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  1. Hi All, Just out of interest when you say your databases are growing, just how large have they got?
  2. Assuming Sinew have proper in-house quality control (which, yes you have to take on blind faith) that would stop an infected product being uploaded to the Windows Store it does sound as though McAfee is producing a false positive, especially as other Enpass users, who again I am assuming are using other competing antivirus products, have not reported an issue. According to an old post on the McAfee forum an item designated as an Artimis Trojan is something that the software does not recognize and maybe a possible risk, basically it is being overly protective and giving you a warning. Excluding the items from a scan is I agree not best practice, but a quality AV solution even if an item of malware was excluded by name should then stop it making erroneous changes to the system. McAfee forum post: https://is.gd/j2vCOm Instead of pasting (was the error generated by the forum software?) the McAfee data maybe you could enter it in manually, yes I understand this would take more time and effort, but it would help the developers to be able to communicate the problem with a third party such as McAfee quickly and easily. Long term this would help yourself, your work colleges if they too use Enpass, and the rest of the community.
  3. Hi @SamTe Trust me I have an award for The Most Unobservant Person of the Century... Think I only found it by chance.
  4. Hi @SamTe In edit mode for an entry you should have an 'Add File' button as highlighted below:
  5. Hi @mschuppx1 The Enpass team are going to want to know what version of Ubuntu you are running and if you have made any mods as well as the current version of Enpass you have installed. Have you tried removing Enpass from your sources list and then adding it back? My entry /etc/apt/sources.list.d/enpass.list reads: deb https://apt.enpass.io/ stable main #Enpass I am currently running Xubuntu 20.04.
  6. Hi @dan45 Before thinking about changing your TPM check that the firmware is up-to-date and I would suggest also resetting it. Microsoft's guide to resetting the TPM: https://is.gd/3bYNYy Thread on the ROG ASUS forum: https://is.gd/2ll2kh
  7. Dentonthebear


    Hi @JohnHenrose There is an installation guide here covering several platforms: https://www.enpass.io/support/kb/general/how-to-install-enpass-on-linux/ Check that you have the following library installed: libxkbcommon-x11-0 I have installed Enpass in a Deepin and it starts up. However, in my instance Enpass does not sync any items but I think this is a problem with the virtual machine rather than the package itself. Let the forum know how you get on please.
  8. Hi @Mactronic Yes it is true, currently Enpass can only sync one vault to one cloud service. It is detailed the user manual: https://www.enpass.io/docs/manual-desktop/vault.html The only way I am aware of sync'ing multiple vaults to the same cloud location is use OneCloud/NextCloud, but you need to set up multiple locations.
  9. Hi @ki5678olr6tgk I am running the following and all seems okay to me, what are your specs? Firefox v68.11.0 Android 9 Enpass
  10. Hi @Dominique65 What version of Windows are you running on the second PC? The latest Windows downloadable executable is listed as 6.4.2, but I cannot test this personally as I am running Linux: https://dl.enpass.io/stable/windows/setup/
  11. Maybe the option to turn off the fingerprint icon would be the quicker programming option, instead of having to code for individual phones/sensors.
  12. Yeah, well I only knew because I was looking for something very recently. Give it a month and I will have forgotten.
  13. Enpass already have the usual culprits when it comes to social media as well as their own blog: https://www.facebook.com/EnpassApp https://twitter.com/EnpassApp https://www.enpass.io/blog/
  14. Hi @dirkdavidis There are a few posts that list the QQmlComponent error messages, a search will show you if anything applies to your setup.
  15. Hi @loveworksdotcom To check the version you are running and if there is an update version available: Hamburger menu icon (top right-hand corner) --> Help --> About Hamburger menu icon (top right-hand corner) --> Help --> Check for Updates
  16. Dear Sinew Crew, Please do not start a separate line of support on the likes of WhatsApp/Telegram. While I use such services, and they are great for messaging they are not an improvement or replacement an upon the forum structure. That said there are improvements I would like to see in the forum and the way you provide feedback that is for another time.
  17. Hi @Bjørn Egil Karlsen Unfortunately if you have lost the master password to your data file/vault there is no way of retrieving it.
  18. Hi @John P If you launch Enpass from the command line does it generate any error messages? Just for comparison here is my Enpass.conf from Xubuntu 20.04: [General] DEVICE_UUID=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DIALOG_LAST_OPEN_LOCATION=/home/user/ DIALOG_LAST_SAVE_LOCATION=/home/user/ LAST_SELECTED_LANGUAGE=default LAST_USED_VAULT=primary MAKE_HELPER_STICKY=false QUICKSETUP_SHOWN=true SELECTED_LANGUAGE=default assets_copied1=0 detailPaneTabWidth=0 masterPaneDesktopWidth=280 masterPaneTabWidth=240 sidePaneDesktopWidth=260 [Backup] MajorCount=2 MinorCount=0 lastBackupTime=1597043857 lastMajorCountTime=1597079332 lastMinorCountTime=0 [Genaral] enableGrayTrayIcon=true [%General] autorunAtSystemStartup6=true avoidSubscriptionDialog=true hiddenCategories\size=0 useDarkTheme=true [mainWindow] height=1349 screen=DP-0 visibility=2 width=1986 x=1 y=73
  19. Hi @Enpass_account Well while it is not good news it at least rules something out. Maybe the Enpass team can figure it out, let them know the model of the phone in addition to the details you have already listed.
  20. Hi @Enpass_account I am going to assume that your phone has been rooted to allow you to install LineageOS, then I am going to guess that Enpass looks at the Firmware/OS after a reboot sees that it is rooted and for safety disables fingerprint biometrics. Can you de-root the phone and then see what happens?
  21. Hi @whyglobaleyes Your suggestion of being informed when the log files are created when you enable logging is a good idea. The way I understand it is that if logging is enabled and one is created when you next start up Enpass a message is displayed offering to send the log file. This is great, except if you cannot start the programme in the first place. It would be helpful for the log file location to be posted on the forum, but details like this should also be in the User Manual.
  22. Hi @whyglobaleyes I know that the log file location has been posted somewhere on the forum, but for the life of me I cannot find the reference. Of course, you would have had to have had logging enabled to start with! Try: /var/log or possibly /var/crash Hopefully one of the moderators with post the location again here.
  23. Hi @genbushi Glad you have your installation up and running, and thanks for posting the missing library.
  24. Hi @whyglobaleyes Not exactly the same issue but I recently did a fresh installation of Xubuntu 20.04 and ran in to the issue of Enpass not starting, and found that it was missing a library file. If you try starting Enpass (from the location @genbushi detailed above) from the command line it may well give you some sort of clue as to what is missing. In my case I cannot tell you the library file as I copied across the Bash history from my old system after installation.
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