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  1. Hey @FernandoAg, Welcome to the forum! We regret the inconvenience. Assuming that you only disconnect the sync on Windows notebook, you can try disconnecting the sync from all devices and later re-connect it. There could be a temporary glitch with Enpass - Google Drive sync causing this issue. You may switch to OneDrive if it's feasible; it appears promising. Let us know if this helps. Thanks.
  2. Hey @Beckanva and @Massimiliano, There would be an option "Upgrade to Pro" under Settings in Enpass. You can use it to buy Enpass or restore your purchase. Thanks.
  3. Hey! We regret the inconvenience caused. Please download Enpass v6.1 for Windows from here and restore v5 data. Once restored, you can update Enpass v6.1 to ver 6.2 Thanks.
  4. Hi @deoxygen, Welcome to the community! If you've already purchased Enpass, you can try restoring Enpass purchase under app Settings. If this doesn't help, please reinstall Enpass with the same account with which you had purchased Enpass earlier. Note: Make sure to backup your data before reinstalling the app. Thanks.
  5. Hi @Bebef, Please help us with the following info: Number of items and vaults in Enpass. Are you using any cloud services to sync? Did you change Enpass database location? Thanks.
  6. @qnetso There is presently a bug in Enpass v6.2. A temporary workaround is to rename the downloaded *.walletx file to walletx.db. On a fresh Enpassv6.2 installation, click on ''Restore from Enpass v5'' and then select the folder location where walletx.db file is present. The above will allow you to restore v5 data in v6.2. Thanks.
  7. Hello @Diego, That's a valuable and a new suggestion. However, you can use Enpass browser extension to generate and fill a password for a password form field. Thanks!
  8. Hey @DodgyBlater and @probate, Congrats on receiving your new phone. Yes. Enpass support for the new Google BiometricPrompt API on Pixel 4 devices is presently in Beta phase. Please subscribe to Enpass beta program on Android and share your feedback. Cheers:)
  9. Hey @Red0210, This is a known bug and our team is working to fix this in the next update. Thanks for reporting it!
  10. Hey @pauloirply, We were able to reproduce this issue at our end and the dev team is now working towards a fix on this. Appreciate your patience. Thanks!
  11. Hey @Red0210, We're already working on this issue and a fix would be available for this in the next update. Thanks!
  12. Kashish

    remove keyfile

    Hello @Fabian1, To remove keyfile, follow these steps: Choose the particular vault from Enpass settings. Go to Change Password. Enter the Master Password. At the bottom, you'll find "Advanced" menu having an option to Remove Keyfile. Let me know if this helps! Thanks!
  13. Hey @FireFart, Unfortunately, this isn't on our plate for present road-map and there is a little possibility of implementing this in future. However, we really appreciate this "out-of-the-box" suggestion from you. By removing auto-submit, I infer that you probably wish to block Enpass from "auto-filling" the log-in items?? If it's a "Yes"; this is already supported by Enpass and can be enabled under Enpass settings. Thanks!
  14. Hey @pio93qwertz, If you re-import* the exported JSON file(possibly edited), the existing items won't be affected/replaced and new items will then be added into the existing vault. This will possibly result in duplicates if substantial changes aren't made to the values of the existing items. However, importing the modified JSON into a new vault will avoid duplicate records. *Imported as Enpass->JSON. Thanks!
  15. @spaxx Hi Richard, Thanks for using Enpass. Actually, the Pro upgrade for Enpass needs to be bought separately for each platform(OS), as purchasing Enpass on one platform will not let you use the full version on another because of platform specific restrictions. For example, all the purchases on Play Store are managed by Google and will not be accessible on iOS, macOS or Windows Store. Please follow the help topic on our website here. Thanks.
  16. Hello @tsieling, Please share a screenshot of the app. It could possibly be due to "All vaults" selected in the upper left pane. Try selecting Primary vault and then move to secondary vault.
  17. Hey @Jordan G, We apologise for this inconvenience. The "copy" issue is in our priority list and our dev team is already working towards a resolution. A fix for this issue will be available in the next update. We request for your co-operation. Thanks!
  18. Hey @Joachim S., Thanks for the recommendation. We've forwarded this suggestion to our dev team.
  19. Hey @dandolo, Once you check under the specific vault menu, you'll see an option to disconnect sync. Once disconnected, you can set up cloud sync. Thanks!
  20. Hey @edlero, Thanks for using Enpass. Enpass needs to be bought separately for each platform (OS) as each purchase is managed by the respective app store. Please refer to the help article here.
  21. Hey @Jonas EnP, Could you please try disabling and re-enabling the Face-ID to check if that helps? Thanks.
  22. Hey @Jonas EnP, Thanks for informing in about a possible bug. Please share the following details with us at support@enpass.io: On which device are you facing the issue? What is Enpass and iOS version? Thanks.
  23. Hi @Jonas EnP, Thanks for your interest in Enpass Beta. Here is the link: https://www.enpass.io/beta/ Share your findings for improving Enpass. Thanks!
  24. Hello @Podrageanu, Thanks for using Enpass! We tried reproducing this at our end but somehow we could not find this issue. If you are still facing the issue, please write to us at support@enpass.io for us to look into this. Thanks!
  25. Hello @NickMynx, Kevin, please help us with the Keepass version you're using and also the count of items in the database (with the number of attachments in them). We look forward to your reply. Thanks!
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