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Found 24 results

  1. On desktops, there's a option to backup vaults automatically. So if you're a mobile + desktop user you're covered. However in the mobile apps there's only possibility to backup manually. Phone-only users therefore has an increasing risk of non-recoverable situations if something happens, could be them doing stuff wrong or you end up scrambling the vaults. Synchronization is not a backup. Please add scheduled /auto-backup in mobile apps
  2. Hello dear Community, Now I want to hear from you, where you save your Passwordfiles on the Computer? I had a pretty obvious file, where you could assume that it would be there. Which is pretty dumb obviously. Still I'm not sure which way would be smarter. Put in an any "random" file where no one would suspect it? Oder put in a file with countless other files inside? Do you get what I mean? I'm sorry, if my english is bad .. Best Regards
  3. Hi there, I would like Enpass to allow more controls on automatic backups. Currently, Enpass allows automatic backups (or simply disable them and create them manually). That's fine, but I'd like to see more controls to customize backups. For example, limiting the times to create backups in a day, or from which change a backup should be made, or how many backups should be logged or even an option to auto-delete backups according to Its age. A considerable number of backup copies are stored on the PC, which can weigh up to more than 600 MB (with a database of 6 MB or less). Thanks.
  4. Imagine I am an Enpass user since a while but now the company would disappear, I couldn't somehow get the enpass software anymore, and my computer breaks. After all, I have no chance anymore of using any Enpass Software/App --> I only have a copy of my enpass-database file on a USB stick or somewhere. How can I open that file to read my passwords without having Enpass software/App? - Are there other password managers where I can import the raw enpass database-file? - (Most important) If there would be no password managers that are able to open enpass database-files, is there still a way to open up an enpass database-file as long as I have the master-password? (I have posted this question here because I found no topic section that really fits this issue).
  5. Hey Guys, First of all kudos to you guys to develop such an awesome piece of software. I have just migrated my stuff to Enpass on my Mac l and loving it so far. This is definitely one of the best offline password managers I have seen by far. While playing around with the software, I have noticed it automatically creates a backup file with an extension .enpassbackup. Like most of the other software, this file is what a hacker would need to brute force an attack on to decrypt all the secrets. How is this file generated, how secure is this file? Can we have some extra security measures to protect the file other than the master password? Cheers
  6. Dear Developer, Enpass have great app. I'm using since 2018. Enapss making more changes after 2018 but still so many features missing like other Password Managers.. Import password or export password features still not available on android app. So add this feature as soon as possible.. because I'm using enpass as a business tool.. so please proved the actual date for this feature enable version... kindly consider this request as soon as possible... Thanks & Regards. Dinesh Sitapara (CA Student)
  7. Backup Frequency I want to schedule daily/weekly/monthly backups. Or tell us when "auto backup" decides to backup. Backup Limit/Retention Policy I want to limit/retain the auto-backups either by time or number. For example: A) Only keep X number of backups. B) Do not keep backups older than X months. C) Fancier policy: Daily Backup + Weekly Backup + Monthly Backup + Quarterly Backup + Annual Backup. Thank you.
  8. Looking for guidance on how to copy the enpass keyfile from one PC to another? I am testing out Enpass as an alternative to my existing password manager. As I work from a couple of desktop PCs (home & office) being able to use Enpass directly from both desktops is a showstopper requirement. Further to this keeping a local backup of the keyfile is needed should I change PC's in the future. Having setup a vault that requires both a master password and keyfile on one PC, I now want to copy the keyfile across to the other PC so I can open the vault from there, but I am unable to access the keyfile. When browsing in file explorer to the location I saved the keyfile it does not exist. Curiously I can only see the keyfile folder when browsing from within Enpass. However it is not possible to copy the file from this browse window. The only option I can see for transferring the keyfile is the QR code so the mobile app can access it, which doesn't help with the desktop version. Does anyone know: How to access the local keyfile so it can be copied/backed up? If the copy placed on the 2nd PC needs to be setup in a special way? (i.e. Does Enpass app require the keyfile to be stored in a similar 'phantom' folder setup) Thanks in advance
  9. Hello, I would really like to have some controls of auto backup on macOS Enpass app (I have version 6.3.3). I have (accidentally) discovered, that it stores up to 60 backups created daily - which seems kind of excessive. Principally, auto backup is convenient thing and I'd like to use it. But 60 backups are too many... With Time Machine, which already makes every 2 hours snapshot of my whole system I really do not need too old backups. I can always extract them from Time Machine. I would prefer to have some control over frequency and number of backups kept - so I can customize this. Also, I question default choices made - 60 backups kept? Daily backups made? I mean who needs daily backups and 2 months worth of those? Weekly and keep 5 older backups seems more reasonable for generic user. But if we could have some controls, it would be easy. Considering I have ~65MB vault, 60x65 MB = ~4GB of backups. That is insane! And in my case I have network synced vault to 3 computers, so I may have around 12GB of backups ;-)
  10. When backing up and restoring Enpass (local backup file on a stick), not all settings seem to be saved and restored. Especially the settings for the cloud sync imho is important - when installing Enpass on several computers and configuring it via a backup-file, I always have to enter the cloud settings manually each time. They are not included in the backup file. Is there a reason for this or could you please include this in the next update? Imho, when restoring an installation from a backup file, ALL non-computer/workstation-specific settings should be included.... Thanks for considering this!
  11. Since upgrading to Enpass 6 the WebDAV sync to my Synology DiskStation is broken and this still was not fixed by updating to 6.0.3. It worked perfectly fine for Enpass 5. I can log in with my Synology account but on syncing I still get error 904405. The folder structure on my Synology is home/Enpass/vault.enpassdbsync The filename changed when upgrading to Enpass 6, previously it was sync_default.walletx. The Enpass 6 desktop apps for Windows and MacOS sync fine via folder sync to the new file. I also tried HTTP instead of HTTPS, still not working. However, what makes it even worse now is that I completely cleared the app data trying to restore the vault and configuring the sync afterwards to see if it helps (it didn't). If I try to restore the vault even with the Wifi feature or the file restore feature (by previously sending the vault via AirDrop to the iPhone's local storage), it says my master password is wrong! The same master password works fine for the same vault file on Windows and MacOS! Please help because right now I don't have any passwords on my iPhone because of this. :-(
  12. PROBLEM: "Last Synchronized" field is blank. I even tried the "Sync Now" button, and the field still is blank. Perhaps worse, my vault isn't getting sync'd or backed up. Thank you.
  13. Hi there, seeing that 6.0 is not what I was expecting (after few weeks of using it on Mac, iOS and Android) I would like to return to the versions I paid: 5.6 (both Android and iOS) unfortunately my database has been upgraded to 6.0 how can I return to 5.6? export from 6.0 to .json is not recognisable by version 5.6 please advice
  14. If you had trouble updating the Enpass version from 5.6 to 6.0, follow these steps. Download version 5.6, if you do not have the installer, in this link (Softpedia). Synchronize with your previous backup in Dropbox, Google Drive or another Cloud. Click File, and then click Backup. Save the file in a safe place (remember the place). Close the old Enpass 5.6. Open the new Enpass 6. Click on Import Backup Locate the backup made in Enpass 5.6 Type Master Password and enjoy it!
  15. Hi, I'm trying to use Enpass with Elementary OS. I have a NAS where I backup and sync my Enpass vault to and from. However, when trying to use the Linux version of Enpass I can only browse local files and folders when selecting a folder to backup/sync to/from within Enpass. Is this an error on my end, or within Enpass? Thanks
  16. If not mistaken it used to be possible (till 5.6.0) for the user to manually specify/select the location of the data/backup folder. It is rather incomprehensible why such ability has been removed with v5.6.2 and the locations now being hard-coded in the app? The user should be able without question to choose where to such sensitive date (never mind the encryption) is being stored as opposed to the app dictating it.
  17. Hi, Please change the date format used for the naming of the backup folders. The current format is totally useless and makes searching for backups really difficult. The current format is (see screenshot) Fri Oct 20 2017 Since I have lots of backups made on fridays, they all get sorted first regardless of the year or actual date. Since when is it of importance that the backup are sorted based on day of the week? Please use YYYY_MM_DD as the standard format, for ex: 2017_10_20 because this date format will allow sorting in chronological order and NOT day of the week.
  18. First off: I really like and appreciate Enpass for mac os x (using 10.11.6). However, I do find that it doesn't back up on a regular basis, very inconsistent. I usually have to remember to manually back it up. It will often go a week or more without backing up. but some times it'll back up every other day (rarely). Just FYI. Thanks again. Also sometimes it causes safari to use 100% of cpu, then i have to turn it off (browser extension). Seems only to be on certain sites btw.
  19. Hi, I posted a reply to a forum thread here: https://discussion.enpass.io/index.php?/topic/1271-difference-between-sync-options/ I am trying to clarify if I can have the Enpass "Data Location" be the same as the Sync Service folder (ex. /home/user/Dropbox/Apps/Enpass/). Should I also turn sync on? Or is it recommended to have the "Data Location" be in a separate local only folder. Thanks,
  20. The actual backup folder name is: Fri Dec 23 2016 whic maks difficult to locate whem several are made. Can I suggest to change it to 2016-12-23 Fri (or yyyy-mm-dd www so it will be automatically sorted?
  21. Hi there, I love the new auto backup feature. It would be nice if there could be some customization around it to keep the backup folder clean and under control. For instance, I don't know when it does a backup, but it seems to do a couple a day - often early each morning once I start my computer but not always - the times are seemingly random. If you could do a backup on an event of the users choosing such as with the startup of Enpass or when it closes. And if you could also set it to do a max number of backups per day in case you are opening and closing the program multiple times. Maybe being able to choose between keeping all the backup files and to keep the last x number of backup files so there doesn't get to be too many files in the backup folder. For example, maybe set the number of backups to retain at 30 and then it just automatically deletes the oldest one everytime a new backup happens once the 30 file limit is reached. Thanks!
  22. Note This only makes sense if Enpass is setup to sync. If Enpass is setup to sync, I'm thinking it would make sense to: Backup locally to a default location that can be changed by the user & offer the option to move existing backups if the directory changes. Backup remotely based on the Sync settings - no user control here Furthermore, when setting up Enpass if a user selects the option to restore data: Enpass would check the sync location for the restore data and if data is found, ask if they want to restore data If they choose yes, allow them to choose which data point to restore (e.g.: Tuesday 12/27, Sunday 12/25 etc.)
  23. Hi, I have been meaning to switch from 1Password for a while now, and yesterday, after trying some half a dozen alternatives, I have finally settled with Enpass. It's a great program; thank you for making it! I am currently on Enpass, addon 5.3.1, Firefox 64-bit 50.0a2, Windows 10. I have a few feature requests: 1) Have the program take automatic backups at regular intervals to a specified location, preferably both the intervals and location being user-defined. This is something 1Password already does, and I think such regular backups are an important feature for a password manager. 2) Make it so that the browser extensions can work without the main program being open. Currently, if the main program is closed (by File -> Exit), the browser extensions can't communicate and show an error upon clicking their icon. 3) Let the keyboard shortcut for browser extensions work on the about:newtab page in Firefox. Plenty of times, I open the new tab myself and am just trying to use the hotkey to open the extension panel and go and fill to a website, but at least on the above page, the hotkey doesn't work. I can always click the extension's icon and search and go and fill, but that's only a workaround. Out of curiosity's sake, why is the hotkey disabled on this page? I think it is all the more required on this page because a new tab means the user wants a fresh start and maybe go and fill to a website is exactly what he wants. 4) For the browser extensions, provide a choice as to where the go and fill action will take place - in the current tab or in a new tab. At the moment, if you a search for a login and click it while being on about:newtab, the website will be loaded in the same tab. But if you do that on some other page, the website will be loaded in a new tab. So maybe have the same behaviour for both of these scenarios and let the user pick which behaviour it would be - open in current tab or open in new tab. Again, 1Password has this too. I tried editing the add-on myself because the last two of these requests were only minor changes in javascript, but it seems that the add-on stops working if it has been 'tampered.' Thanks for looking into this and thanks, again, for your app.
  24. New user here. I am starting to use Enpass and when my Lastpass Premium subscription is going to expire I might buy mobile apps too. On desktop I run Fedora23. I have a couple of questions. 1. Where is the database file located? I could not find in the folder where I have installed Enpass. 2. Which is the command invoked by Enpass when backing up? I would like to set a cronjob to have it done automatically. Thank you
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