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    Steam implements TOTP with a different alphabet. The basic algorithm seems to be the same as usual TOTP, but the representation of the token is different. An example implementation can be found here: https://gist.github.com/mooop12/1af7f0ffc8f28ea76f27abcba1e6da01 It would be cool if Enpass added support for these token types (maybe even as part of Enpass 6? :-) ) To not clutter the UI, maybe you could take the road of Bitwarden which uses a URL scheme to support different token types (no schema = default TOTP token, special token however could be steam://xyz123abc456).
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    On Windows, Enpass fails to create backups of vault(s) containing attachments. Add an attachment to an item (in my instance it was a login) Go to Settings -> Vaults -> [Your vault] -> Backup now Enpass says that the backup has been created but it's not true Also auto backups are not performed Note: on Linux everything works fine. Not tested on Mac.
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    Raspi + Nextcloud (or a simple lightweight WebDAV server) could be a good choice. Or any NAS. Direct Device 2 Device would certainly be a cool thing (especially if they can discover each other over your local network), but I think having a little server in the middle should be doable. Or you simply host the WebDAV server on your PC ... many possibilities :-)
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    The Android version is loaded. The fingerprint unlock is still much slower than V5. The big problem is I cannot load the primary vault. There doesn't seem to be any RESTORE function and I cannot get the sync to OneDrive to complete the connection. This may be a transition from V5 problem but it is still a problem. jeff
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    I understand that you do not wish to open-source your product, but I am reluctant to use it because of the fact it is closed-source, the company is based in India (yes, this matters) and there is no information about the development team. Have you considered having an independent 3rd-party audit your source-code on a regular basis as a way to gain credibility without open-sourcing your product? Thanks, Gili
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    Same here - now I have my desktops all running 6 and my Windows 10 Mobile device unable to sync with any changes. If there is not going to be a version for Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile users (even a read-only version would be acceptable) that at the very least supports sync with the new version, then you need to allow users to stay on version 5! Alternatively, provide a way (even manual) to export/convert/import data across to the old version for Windows 10 Mobile users. One big reason I invested in Enpass was its support of Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile - and as a continued user of a Lumia 950XL (and probably continuing until support for the device stops later next year) I don't want to have to look for alternatives all over again!
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    The beta extension seems to fix it.
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    Hey @Meister We have submitted the update to the Testflight. It is in process of Beta App review and hopefully will be available soon. Also, please make sure you have already signup for the beta program for iOS platform. Cheers!
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    Hey @Philip, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. Chrome web store does not allow two different channels (beta and production) for same extension, so we have to publish beta as a separate extension. Please install the beta Enpass browser extension for Chrome browser from this link and let me know if the problem persists. Thanks!
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    I just came here to start a thread about this, having just set up syncing tonight. Surely there has to be a way... Please make it happen.
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    Here is everything one more time: 1. No installation routine 2. No deinstallation routine of Enpass 5 3. No upgrade routine from Enpass 5 4. Sync setup doesn't work. Protocol assocation error "enpassauth:" 5. When Enpass is closed and try to open Browser Extension, comes assocation error with protocol "enpassstart:" 6. Adding new login doesn't work. I'm using Windows 10 Enterprise 1803 (17134.407)
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    Me too. For some reason everything Auto Updated and now I'm stuck on version 6 on my desktop but can't connect the beta on iOS to my OneDrive Sync
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    I can't buy the premium features to get things like dark mode
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    In my case it didn't uninstall enpass 5, also didn't make an upgrade.I import old data manualy. Also, as far I can say it is not really installed in the system. Now I can't sync with any cloud because of the problem with protocols association. I authorize Enpass in my cloud (Onedrive, Google Drive) but Enpass become no answer from browser.
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    Hey @intermagic Sorry for the trouble you are going through. Yes, the beta will be available within a couple of days. Thanks for your co-operation.
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    You should uncheck "Match URL Hostname" in Setting-Autofill.
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    I didn't see any posts here about sharing custom templates. I took a look at /r/enpass as well, but that subreddit seems to be dead. What I wanted to do was start a thread where we can share custom templates we've created, just in case others may find it useful. I first started looking for a template to keep track of SSL Certificate info, & found nothing. To start, this is what I have for SSL Certificates, but plan on improving it.
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    Hello Enpassians! The first Enpass 6 beta for Linux has just arrived with the following awesome features: Multiple-Vaults: Now you can share data with you family, friends or team members by using multiple vaults. Each vault must be synced with separate cloud account (could be of same service provider) for syncing. Keyfile Support: You can now additionally use a Keyfile with the master password of your desired length i.e. with the use of Keyfile there is no restriction on minimum length of 10 characters on master password. Cloud Sync: An improved cloud synchronization mechanism with Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, WebDAV and yes, the iCloud as well. Secure Sharing: Enpass now allows you to explicitly encrypt a shared item using your own Pre-Shared Key (PSK). You can define the PSKs in Enpass Advanced settings. New Browser Extensions: Don't forget to download and checkout our new browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox browser with an improved autofilling and form capturing to allow you to autofill in pages with more than two form fields and lot more. Custom Categories and Custom Templates: Manage your data the way you love by defining custom categories and templates. Custom Icons: Add your own icons to the items. Trash: Added support to Trash the items. Archive: You can now archive the items which are no longer in use, but you don't want to delete them forever. Also the archived items don't appear in search results. Get it Now Important Notes Supported Platforms: Beta versions are available only for systems with 64 bit architecture, and through the Debian and RPM repositories. Tested on CentOS 7, Fedora 24 and Ubuntu 14.04 or later (64-bit only). Separate app: Beta version of Enpass 6 will be installed as a separate app and will not replace the existing data of Enpass 5 on your device. So you can freely use the beta without worrying of any data mixup. Restoring database from Enpass 5: The only way to restore your existing data from Enpass 5 to 6 is through restoring your Backup file from Welcome Screen. In case you have already used Beta version of Enpass 6 on any other device and have synced it to cloud before, you can restore from there. Synchronization: Enpass 6 is based on a new architecture and will not sync with the existing data of Enpass 5 on cloud. So this way you can use your existing cloud accounts to test the sync in Enpass 6 without any mixup of existing data. Also, the Enpass 6 places the data on cloud into the designated App folder unlike it used to do in the root folder for Google Drive, and OneDrive. These changes will restrict you from restoring of existing data from cloud and you have to restore your data using a backup file. All beta versions are precursors of final products. They are intended for testing purposes only and should not be used any place where your data is important. Please backup your database before testing a beta release. The beta app may contain some features that are still in development and not fully functional. Waiting for your feedback. With Love to our Linux users!!❤️❤️
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    Same Problem with the iCloud account. Looks like it's a General problem.
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    I am concerned about this issue too! And gonna switch to another solution. I'll switch back to Enpass and pay a license the day you publish an audit result.
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    I'm just starting out with Enpass and I love it! But i just would like to note that I'm also very concerned with this issue! I can only fully trust my personal data to Enpass and recommend it to others if it's Open Source and / or Audited by a qualified and trusted external organisation.
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    Really would appreciate a security audit as well. I cannot recommend enpass to friend/family until this occurs.
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    Well, today is January 22, 2018, it's been a year since you promised a third party audit. Where is Enpass 6? I hope we can see the progress of your work as this is a top concern for our users. It relates to whether we can trust enpass or not.
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    Hey guys, i am using enpass for a long time, even bought it because it was that good, and i would love to buy it for my family too just to support you guys. But the thing is that now i am getting worried, it has been a long time since this thread opened and since you said that you will take the security audit, because to me it seems like you are stalling it. With security problems that multiple password managers are having, i would like to see that audit done ASAP or sadly i might switch platform, a thing i would not like to do but feel like doing if necessary. You are keeping a lot of customers away only for the audit. Thanks.