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UI broken on HiDPI displays in v6 [NOT SOLVED]

Message added by Vinod Kumar

We are aware of an issue that causes broken font rendering in Enpass on Windows if your monitor's scaling factor is 125%,150%,175% or 225%. We have already submitted an update to Microsoft Store but unfortunately it is still in certification queue and taking longer than usual time ( weekend may be a cause). 

If you want the update earlier please PM me your store id ( will temporarily add you to update package flight). Alternatively, If you can manage, set your display scaling to 100% or 200% and restart Enpass.

Please do not upload screenshots of Enpass with your sensitive data.

Thanks for bearing with us. 



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Same problem. Funny thing, the first few days with Enpass 6 there were no problems. Everything is not in the right place now. For example if I click Dropbox in my picture then Google Drive shows up..

I tried to repair, to reset, and to reinstall, but nothing helped. I found out that when I go to System-settings -> system -> Display -> "Change the size of text..." to 100% and restart Enpass then it's fine - but then I need a magnifier for everything ;) Normaly my setting is 225% (250% recommended from the system).

I use a Dell XPS Laptop with the 4K Display.


// I also tried to follow the FAQ and add the variables, but that did not change anything, even after a reboot. So now I live with a very small Enpass, while all the other programms are OK.

2019-01-04 11_01_39-Enpass.png

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Today’s update from the Microsoft Store broke my Enpass v6 installation. Until today everything worked fine.

The app seems blurry and the elements are out of scope (i.e., the visible elements do not align with the mouse areas ).

I already tried to uninstall/reinstall the app from the store as well as to adjust the environment variables for scaling and for rendering (as described in this forum) but both did not help.

Any ideas?



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Hello Enpass-Team,

I've recently upgraded to version 6 on my corporate PC. The machine is running on Win10. Sadly the Windows 10 Store is blocked in our company so I'm apparently stuck with the desktop-Version from your web site without the ability to use the pro-functions (which is very bad).

But the problem here is that I'm not able to get the latest update ( which is available as of today. It is announced on application startup (see attached screenshot) but when I proceed to Install the update, the download never really starts but after a while displays the Message "No internet connection" (see attached screenshot). But this is not correct, as the update is found at application startup and also my Syncs to Internet are working correctly.

One more thing to mention: As the application was not able to make internet connection itself through our company proxy (NTLM), which by the way worked well in Versions 5.x, I had to set up a local proxy (Its px proxy for windows). Sync and update recognition work well with the local proxy specified in the application settings, but it seems that the download-procedure for the update is ignoring the proxy settings.

So is there a way to manually download and install the upgrade?

Currently the downloadable W32 setup package does not seem to have been updatet yet.


Thanks and kind regards!






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3 hours ago, en4789234809384user said:

Thanks for the workaround Vinod. I applied it successfully and could use the program again. Meanwhile the .240 update is installed as well and the environment variables could be removed. It still works fine.

Have the same issue using ver.:!

Is there a fixed version .204 out? Where can I find it?




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I've read other complaints similar to mine. Been using this app for several years on multiple devices going back to Blackberry, Windows L950, iPhone Xs, and various laptops. I sparingly use a 5 year old Dell laptop running the latest Windows 10 release (non beta) and, after a rough start, the new Enpass 6 version works but is slow to boot. However, I mainly use a 3 month old Acer Spin 5 i7 8GB 256GB SSD that has run every app flawlessly until I upgraded the Enpass yesterday. There is now major misalignment with text and "boxes" making the app difficult to use. There's an issue with this app and communication on when we can expect a fix is appreciated. Thanks.

Enpass problem 1.jpg

InkedEnpass problem 2_LI.jpg

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I just want to add on that I'm having similar  issues with all parts of the UI being misaligned/misplaced/missing since Enpass 6.0 (which was weird cause my first day with the new UI had zero problems). I have these issues at any window size on my machine which is operating at a standard 1920x1080 resolution. The image I've attached shows that after scrolling a certain amount in my list of accounts the names stop appearing, before reaching this point they are simply misaligned.

Edit: Noticed OP wasn't having the same issues as me but it is UI related so i hope it helps the Enpass team.

Enpass issues.png

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Loved enpass for years and when I saw the upgrade to v6.0 I jumped onboard and even upgrade paying for both the Windows10 and Android version. Talk about getting bilked.  When I opened the Win10 app after the upgrade it looked a windows 3.1 program from 1990 …  Did anyone even test the UI it looks like an old ASCII font and of course the new ICONS from the websites are miscalled and overlap text and rop-downs.  Its ABSOLUTELY UNUSEABLE. Please fix immediately, I don't want the hassle of reloading and older version on my multiple win10 systems and my phone. Otherwise I'll have Paypal stop payments and recredit my account. 

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I have the same problem with my Win 10 version as everyone else. Also paid for iOS and Win 10 pro versions. At this time when I load the program I can't access the settings menu. Would be happy to get a fix please.


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