  20. Hi all, I'd like to request that the sorting algorithms be improved in a few ways. Not sure if part of the behaviour I'm seeing is due to a bug or a setting, but I have a few observations: On the macOS desktop app, the very first item in my "All Items" list is (ironically) "1Password". However the very first item in my "All Items" list on the iOS app is "Add This". For some reason, the macOS desktop app shows items starting with numbers at the top, but those same items show at the bottom in the iOS mobile app. Not sure if this is a bug or not, but this leads me to want to request the ability to customize the sorting of whether numbered items are at the top or bottom. I couldn't find an existing setting for that. Right now, the behaviour is definitely not in sync across the apps. In the browser extension and applications, the sorting when searching for an item seems to be only alphanumeric rather than sorted intelligently based on whether the keyword was found in the title or just part of a field, etc. Likely in the vast majority of cases, users would want to see items with their keyword in the title before items with their keyword in a field name or field value. In my particular use-case which prompted me to want to request this enhancement, I search for "Facebook" in Enpass. Since I have a good deal of items in my list with a note saying "Logged in with Facebook" to indicate that I use my Facebook credentials for the service, I get many items alphabetically listed upon my search for "Facebook" which means I need to scroll down a ways to get the one I was looking for which is the one where "Facebook" was in the actual title of the item. So in that use-case, it'd be great to see "Facebook" at the top of the search results when "Facebook" is in the actual name of the item, and then list the remaining "Facebook"-related items afterwards where it was found in just a field name / value or a notes section, for example. Does that make sense? I might be having a hard time explaining this one, so please ping me if you need any clarification on this one. Another example is searching for "Mail" where I expect to see my mail account credentials come up first, but instead it lists nearly everything I have because "Mail" is part of the "Email" field in nearly all my items in the Enpass app. Ultimately I'm just looking for more intelligent sorting in search results rather than simple alphanumeric. It'd be good to see the title weighted heavier in the search results, for example, than the items which have that same keyword just in a note or as part of a field name. The ability to sort based on title, based on "last used", based on "last edited", "last added", etc. would all be useful to have in the application and browser extension. Just some food for thought on sorting. Number 2 above might be more around searching than sorting, but wanted to add it as I feel it still very much relates to sorting as it has to do with the sorting of results after doing a search for something. I can create a new feature request post though if you feel it has more to do with searching than sorting. Just let me know. Thanks again for making such an awesome app. -- Dustin
  21. Enpass Search Feature which works great to tell me which ITEM my search results is located in but, it doesn't highlight the results. I keep numerous login/password lines in different ITEM entries due to the large number of login/passwords i need access to. Enpass will tell me the ITEM that contains my results but, when you are scrolling through 50 or 60 lines of login/password lines ( I keep each login/password on a separate line), it is hard to spot the login you are looking for and I end up scrolling up and down for considerable time looking for it. Especially when looking at a small smartphone display! Anyone else agree?
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