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    I want to provide an update. On the nightly version of Firefox the flickering has been fixed. Although the website domain does not seem to be getting passed to Enpass afterwards.... It never matches any of your logins you have manually search through the full list
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    So not every website allows for the same maximum password length. For example, Apple allows 32 characters (largest they have ever accepted for my accounts), Netflix accepts up to 50 characters (from what I remember), Google and Facebook both allow 100 character long passwords (the largest passwords that I have tried). Now, I use the Enpass password generator to generate the passwords and I can customise it to fit my preferences (such as minimum/exact number of upper case letters, digits and symbols. However, I have to keep changing the preferences based on websites. Now when I decide to change my passwords every couple of months, it's quite a pain to change the preference for every website (I have about 380 saved passwords!) For example, I prefer my Google and Facebook accounts to have exactly 25 upper case letters, 25 digits and 25 symbols. For AppleID, it's 8 of each (32 character password length in total), and so on. It would be great to have an option where Enpass remembers the preferences for each website from the last time the password was changed/from the last password that I used. That would make life so much easier.
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    Hi @Nathanael, Thanks for sharing the details. We have taken note of this and our team is now analyzing into the issue.
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    I would also like to chime in and say that I would like to have Enpass work on ARM processors. I have a samsung chromebook that recently came out of the closet, now that is can run debian linux pretty well, but it is an ARM processor. Thanks, Jason M.
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    I should also say that I am getting more familiar with Enpass and I really like it!!! Thank you!!
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    Just bought a Lenovo laptop with a fingerprint reader that works great for logging in. I would love to be able to use it for Enpass! Happy to be a beta tester or work with the engineers to develop the feature (I'm a programmer)
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    Hello together, come on, guys, it's Christmas. Time to make people happy! So please support a coammnd-line interface to get passwords from Enpass. I want to use only one tool.. and this should not be KeePassX. Releates to: December 24, 2018 September 10, 2018 May 3, 2017 November 21, 2017 Thanks and BR Daniel
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    bump Hi Enpass Team, I'd really like to see this feature too please.
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    Also chiming in. Would really appreciate a build that works on Raspberry Pi. Is this a hard thing to port?
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    disregard issue - a conflict with an earlier version of the extension
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    Its all good, I fixed it by setting the following: QT_auto_screen_scale = 0 and QT_screen_scale_factor = 1. When I had set to fractional scaling like 1.25 then I noticed a large amount of lag and some pixelation but setting it to 1 has fixed the issue.
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    Hey @fhall Thanks for sharing this. We've been able to reproduce the issue on our system and will work towards the necessary amendments. Thanks!
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    I was also looking for a way to delete password history. In my case, I only wanted to do so for a single Enpass item. As a workaround, I edited the item, added a second password field, copied/pasted the current password from the original password field to the new/second password field, then deleted the original password field and saved the item. Rename/reorder fields as desired, of course. Posting in case someone finds this helpful.
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    Hey @celavakosa Thanks for reporting this. I have highlighted this problem with my team. We will notify and inform you once we have an update on this. Thanks.
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    Hey @Ast67 Thanks for sharing this. We've been able to reproduce the issue on our system. Your co-operation will be highly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Thanks, works fine, avoids me to have to pay for dropbox as I went over the maximum number of equipment connected to dropbox.
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    Hi @Mauko @Dentonthebear @Daniel Ehrhardt, We appreciate your detailed feedback on the feature in Enpass. Please note that we already have a feature request for implementation in the future. We will be planning for further improvements in the app. Thanks for the patience.
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    Thanks @Pratyush Sharma What kind of website?! StarMoney is not a website, but a desktop software. Please read my OP again!
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    Hi @axelf, Thanks for writing in. You can have any item in one category at a time, however, you can add multiple tags to each item. E.g.: you can add Finance and Bank as two separate tags for a bank account login, whereas, you can only assign it to one category Finance at a particular time.
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    Hi @RDL, Thanks for using Enpass and writing to us. We really appreciate you for exploring the app and giving time in finding valuable suggestions. We have forwarded it to the development team for further thoughts and consideration. Thanks
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    Simply I treat tags/subtags as I would folders/subfolders with added benefit of being able to store an entry in two or more 'folders' as the same time. Or am I missing something?
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    +1 - Quicker than manually navigating to the tag/subtag.
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    Garima, Great news! Thanks for keeping us informed.
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    Great news! Thanks Garima to you and the development. M
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    This comment is more about this forum than the Enpass product itself. However, improving feature requests would impact the feature request roadmap in Enpass at some point. Anyways, it's relatively challenging to determine if there's a duplicate feature request with 38 pages of feature requests to sift through. It''d be nice if there were filters in the forum's search to narrow down which features have been implemented already in this forum, any categories of feature requests (other than random tags people come up with), etc.
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    Can there be a feature request roadmap built into Enpass? Then users could vote on the features they want most in the program. Maybe users get 10 extra votes per month in addition to 1 standard vote per feature request, so they could weight which feature they need or want. Even if it's just an iframe to a webpage that shows the feature requests that have been: fulfilled queued up to release next backlogged underdefined rejected or cancelled for various reasons
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    The wsreset command worked. Thanks!
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    To give you a hint: "Malgun Gothic" is the default Korean system font for Windows 7 and later. Just adding an option in the settings to pick a font from the list of installed system fonts would probably do the trick IMO.
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    Hi @Garima Singh, @Pratyush Sharma, It worked! I can now sync my devices with the cloud ! Thank you for your help both Kind regards, Naj
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    Hi Garima, this setting did the trick. I'm able to sync my Enpass vault even with my iOS14 device now. THANK YOU, Uwe
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    Hi @Bonze I would hope this is a false positive, there have been incidences in the last couple of weeks with other AV suppliers. The Sinew staff will I am sure report the problem to Norton for correction as soon as possible.
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    thank you I look forward confidently
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    Hi @JP Duvillard, Welcome to the forums! We reported about this false positive to the CrowdStrike team and here's their reply: "Our team carefully analyzed your false positive request and determined that the file does not meet our detection criteria. The file will not be detected by our scanner. Thank you for helping us improve our product" The update regarding this will be released by them soon.
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    Hi @Garima Singh Thank you so much for taking care of this. Is there a bug report / ticket? Maybe I can provide something useful. Just let me know. Cheers, Daniel
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    Hi @Matis, We are working on this issue, and will keep you posted on the status updates.
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    What is the "Password of data?" Is it my OneDrive password, my Enpass password or something else? I had to reset Windows 10 on my Surface Go. I now want to set up Enpass again. When I get to restoring Enpass data from OneDrive (after signing into Microsoft Account) it says I need to be enter my "Password of data," or something like that. Neither password for Microsoft nor Enpass work. And candidly, I don't think I've saved another Enpass related password. (And with the recent OneDrive syncing problems, I know I got through this step somehow). How do I fix this? I'm a little worried. Eric
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    Hi @Kashish that wasn't the problem. The problem was a option called "trusted_proxies". After adding everything worked perfectly. Tested with Windows, Linux (Manjaro), OSX and IOS as well as IPadOS.
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    Hello. When I started using enpass back in early 2019, I was choosing password managers from countries (India) that are not: The '5-Eyes': The US, the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia The '9-Eyes': The '5-Eyes' group plus Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and France The '14-Eyes': The two above groups plus Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, and Italy https://protonvpn.com/blog/5-eyes-global-surveillance/ Now I see that your company is already from the USA, and besides, the program is completely closed source. After the change of country to the United States, the confidence in you has become less and less and I can no longer trust my data to you. It is a pity that you do not open the source code of Enpass (PC), it would add a huge number of users who value privacy.
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    Hello, I have some improvements for the Password Generator in Enpass. Include Symbols Currently you allow to Exclude certain symbols in the password generator. It would be very helpful when I could include certain symbols (like the _ or the #) because some websites don't accept all symbols. When users include symbols then only those symbols should be used. Allow to adjust generated passwords When I generate a password please allow me to adjust it (in the green heading where I see the generated password). This way I can remove a single character from the password and replace it with an other character. But I also can enter a password and check how secure it is. I have some "special" colleagues and family members that use unsafe passwords and this way I can convince them that they should use Enpass. Best regards OLLI
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    Hi rich2dive, No the button is not there normally. Only when you updated the card as mentioned. What you also can do is open the website => Fill in the credentials manually => Click on the Enpass extension icon = Click on Menu => Tap Save Webform. Good luck
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    Especially we should add auto-fill TOTP fields.
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    To make sure that the problem is not related to the macOS keychain, I logged out of the iCloud keychain and then deleted all local keychains (of course I made a backup of the keychain files before, but I know my passwords, I use Enpass ). Then I restarted my Mac and logged back into the iCloud keychain. Unfortunately the iCloud sync does not work even then and it aborts with error code 307018. Before I did this i also rebooted my whole network (internet connection, router, switches etc.), but also with no luck. I can access my iCloud Drive without any problem from Finder in macOS. My iCloud Drive has plenty of space: 4,76 GB are free. So now I run out of ideas, what else I can do to get iCloud sync back to function. Any hint is welcome.
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