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  1. Hi @stray

    We are looking into the concern reported by you and our team of experts requires some additional information in this case - 

    1. Are you able to see the details of saved items?
    2. Do you have multiple vaults in your Enpass app? Are you looking for the item in the same vault in which you added it?
    3. Is the issue with only a specific template type or all templates?

    We appreciate your co-operation in this matter.

  2. Hi @PatrickR

    I discussed this case with our dedicated team. For the time being, there is no workaround since the data has already been imported. Please be assured that we are working on a fix for the problem and apologize for any inconvenience caused.

  3. Hi @PatrickR

    I will definitely look into this for you, but to replicate the issue on our end and provide you with a resolution in this matter, could you please share the version of the OS you are using and the 1Password application? Thanks for your understanding in this case.

  4. Hi @rorywohl

    I'm glad to hear that the Enpass app is much more stable for you after the troubleshooting steps I shared with you and you are not getting 'App has stopped responding' messages.

    Regarding the Enpass Extension not activating for you, please ensure that  that Enpass application is running in the background when you are using the browser extension. I would also suggest checking that you have the latest version of Chrome browser installed, re-configuring the extension and reinstalling it from here. You can even create your own keyboard shortcuts for the Enpass browser extension to activate. Please refer to this link for our handy guide on how to set up.

  5. Hi @PatrickR

    Could you please open your 1pif file using text edit ( or any text opener) and search for the created date using "createdAt" and updated time using "updatedAt" while searching?


    Once you get to the created date, please convert it using the Unix time converter, as that will give us the exact time when it was created. Please share that along with the version of the OS and 1Password application you are using. We appreciate your co-operation in this matter.

  6. Hi @hauke

    Welcome to the Enpass Forums.

    You can only synchronize your vault through one method at a time, i.e., via a cloud server, WiFi sync or Folder sync. Regarding the mobile device acting as a Wifi-Sync server, I have duly noted your comments and shared them as feedback with the dedicated team so they may check the feasibility of the requested feature and implement it for the future Enpass version. Your patience in the meantime is appreciated.


  7. Hi @PiLoT

    Thank you for letting me know that the troubleshooting steps I shared with you for Face ID worked.

    As for the Items which you are unable to edit, could you please share 2-3 examples of Items (along with their URL and fields) which you are unable to edit? I will then get this issue investigated with our dedicated team.

  8. Hi @rorywohl

    For troubleshooting purposes, please review the below Settings in your Enpass App Settings -> Security -> Auto-locking.

    1. Lock After:
      Select a time period after which Enpass will require credentials to unlock. Try changing the time period and share your findings.
    2. Lock on Leaving:
      Enpass will require credentials to unlock once the app is no longer in the foreground. If the option is ticked, please try un-ticking it and check if the app is still getting locked.
  9. Hi @PatrickR

    It is possible you may not have any passwords in Enpass that you have not changed or any expired passwords. Enpass automatically shows you these categories (3-6 months, expired etc) in case any passwords fulfill the criteria.

  10. Hi @PiLoT

    As you mentioned that you are facing this issue with certain Items, for troubleshooting purposes, please try duplicating them on your Enpass Mac device by selecting the Item -> Right-Click -> Duplicate. After duplicating the Item, try editing them and share your findings with me.

    Regarding Enpass app not showing Face ID the first time you open the app, please try the below steps. Let me know if the issue persists -

    1. Disable the Face ID and then enable it again in your iOS Enpass app by going to Settings -> Security -> Face ID.
    2. In your iPhone Settings, search for the Enpass app. Then disable the Face ID feature and re-enable it.
    3. Create a manual backup/ set up synchronization, then re-install the app.
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