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    What's up everyone. So, I've just installed version 6 on all my devices. I understand it's a first release after major rewrite, although it's slightly shameful there are so many issues which could've been addressed in beta. First of all - Folders. I'm not gonna join the "bRinG FOLdErs BaCK REEEEE" circlejerk. I honestly like the concept of tags. Assuming it's well implemented. Which it isn't. It took me at least 15 minutes to figure out how to use subtags. The "Parent tag:Sub tag:Secondary subtag" syntax is so random and un-intuitive I would've never guessed it, have there not been for previously converted subfolders, now subtags. I'd still be trying adding 3 separate tags for each level or just trying stuff like "Parent tag/Sub tag/Secondary subtag" or whatever. This issue however lies more deeply. Tag cloud is in no way supported by autocomplete. Simply adding suggestions like when I type "devel", it'd suggest tag "Development" would save the situation. You know, like tags work EVERYWHERE on the internet. I have around 20 tags set up, each one had to be manually written in the input field. There's no freakin' drag'n'drop functionality to drop a single or multiple items to attach a tag. This really needs to be addressed. Then there's a random list of bugs I've also encountered: 1) macOS - the app keeps randomly resizing to default window size (which is freakishly small) 2) the all items list (or any other list) keeps randomly refreshing. I have a suspicion this is related to syncing (I'm using WebDAV). I'm scrolling down the list of about 100 entries and the list randomly refreshes, returning back to the top of the list.This is on macOS too. 3) overall lack of drag'n'drop - this was summarized in the "tags" rant at the beginning of this post, but it just feels weird. I've trashed several of my entries by accident (used to "backspace" being an archive shortcut, not trash). I honestly thought "iz okay Numline1, you'll just select them all and drag and drop them into the archive folder". Well, fuck me, that's not happening. Some folders seem to be able to do drag and drop, but it's so random. Now, just so I don't seem like "random bitchy internet user", I have to say, there are some bright sides. The new UI is lovely and a welcome change. The WebDAV sync with Nextcloud finally works (although it's sad we had to wait until next major release for that). The multiple vault feature is nice as well. Anyway, thanks for reading this, I really hope some of this stuff gets fixed and improved in upcoming weeks!
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    Steam implements TOTP with a different alphabet. The basic algorithm seems to be the same as usual TOTP, but the representation of the token is different. An example implementation can be found here: https://gist.github.com/mooop12/1af7f0ffc8f28ea76f27abcba1e6da01 It would be cool if Enpass added support for these token types (maybe even as part of Enpass 6? :-) ) To not clutter the UI, maybe you could take the road of Bitwarden which uses a URL scheme to support different token types (no schema = default TOTP token, special token however could be steam://xyz123abc456).
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    Hi! I was using Enpass UWP for Windows 10 with full-time Windows Hello enabled, because my computer fulfills all necessary requirements (TPM 2.0, UEFI Secure Boot). So Enpass UWP successfully detected that the machine is secure enough to store the keys in hardware/TPM and use Windows Hello directly on the first launch even after a computer restart or when Enpass UWP was completely closed. Now with Enpass 6, it is only using the fallback solution of asking for the master password the first time after restart, and using Windows Hello only for subsequent unlocks. I think Enpass 6 is great and a big improvement in many things, but in this particular aspect it feels like kind of a stepback. So my question is: Will full-time Windows Hello be supported in Enpass 6 again like it was in Enpass UWP for computers which fulfill the necessary requirements for hardware/TPM-based security?
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    Hi, in the UWP its possible to start the app and just use Windows Hello, would like to see this in the new version of Enpass too. And atm after Enpass locked the current session, you've to manually select Hello to unlock, it's just an extra step, but after a while it gets really annoying :-) thanks
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    Enpass Version 6 is Flagged as a virus by Cisco Amp and instantly quarantined preventing any use of the software on windows 7, is there a work around for this.
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    Same problem here. This answer is unacceptable, it is absolutely within the power of the development team to allow fingerprint usage after an update and not to force master password usage. I, for one, am a paying customer and not being informed of this transition beforehand when I could have taken steps to backup my data is negligent of Enpass and isn't the way you should treat your customers. The app needs to be updated to allow fingerprint usage from the top level instead of only the master password.
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    Hello, I want to switch from 1password to enpass, one feature, I liked at 1Password was: When I'm logging in to a website like Facebook and the dataset wasn't already in 1Password, there appeared a window from 1Password and asked me, if I would add this Login to 1Password. I confirmed this window with yes and after this, I had a entry with Username, Password and URL in 1Password. I haven't found this feature in Enpass yet, does this feature exist?
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    I had this same issue. The migration between 5 and 6 was really bad. It lost all app settings, autofill (system setting) and fingerprint. While it's true that we should not forget the master password, you guys did a really poor job of transitioning between versions. It was a horrible experience for me. I only noticed because I stopped getting autofill prompts. And when I checked app settings, autofill and finger print were all lost. And even the cloud sync was gone. I only recently upgraded Android to pro and these types of experiences really made me regret upgrading
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    It would be nice to be able to change the default vault's name.
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    1. App Stores take 15-30% of the fee you pay. I would rather see that go to Enpass development hack even profit for the Enpass developers! 2. Windows is now an issue. You need to buy it again and need to use the Windows Store, which is barely supported by Microsoft themselves! Would you be OK paying more for a multiplatform license? How about paying the SAME (currently 5.99) for a license for 1 platform, paying for it outside the store (meaning you simply don't pay Google, Apple or Microsoft for the efforts of the Enpass team)? Development team, would you consider this? Making more money and being independent of those stores?
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    I can't believe what I read here from the official Support. - You released a new Version of Enpass and talking about new features in that version but in fact, they are not ready yet? - You added new features to the free desktop version but removed on the other hand a very important feature (Touch ID support) from the free to the Paid version? Why that decision? - You released a very buggy version of Enpass 6 where many things are not working but ask for patience? Maybe finish first and release then would have been the better strategy than use us a beta tester - You made a lot of customers by give them your desktop version for free and now asking vor money without the possibility to keep the previous version.... Ha.. trapped... Want your features back? Pay for it! You lost me... no money for you from me - Never again. I only support fair behavior. That feels not fair. That feels forced.
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    Hello, I have been using enpass for a long time and paid for the full ios/android clients. Since upgrade to 6 I miss a portable version which I can use on me business notebook on which I do not have the rights to install software. I have all my passwords in enpass so a portable version ist mandatory for me, otherwise I can not access my passwords on my company notebook. Will there be a portable version soon ? If no portable version will be available, I have to say goodbye to enpass. Thank you
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    Some further differences: 9. The Store version is build 218 while the Desktop version is build 230. Not the same iow. And, the latest beta build of the Store version was 220. So the Store version is actually older than the latest beta of the Store version. *huh* This is a difference i happen to like. All system icons on Windows are white and i think the white icon in the Store version blends in better than the blue icon in the Desktop version. But i don´t know if it is that important to me that i prefer to use an older Store version rather than the newer Desktop version. The Premium features gives me very little, i can create a Template but i cannot select and use that very template when Enpass auto-add a password into Enpass. (So what´s the point of a template...) For me this is the most annoying difference. I want to have everything in the same folder for easier backup management. I can work around it by installing the Desktop version and do the changes and then uninstall the Desktop version and install the Store version. Now, the store version uses the same settings as the Desktop version. But, workarounds and register hacks were exciting in the 90´s, not so exciting 2018 soon-to-be 2019.
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    Some further differences: 6) the Store version only allows you to change the location where backups are stored but not where the main vault database files are stored; the desktop version allows you to change both 7) the Store version does not work on earlier versions of Windows (e.g. 7), the Desktop version does 8) the Store version required you to have a Microsoft account, the Desktop version doesn't
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    OK so let me explain. 1. Updates -> Windows App does not notify the user of an update it does automatically updates without any info (changelog) -> Desktop App notify me if I open the app and I see the changelog 2. Windows App can't be placed on the Windows desktop --> I see it only in the Windows start menu 3. Icon --> The Windows App Icon is not the new shiny blue icon ;-) 4. I use a "program starter" app and Windows Apps are not recognized. So I need to start it via the Windows start menu. 5. And so on...
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    Who thinks of such things? Making people pay for their old experience? Ransom is the absolute correct word here. I have recommended Enpass A LOT in the past. Almost as if I'm getting paid for recommendations. But it's business models like this that make me stop recommending and using software. I have ditched 1Password for their subscription and account-model. I am seriously thinking of doing the same with Enoass. This is not about the price. It's about principle! If I would get the absolute best experience overall, I MAY purchase the premium package. I don't know about the Windows-version of EP6, but on Mac I have a for worse experience than before. A lot of this has been pointed out by a lot of users during beta-phase. Some was "acknowledged", nothing of that has been changed. Most has been ignored.
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    To all listed above I can add only following: I am relatively old user of enpass and bought license for IOS pro-version of enpass more than a year ago. For 10$ (at that time). Now I've been offered to pay additionally 5.99$ for features I've been using for a while, and as far as I remember those was free of charge. Total will be 15.99$ for old members. While newcomers can get all features for 12$ (I apologize 11.98$). So I have few questions: Do you think it is a fair play to users who believed in you and invested money in your growth at the beginning? Why should I keep rejecting build in MacOS password manager after this beautiful "innovations"? Must say, I would definitely buy enpass for 11.98$ if I would be new to it. But obligation to make extra payment for users who fairly invested into you in only way that was possible at the moment...
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    Hi @Jones1024, This section does not apply to us because we provide a tool to encrypt your data not a service. You are anonymous to us. We are neither an intermediary nor in-charge of your computer resource. We don't store your data with us. So, we have no possession of your data. No data is transmitted through our channels (we don't have one). We do not own your data encryption key (there is only one key your master password). Your data file is a SQLCipher file and you can open it, verify it without Enpass. Cheers:)
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    Yes! Please bring this back. If Android is safe enough to offer this, then I can't imagine Windows 10 not offering the hooks. Apart from the convenience: I really don't want people to be able read along when I type my master password. So actually one could argue that not offering Windows Hello on the first start-up , could actually be interpreted as a security flaw/risk... (imagine standing in a crowded metro trying to log into something). So please bring full-time Hello back, I had got myself a license for the UWP app just to have this! And @tox1c90 : it's even worse than just after a fresh boot: if you don't leave Enpass running in the task-tray it'll NEVER offer you Windows Hello login
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    I downloaded the beta 6.0.0 (198) version to see if that would fix the connection issues I was having with the (149) version and Chrome. And while it did connect, there are new issues right off the bat. I had 2 vaults before the upgrade, after updating now only have the primary. Setup the 2nd vault, now it says there's no data on that Google Drive. Lucky as hell I backed up my data, otherwise I dunno what'd I do. Then I noticed the premium features: Dark theme, custom categories, templates, Windows Hello are now premium? Why make these free features then put them behind a paywall after people have started using them? Related to above. Custom categories were free, and now it's a premium feature. I didn't expect credentials I had saved when it was free to be completely removed from my vault now that it's a premium feature; both Google Drive and backup file I saved didn't restore an entire category I had with important credentials. Luckily my phone didn't sync and I managed to save a backup file before losing even more data. And most recently, noticed issues when cloud syncing or saving backup files. Trying to sync with Google Drive and Dropbox, it doesn't sync the correct number of items with cloud, and doesn't allow me to save a backup file to my computer. Ever since this latest update nothing by problems. I've tried starting from scratch, rebooting, deleting cloud folders, you name it, it doesn't sync anymore for me. I know it's a beta, but damn. I was annoyed earlier with some things not working, but now I'm starting to get pissed off.
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    Windows fingerprint only works when you login with your password, go to settings, security and uncheck-check Windows Hello. Then you close Enpass and start Enpass again and you see the smiley to login with your fingerprint. But first you have to click on the smiley otherwise it wont work.(its much easyer on Android) If you shut down your computer and would like to use Enpass again you have todo everything again to get it work.
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    what kind of format are the other ones, the json file isn't json and the txt is impossible to reimport into another app. really nice, it's one way to keep the users locked in
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