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    i have removed the blank characters from the codes then TOTP works again
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    When I create a password with symbols on it I found issues with websites (many) that only accept certain symbols. It is quite annoying to have to replace the symbols manually. In theory I could write in Enpass the Symbols to exclude but generally I do not know which are they. Website usually give you the opposite information, the allowed symbols. Therefore I would like to see an input field for the allowed symbols.
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    I've been using Enpass for a while now and I really like it. I bought premium for both Windows and Android. However, I'm kind of concerned about the security. I know there was a third-party audit, but in the meantime there could have been new vulnerabilities that we don't know about. Open-sourcing Enpass would make it much more secure. Besides, contributions from the community could improve the app even further. And there's no need to worry about income, there will still be plenty of people who will pay for the premium version because it's much easier than compiling the app from source for every update. And the people who would rather compile from source than pay for it probably weren't going to be paying for the premium version either way (and just pirate it instead or something). I know that this is not an easy decision to make, but I would really appreciate it if you guys would seriously consider open-sourcing Enpass. I think it would be better for everyone. Thank you.
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    I installed the latest Enpass and it wouldn't start (Windows 10). I could get it to start only if I ran it as Administrator. I figured it out. There was an Enpass process apparently left over from before the install. After I ended it, I could start Enpass. Clearly, a reboot would have also fixed it. Just passing this on for others.
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    I'm also seeing the same issue and behavior with Enpass and the Microsoft store using my microsoft account. I can only update to Enpass 6.2, but two other family members in the same household are able to update to 6.3.
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    That is the point. I want to decide as a customer if and when to buy a new version (for example with new features). Subscription models hinder the development of the software. The developers do not have to win the customers again. You can see that in Adobe & Co. - since there subscription models were introduced, the software is only managed. Innovations take place elsewhere. Even though I now get a free lifelong access, I can not recommend Enpass anymore. What will it cost in the future? At least $ 1 a month - probably more. Future customers pay in one year, which had to be paid once. Before I discovered Enpass, I used 1Password for 10 years - and bought three new versions - also for my family. That cost a total of $ 150. With the new subscription model I would pay in this time $ 360 or even $ 600 (for a family account). And it's "only" a password safe. A relatively manageable piece of software. I have dozens of other programs on the smartphone and PC. If everyone wants $ 5 a month, that's more than $ 1,000 a year. Subscription models are money robbers. Dear Enpass Team, I would prefer that I have no free, lifelong access and instead Enpass would have a one-time purchase - even though you would have to pay more for new versions. You break your word! See it here - still on your website:
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    Hello, 8 months ago that the portable beta version has not been updated! For some time, I can not use this version anymore with Firefox When the stable version?
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    I will not pay monthly fees for just shortcuts that I never use, and the browser app works as well as Enpass... (Enpass autofill on android sucks btw) Monthly fees are only justified for SaaS.
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    Why should someone pay money for Enpass in case basic features like autofill in a Windows application isn't available?? It's even more worse because your company is promising this feature since more than 3 years.
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    There is an existing thread already on this topic and they have released an update two days back which has fixed the issue
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    I have to change the password of my ownlcoud every 3 month. This means i have to remove the whole sync account and add it again. Would it be possible to just ask the user to re-enter their passwords if the auth fails? Regards, Xarlatan
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    Enpass Support, can this issue be fixed ASAP? I would think this to be a High Priority issue and should have been resolved in few days, not in weeks. Thanks
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    I was told that the coming update will resolve the issue so I asked the support when the new update will be released. The answer was: "...update with the fixes will be available very soon" .... Hang in there folks...
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    Go to a new website When registering, open the Enpass overlay via the share sheet Create a new account / generate a password The account will be registered with iOS (Safari will offer it), but it won't be stored in the Enpass database The created password will not show up in the password history iPhone XS / iOS v13.2.3 Enpass v6.3.1 (410) Enpass is the only enabled password manager on the system This is a very annoying bug and one with data loss.
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    I tried doing what others have said worked, without success. Specifically: 1) Removed iCloud Sync from a Macbook that was still syncing correctly 2) Made backup on Macbook that couldn't sync. 3) Used the "Erase Everything" option on the Macbook that couldn't sync 4) Removed Enpass application from "Applications" (and removing from Trash) 5) Went to App Store and re-downloaded Enpass 6) Imported Backup file 7) Waited a bit, then tried to turn on iCloud Sync Still sits on syncing for me on the Macbook that never worked.
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    Just an update to the original post. If anyone is having a hard time getting the other devices to accept the Pro version try to make sure the capitalization is correct on the email. Turns out that the reason my other devices weren't going pro was the first letter on my email was Capitalized when it wasn't supposed to. Now all my devices are accepting the Pro model. Even tested it by changing the email from the first letter being lowercase to Capitalizing it again and it reverted to lite. Once i changed it again it again to lower-casing the first letter it went back to pro. Support was helpful in mentioning this to me and just wanted to pass this along to others that may be having the same problem Thanks guy, RS
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    INFO: I opened a ticket and was told that they are aware of this issue. Problem will be fixed with the next update.
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    Hello everyone. Thank you for Enpass, it is an excellent password manager! I noticed on Enpass (6.3.0) that I'm unable to save passwords on both Chrome manager and Enpass. The browser extension is taking control of Chrome's manager and I would really like to be able to store passwords on both. Is it Chrome's policy or could you make that happen? Thank you.
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    In the Apple Devices you have to set the Dark Mode in the Control Center. Dark Mode on Apple Devices is available in iOS 13. If you have activated it on the Device, Enpass will start automatically with the Dark Theme. https://www.howtogeek.com/440078/how-to-enable-dark-mode-on-your-iphone-and-ipad/
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    I think after the subscription model has started and a more sustainable form of income is secured, Enpass should consider having intensive audits regularly, as that, indeed, is a very important point.
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    Sergio, I agree that trust with a password management programme is very important. That is why I changed to Enpass, after 1Password started trying to push people to their online-version (using amazon servers at least at that time, so a US-company under US laws, which I did not want to have even when encrypted) with almost missionary zest, although I would have liked to stay with 1Password. Admittedly, I also do not like the subscription model very much. However, I think it would be wise to distinguish between statements that contain a guarantee that it will be like that for ever and those which are only valid for a certain time. In a world of change, statements related to prices are prone to go with that change, and I do not think one should expect otherwise - a company must be able to sustain itself, and the people working for it will not only want to "barely manage". So reasonable pricing is... reasonable. And they do stand by their promise that if one bought (and during the transition period still can buy) a mobile version once, one would be able to keep it without paying anything more. But I do not think they have promised that what you have been quoting ("no subscription") would stay so forever, did they? So I do not think one has to see here a breach of trust. And, while I think the reasoning for the change should not have started with changing user habits (I severely dislike when companies tell me, that because of "habits" of "users" they change into a direction I dislike, for I am a user, too, and have not even been considered, especially if one has to pay more in the end because it would be what "users" want, so to speak, I would appreciate coming forth with the - in my eyes - core argument at once (they do have raised the point in their blog post, though, just not as the first argument, but they have), which is: they need to earn money), they do still offer a non-subscription purchase option, as My1 has pointed out. So, when I try to be fair, I think it is an acceptable decision - although, as I said, I dislike subscriptions and would prefer companies to stay away from that as "just the price of one Starbucks coffee", as often, then, is the justification, simply very quickly adds up. And I just want to know that the purchase is done once I have - once! - paid, until I actively decide to pay for a new update, for example. By still offering both options, Enpass has, in my eyes, tried and managed to find a balance that will stustain it, which is good for the users. We may not like parts of the way how it is achieved, but in my eyes, they do try to make it fair and gracious. That at the moment some may have difficulties signing up, if you look through the forum, is unfortunate, but can be forgiven in this transition period, I think. Of course, everyone has to decide for himself - but I just wanted to point out that if it is about trust, for me, in this, it has not been broken. It is our expectations that may have been disappointed, but promises I do see kept, as far as I can see.
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    Anshu Kumar -- What's the REAL story on WiFi sync? WHEN is it going to be included?
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    I also support the idea of OpenSourcing the code (security, confidence, reliability,...) Enpass is providing a valuable support, new features and bug correction that require regular updates. As mentioned above by @Sam van der Kris, I'm pretty sure business model will continue, even in Opensource mode. People are ready to pay for a service (package, support,...), even if source code is available. Of course, not at any price ! But as long as this price is reasonable, OpenSource model will allow that. Thanks again for this excellent product !
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    I received email reply from support yesterday (24h after the issue on my side). They advised to update Enpass again from the AppStore. It worked perfectly ! Conclusion : it is not possible to roll out perfect software / bug free... So when you have such a support available, I'm very satisfied. If someone asks me : "does Enpass is a 'value for money' buying ?", my answer will be : "For sure ! Both on the technical content / features side, as well as on the support side". Good job guys ! Thanks
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    I solved this problem using pkill and sleep command on autostart script (I'm using plasma desktop, the time perfect for me was 10 seconds), ex. "pkill Enpass && sleep 10 && /opt/enpass/Enpass -minimize".
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    So, support got back to me and recommended that I try to "Restore my purchases" from the settings menu under the account item. The problem is that there is no such "Restore purchases" option there. I went to the Android Play store and found that they have released another patch for the application. I applied the patch and it looks like I am a registered user again. It looks like I have access to all of my entries.
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    After upgrading Enpass on Android today I lost my Pro status. I successfully registered an account but it says "Enpass Lite" and only shows 25 items! I tried the same on my Mac and it also says "Enpass Lite" even though it shows all items. How do I restore my Pro status? I did purchase Enpass on both platforms! Please help I really need this to work!
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    I have the same issue, i try to go back with an older apk. First we have the upgrade version 5 to 6 sh*t And now this!
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    same problem here, removing the spaces fixed the issue. VERY scary as i could have lost access to some important accounts. Enpass always ignored spaces before, it should continue to do so. why was this changed and why wasn't this caught in testing? little, but very important, mistakes like this make me very wary of upgrading in the future!
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    Same issue, removing spaces from the stored secret resolves the issue. This is a regression as spaces were previously ignored. Note that many web sites and apps generate TOTP secrets with spaces in them. Having to manually remove the spaces is a pain.
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    We have 10 users with this problem after the latest update! Bad testing procedure Enpass!
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    Hey guys, please do not play the same game again as with the initial version. If you offer a portable version, you must also support it. Or you have to cancel it! This is very unsatisfying for everyone. Again!
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    hello, I want to use a common enpass file together with my wife on two iphones. I have setup family sharing on iCloud. But my wive cannot access the enpass file on her iphone. Is it possible to use the same enpass data on a family share with two different apple IDs? If yes, how? Thank you Thomas
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    I don't see how that changes my criticism. -You can be sure that pro version will not work for Enpass 7 or will be outated in 2 years, without one-time update possibility. -the android app inside or outside the browser, does not work very well for autofill as I said. (Plus, Dashlane works well outside the browser btw)
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    A lot of times, when entering my master password to unlock Enpass, I use the wrong password but quickly figure it out. I can't seem to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-A to select all of the characters and hit delete to quickly delete what I had entered. It is cumbersome to delete all of the characters by delete key or just enter and re-enter the correct password.
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    There is another topic asking for SSH Agent support. Unfortunately, the topic has been already closed without further information whether this will be implemented or not. I would really love to have SSH Agent support in Enpass. My expected behavior of this implementation would be Enpass asking me to unlock the Vault once an SSH Agent request is made (just like auto fill in the browser extension) and then accepting the SSH Agent connection. Is this on the list to be implemented?
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    On 64-bit Linux Mint 19.2 "Tina" (Cinnamon), I followed the Enpass instructions for adding an apt source and installing Enpass (this installed version After experiencing same/similar problems as the topic starter, I did this at a terminal (Bash shell) to downgrade to an older version (, specifically)*: Quit/kill Enpass: $ pkill -i enpass Remove Enpass: $ sudo apt-get purge enpass Search for available Enpass packages: $ apt-cache madison enpass Install specific version of Enpass: $ sudo apt-get install enpass= To avoid upgrading Enpass during an apt-get update/upgrade: $ sudo apt-mark hold enpass If/when you no longer need to keep a specific version: $ sudo apt-mark unhold enpass *Worked for me; YMMV.
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    Is this available now that 6 is out?
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    Also looking desperatly for this feature!
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    Hey @miwie, Thanks for writing in. I would like to share that Enpass connects (anonymously) to one of our domain (https://rest.enpass.io) to check if there is any message for the users like important security news and new update. It doesn’t send any kind of information there except the version number and OS name. The same is being mention in our FAQ page. Also, you can disable "Check For Alerts" option from Enpass security settings if you don't want Enpass to send query on https://rest.enpass.io. Thanks!
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    Hi all, Very important discussion going on here. We had this feature once in Enpass as a mandatory setting and we remove it after backlash from users (convenience wins over security). Meanwhile, I have prioritize this feature request and it will be available as an advance option just like 1password. Cheers:)
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    Sorry but I'm done with your crappy software. I'm a developer myself and I know releasing a bug free software is impossible, but your update from 5 to 6 was just BS. You killed the sync functionality and the db conversion from 5 to 6 also wasn't bug free. OK bad thinks might happen... but all these problems were reported months ago and still there are no fixes. Even worse now sync is broken on all platforms! In my case (WebDAV) sync is broken because of a character conversion failure. So if minor bugs like these take you months to fix, how long would a security critical bug like a failure in your vault.db design take to fix? So I'm done with Enpass, not only did your support disappointed me also my trust in your Software is broken. If anybody else how wants to switch to Keepass: I quickly wrote an converter script from enpass json to keepass csv. Most of the informations are preserved. Everything that has no group in Keepass will be stored as Note. I wasn't sure how the attachments are serialized, so I didn't cared for them. Have fun: import json with open('enpass_export.json') as enpass_json_fid: vault_data = json.loads(enpass_json_fid.read()) keepass_csv_string = '' for item in vault_data['items']: title = item['title'] group = item['category'] last_modified = str(item['updated_at']) url = '' hostname = '' password = '' username = '' email = '' note = '' if item['note']: note += item['note'] + "\\n" for field in item['fields']: if field['value']: if field['label'] == 'Website': url = field['value'] elif field['label'] == 'Hostname': hostname = field['value'] elif field['label'] == 'Password': password = field['value'] elif field['label'] == 'Username': username = field['value'] elif field['label'] == 'E-mail': email = field['value'] else: note += field['label'] + ": " + field['value'] + "\\n" if hostname and url: note += "Hostname: " + hostname + "\\n" elif hostname and not url: url = hostname if username and email: note += "E-Mail: " + email + "\\n" elif email and not username: username = email if note: note = note[: -2] keepass_csv_string += '\"' + title + '\"' + ',' + '\"' + group + '\"' + ',' + '\"' + username + '\"' + ',' \ + '\"' + password + '\"' + ',' + '\"' + url + '\"' + ',' + '\"' + note + '\"' + ',' \ + last_modified + "\n" enpass_json_fid.close() with open('keepass_import.csv', 'w') as keepass_csv_fid: keepass_csv_fid.write(keepass_csv_string) keepass_csv_fid.close()
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    I'm also one step to leave the Enpass.the system is not working with WebDAV...
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    Why is the auto-filling on Chrome on the extension's bar? Wouldn't it be better placed at the login's and password's fields better? The extension is great, but you should also add the auto-filling in the fields Is it possible to do that? I think most password managers use that way and most people seem to enjoy more the experience like that, including myself. Thank you for the app, love it.
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    Hi, please enable Quicklook for attached files in notes. I would need this to see PDFs or other supported documents attached to notes. How? --> If the attachment is selected and the Space bar (or an eye icon , or right mouse click "show preview" is pressed, a Ouicklook preview is displayed (like in finder or 1Password) Thanks Jan_Osch
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    Hi @thoronodor, Sorry for the unpleasant experience. Skipping this thread was just anoversight. Sorry for that. I would like to share that since Enpass 6 is based on a new architecture, it will only sync with Enpass 6 and not with previous versions. To test the sync functionality, you will need to install Enpass 6 on the other device as well. It seems in the above post that you are running the previous version of Enpass on some devices so please update the Enpass app and let me know if the problem persists. Thanks!
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    Hello, today I bought Cinema tickets online and received an email with the file pass1.pkpass. I did not know what this file is used for (I have an Android phone), so I searched in the web and found a good explanation at https://fileinfo.com/extension/pkpass: If that file can contain tickets, coupons, cards, etc. then it would be useful when Enpass could handle these files. in Enpass for Windows Enpass should import these files when I double click them (or select File -> Import) in Enpass for Android it should be possible to ope these files with Enpass Android So please handle .pkpass files. Best regards OLLI
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    Hey @OLLI_S, Thanks for your suggestion. I have noted it down and forwarded to the concerned desk for further consideration. Thanks!
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    As a workaround, I'm using Privoxy to forward the http traffic to my socks proxy. Just add this line to the privoxy config file: forward-socks5 / localhost:12345 . where 12345 is your socks proxy port. Note the dot at the end of the line. Then you can use: in Enpass http proxy (8118 is the default port for Privoxy). I hope you find this useful
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    I did a mass upgrade of all the apps on my phone and now I can only access 25 of my passwords. With the change to the subscription model, do I have to pay all over again to have access to the passwords I have had access to for the past 3 years? I feel I should be given the option to copy down the passwords I've had stored and had access to; it feel like the company is holding my personal information hostage after I already paid for pro once. Why aren't current pro members grandfathered into the system and given a month or so to make the decision whether or not to continue? I feel betrayed by this company right now. I need my passwords for work. What do I do?
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