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    Another PRO user here who supported the tool from the very beggining and trusted them by buying a lifetime PRO license. You said that you were not going to charge us ever for new features and here we have... You are LIARS, you have invented a new "premium" category to leave PRO users apart. Instead of move PRO licenses to premium ones you are making us pay again (there is even no update program). How can you be so stingy? Is this how you treat your supporters? Shame on you! I won't recommend you any more I certainly don't wish you the best. So, for those thinking about buying a lifetime license: BE CAREFUL. Maybe they change its name tomorrow (platinum? diamond?) and try to charge you again...
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    I've been using Enpass for many years now. I've seen their software improve while their decision making worsens. First Enpass started as a lifetime purchase only with updates and no more payments. Then they moved those people into "PRO" status where people get lifetime use, are tracked with accounts. Now they create additional tiers so that "PRO" which are original users get stuck and don't receive the updates. Today premium users can get lifetime too and eventually they will fall behind too with the creation of a new tier. What will it be? Let's assume in 2022 they publish "Enterprise Tier" or whatever and PRO is even further down from the original promise etc. I totally understand that Enpass needs to make money to continue developing but you took a wrong path. Enpass should have never promised lifetime updates to begin with. (Should have charged for major updates instead) In any case, this will be messy and affect Enpass reputation. The best options for Enpass is to say they're sorry and either provide original users with the latest updates for free as they promised in the start or to say , scratch that, we lied, we need money as a bussiness or we can't continue, we won't give newer features for free sorry BUT here, we will move you to upper tier for a minimum fee because we appreciate you helping us get here. Basically giving a great discount to founders so that they can have a premium lifetime status. Then Enpass can provide regular updates to all users as they normally do. Just don't lie anymore please. I know many want everything for free and I understand that's not how it works but your job is to make things clear and so far you haven't done it because your initial promise was impossible to fulfill to begin with. (It's like socialism, you start saying you give everything for free until you realize you need money to come from somewhere to continue) One last thing. For the love of God please remove the red ad ASAP. It kind of seems like Enpass wants to trigger founders.
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    Hello @Garima Singh, no, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND and also have the feeling that you have unfortunately not even bothered to read through the posts. You are using a generic copy-and-paste answer, which you also posted here for example: https://discussion.enpass.io/index.php?/topic/14342-concern-about-the-free-pro-upgrade/page/2/&tab=comments#comment-62741 I find it very unfortunate that you don't answer the questions asked and hope that you or another Enpass member might make the effort. This unfortunately gives the feeling that Enpass doesn't care about its customers and is being waved off with standard answers. A premium LIFETIME model IS offered. As an Enpass Pro user, how can I switch to it? I bought the Pro version on several devices at the time to get ALL thus also FUTURE updates AND FEATURES. Lifetime to me means all new features and updates as long as the software is around. Since Enpass is still around, I should get all the new features. With the Pro version all updates AND FEATURES were already promised. Who guarantees that the new Premium Lifetime will include ALL features in the future? And who guarantees that the promise will not be broken again? I would be very happy if an Enpass team member could respond with an answer related to my questions and statements and not again with a general standard answer! It seems to be not only me so that I do NOT UNDERSTAND the handling of existing Pro customers and simply find extremely unfriendly! Especially the standard answer of @Garima Singh has really brought me to boil over.
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    Why are Pro users not offered a discounted upgrade version to the Premium Lifetime license?That would be acceptable, at least for me, if you pay once for new versions.But to move Pro users to a subscription model now is a no-go for me. That's what I thought too. After Pro comes Premium, then Platinum, Diamond and finally the great VIP status.
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    Software bugs or incorrect settings may cause this problem. Just like my iPhone Touch ID did not work before.
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    Hi @Pratyush Sharma, Thanks for your hint that Enpass is just using the system wide root certificate store. It seems like all browsers on all my "not working" devices have own CAs built in so it just works. I then tried to figure it out using a connect of openssl on my ubuntu 20.04 machine and discovered that my server was sending the wrong (old) intermediate certificate. So the browsers seem to "know" the intermediates already and trust them while the root devices obviously do not. After changing my QNAP NAS to use the correct new intermediate, it works like a charme again. Thank you! BRs, hummels151
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    Yubikey-support is mandatory for me as well. Currently, I only use Enpass for storing TOTP-codes, and my first factor passwords are stored in a kdbx with Keeweb, which has excellent yubikey support and crossplattform for desktops.
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    I'm going to repeat myself but please support yubikey feature. IT's pretty simple, yubikco is giving all the API we need to do this: We know that it should be for web app but if you say was the ONLY usecase then -> we wouldn't use it to auth in windows 7 locally -> we wouldn't use it to auth in keepass locally -> we wouldn't use it to auth to QubesOS and decrypt the device LOCALLY Should I continue? Yubikey CAN and SHOULD be used to decrypt encrypted assets in ALLL password manager. We should never pretend to know better since there are always better version of ourselves and in this case it's also true. If theoreticians of security and cryptology use it then we should too. simple as that.
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    Hi @Pratyush Sharma, Thank you for your positive feedback and considering the feature request. Looking forward for implementing this feature positively... Thank you once again.
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    I think I've found the issue. I believe Enpass uses Ibus panel. I don't like Ibus so I turn it off. It caught my eye yesterday when I was doing something else and didn't turn it off and Enpass worked as expected. Not sure if this is the same problem others are having, but with Ibus enabled it works. When it's disabled it doesn't work.
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    Hello, I've resolved using 7-zip Manager and using Shiht + Del to remove the root folder: C:\Enpass\Backups\Backups. Thank your for your help! Regards. Fabio
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    Just expressing my interest in this to help you prioritize. I am often using my MBP with lid closed which disables Touch ID. Falling back to Apple Watch in that case would be super appreciated Thanks for all your hard work!
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    Hello Enpass team, I really like Enpass but I am not satisfied with the Enpass assistant. What about a dialogue that automatically opens beneath an email/password input field on a website where I previously saved my credentials? Here is an example of Dashlane, I think it's much more convenient not having to open the assistant and double-clicking an entry and instead just clicking the entry that pops up beneath the input field.
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    This fixed the issue on my macbook.
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    I would like to see a switch that allows me to disable automatic sync. Manual synchronization (Sync Now) should not be affected. This is primarily a workaround for the missing WiFi sync, but I think it can also be useful in general. I sync my devices via WebDAV on my NAS. Before I used enpass, my NAS was always in sleep mode, but now the discs are almost always active. I rarely create or change logins, and I know exactly when I have to synchronize the data. Currently I setup WebDAV on all devices (PC, iPad, iPhone), synchronize them and disconnect again... But that can not be a permanent solution.
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    Hey, We totally understand your concern and apologies for the trouble. Our team is working to remove the alert/red banner displaying on the screen. The same will be removed in the next update. Thanks!
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    I have the same, It's really annoying . I hope a bug-fix will come soon.
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    Enpass 6.5.2 on osX High Sierra stuck in full screen view - can't minimise or exit full screen or close the window. Although I have a tool bar still Enpass does not respect usual osX standards and has no window manager controls (the buttons for close, minimise, full screen)
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    I reading other discussions I found that my import from 1Password did not fill in Enpass bankcard data properly. When I created new entries directly into Enpass bankcard templates it works just fine. Thanks!!
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    Dears, I face the same issue. Master-PW is requested if MacBook was on sleep or switch user. If I enable PIN instead of Touch ID it works as expected (always the PIN is requested). I use MBP 16 inch 2019, BigSur 11.1, Enpass 6.5.2 (726)
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    Enpass is a great password manager, one of the best for my needs. I'm a Pro user (paid on Android, Windows and macOS stores) and at the moment I don't need the Premium features, so I won't buy them. Please hide the red banner, show it only to Premium subscribers, that is just a nag alert typical of games and not suitable for a password manager. Then I'll wait and see if the Premium subscription introduces some cool stuff and doesn't end like the Pro "lifetime" one. However, I definitely lost confidence in the "lifetime" promise.
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    Hi @D2L_Michael, Thanks for sharing the details. If you want to use the Enpass app anywhere in your system you can set the system-wide hotkey to launch Enpass from anywhere in the system. Hit the keyboard shortcut (hotkey) from within the same app you’re working on, and the Enpass Assistant will pop-up right there to give you quick access to your Enpass data. To set the hotkey follow the below steps: Open Enpass --> General --> Set System-wide Hotkey.
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    Hi @nicos18, Yes, you can use the store version.Thanks!
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    I wouldn't be surprised if enpass uses a database and KeePass uses a flat file. Didn't even think about the audit trail/transaction log. OK bye.
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    Hi Garima, Thank you. I will try your solution. But it 'll tae a few days, because it is too busy now. I will let yoy know if it works. Kind regards, Léon
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    Thank you very much Pratyush! I did not know this feature. It just that I want. Thanks again, and congratulations on this wonderful app.
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    Enpass currently works well with the standard TOTP implementation of a numeric, 30 second interval TOTP code which makes it possible to use most services that offer this sort of authentication. Due to it supporting custom digits, it not only works with the standard 6-digit, but also with some different ones like Blizzard's 8-digit authenticator (which I use just fine with Enpass). What Enpass still lacks in this regard is support for custom time interval and also Steam's 5-digit alphanumeric standard. I, for instance, have to use another authenticator for services like 'Twitch' and 'Mercado Livre' which use 7-digit 10-second TOTP codes (which I believe is Authy's own standard) and Steam (I believe Bitwarden is the only one that currently offers working TOTP for all of these). I know there's currently a thread which is a little over 4 months old about Steam's TOTP, but I couldn't find anything regarding custom time intervals in the feature request so I figured I should post it and hope it gets done sometime in the future
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    I am using Plasma and i3 as a window manager. I added: to my i3 config to start Enpass minimized.
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    I am also completely switched with only benefits. I even have better security now! A better keyfile. A database file that is much smaller than that of enpass (as in 10x smaller). I can't accidentally delete a password with my phone because it opens my vault as read-only by default unless I indicate I want to edit (also solves sync problems or corrupt db file). A better design in my opinion. A better chrome plugin that detects even login fields that enpass couldn't detect. I don't have to pay for it (although I did donate on both applications). Thx to https://keepassxc.org/ and https://www.keepassdx.com/ . I say bye to enpass. Good luck with your premium users. I wouldn't recommend enpass anymore.
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    Hi @Garima Singh, thanks for verifing the issue in Firefox. I'm glad that you could reproduce it and it is not a configuration issue on my side ! I will look if I can contact Mozilla to resolve the issue.
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    I have recommended it to a lot of people in the past, won't do it now.
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    I have a pro licences for my MacBook, iPhone and android devices and I can't believe this isn't enough to get all the features. Really enpass after tons of recommendations resulting in people buying more pro licences, I will not be reccomending this platform anymore, and will be moving away asap if this is not fixed with some sort of plan.
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    That's frustration talking, not fact. You were perfectly happy to use Enpass a few months ago with exactly the same features as you have today, before this Premium issue. Don't get me wrong, I understand your frustrations but it doesn't mean Enpass suddenly became a bad product. It still offers good features and has a place in the market. So your comments are a bit unfair I think. This doesn't change of course that I'm also a bit miffed, but as long as nothing significant changes are done to pro users, I'm not as malcontent as some others.
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    Hey @John Doe Thanks for writing back. We are not aware of any issue with auto-fill on these particular browsers on M1. If you have any, please share the detail so that we can identify the issue.
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    Update: I waited few minutes, and now app start showing right version. Enpass stoped showing "Enpass Pro Lifetime", and started showing "Enpass Premium Lifetime". So my thread can be closed.
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    Please make this happen soon
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    still a valuable feature but at least twitch back pedaled and allows for standard totp now, so that's great
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    still a valuable feature but at least twitch back pedaled and allows for standard totp now, so that's great :)
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    Listen Enpass what you're doing is called bait and switch. You sell users lifetime subscriptions on a version of Enpass then add a couple of new features, change the name to Premium and then ask Pro users to upgrade. How long before Premium users have to pay to upgrade the Premium Platinum Enpass. Very shitty business model. You promised a lifetime subscription to Enpass then you renamed it to Pro and now you rename it to Premium leaving Pro lifetime subscriptions behind. Give me my lifetime subscription money back and keep your crooked business model.
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    All our current Pro users will have access to the full version of the app on all platforms without paying anything extra. They will continue to receive future app updates and new Pro features that we’ll release over time – for lifetime, on all supported platforms. And now calling it Premium features? You have removed the password audit feature, adjusted something and now you are asking to get a premium license... I already have the PRO license what's next the gold or diamond license? I paid for now again ( I already regret taking premium license for a year) but next year I will switch. Plenty of other password managers I can choose from with the same or even better features and community. There is not even a special price for pro users to switch to premium which is also wrong. I hope enpass will change this all back otherwise this will be really bad advertising. I already changed my playstore enpass review. I know longer trust this company.
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    Pro users continue to use the PRO function. But why is the new feature is not a pro, but a premium feature? When you add the ability to add ahead as a Premium feature, Pro users are very angry. Obviously, PRO users said they can add new features in the future. But what about reality? We have created a new title called Premium. Is there a guarantee that new titles should not come out after the premium? If so, should I buy a new title again? This trust will fall.
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    I would like an answer to that question too. Why do you treat your Premium customers better then the Pro customers that helped you in the beginning by buying licenses and recommendation to friends? I paid for three licenses (iOS, Android and Windows). For the fee of 10 EUR I can start an account with Bitwarden where I am not a second class customer. Think about it!!!
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    @Garima Singh I think I found the issue behind this. You may need to pass this information to your team. I noticed that if Enpass is scheduled to start at boot, the it thinks touch ID is not enabled. But if I quit Enpass fully (even from the menu), and then start again, it accepts touch ID
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    If they decide to let the pro-users pay again, I'm gone. There are still enough other good alternatives. They break their promises again
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    Hey @kellybrf Thanks for the suggestion. However, I would like to share that you can can try auto-filling using the Accessibility service, for this please perform these simple steps. 1. Open the Chromebook device. 2. Go to settings --> click on Accessibility. 3. Enable for Enpass. 4. Now open any website in brave browser where he want to auto-fill. 5. Enpass notification will appear in the Chromebook Notification bar. 6. Click on Enpass notification icon and try to auto-fill. Hope this helps!
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    Hey @Anubhav Ranjan Thanks for writing in. As we promised, Pro users do not have to pay again for the pro features. You can either continue to renew the premium subscription you made for the breach alert feature or can continue enjoying PRO features even after premium subscription expires. In any case, if you ever wish to cancel the subscription then please register with Enpass using the same email id you used to purchase Enpass Pro features. I hope this clears now.
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    I have chrome book and enpass works well with autofill solution using the enpass android app and enabling it on accessibility. Your problem is something else
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    This is not a helpful solution. There needs to be support for chromebooks. Stop with the excuses. How difficult is it? Other services have done this.
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