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  1. Hey @ScaryBear Welcome to the forum! The option to unlock Enpass using a PIN is already available on all the platforms including desktop. To set a PIN on desktop, follow the below steps- Open Enpass > Settings > Security > Enable PIN > Enter the PIN and confirm it > Done. Thanks!
  2. Hey @Inchmahome151 Thanks for writing in. You can hide the passwords within Enpass using the method given below- Open Enpass > Settings > Security > Enable Hide Sensitive. Thanks!
  3. Hey @Hydrogen Welcome to the forum! Thank you for getting in touch with us with this suggestion. We've shared it with the team for further consideration. Thanks!
  4. Hey @M Thomas Welcome to the forum! Please confirm if you have tried to resolve this issue by using the approach given in this FAQ. If this is not helpful, share the device OS on which you are getting this issue, so that we can help you better. Thanks!
  5. Hey @Kill, Thanks for letting us know that the issue is fixed with the latest version of Brave(v1.21.74).
  6. Hey @chickenlover Please share the demo account with us at support@enpass.io along with the link of this forum post and we'll look into the issue.
  7. Hey @Enpass123 Apologies for the trouble. We've been able to reproduce the issue and will work for a fix. Stay tuned for the updates of Enpass. Thanks!
  8. Hey @Vicki Thanks for writing in. To restore a backup on the laptop from a different computer, follow the steps- On the computer, set-up sync of the same vault which you wish to restore on the laptop. Take the backup of Enpass data on the laptop and save it locally. Now reinstall the Enpass app on the laptop and open Enpass as an existing user. Now you will get the option to restore the Enpass database using the cloud or the backup file. Let us know if you have any queries while doing so. Thanks!
  9. Hey @HansiBindi Thanks for writing in. The possible reasons due to which you are not able to use the full-time Touch-ID could be that you are using the Enpass Website version on your macOS or your device doesn't support the full-time Touch-ID. 1- To confirm Enpass version, please check the Enpass version using the steps: Open Enpass > Click on ‘Enpass’ given in the menu > Tap on About Enpass and share a snapshot of the same. 2- To know if your device supports Full-time Touch-ID, check the message below the Touch-ID option in the security settings of Enpass as attached in the screenshot and let us know if it is any different.
  10. Hey @AndrewL Thanks for delineating your requirement. As far as I understood you want to have an option to choose a location in the root folder of the cloud so that you can share a vault with different users. We have the same feature request from our business partners and are willing to incorporate this soon but at the moment I can’t assure you any exact ETA for this. Thanks for your understanding.
  11. Hey @PaulR Thanks for describing it. We have shared the details with the team and will get back to you once we receive any update.
  12. Hey @Chad Hope you're doing great. I recollected your suggestion to provide a customized option to save different levels of items to auto-fill in Enpass so that searching the item while auto-filling won't be messy, esp in case of bank account. I would like to share that you don't need to create three different type of items (Login, credit card and bank info) to auto-fill on bank websites as you can save all the mentioned three levels in a same bank item. When you open any webpage, Enpass will automatically detect the kind of information required (credit card, debit card, login info or any other detail) and will autofill the relevant detail of the same item even if you save all the details in a single item within Enpass. Let us know of you have any queries. Thanks!
  13. Hey @Reiska That's strange. Please check if you have reduced or minimized the main window of the Enpass app. If yes, please extend the window size on your Windows device and let us know if the issue is still there along with the device OS on which you are having this issue and the snapshot of the error page/screen?
  14. Hey @DesignT Please check if you running two Enpass app on the same device? To check the same, open activity monitor and search for Enpass. If there is two, quit one of them and share your findings. If no, please share the below details- On which device with OS version are you getting this issue? Which Enpass version you using? Thanks!
  15. Hey @ScottyJavea Thanks for writing back. Please send the crash report again to us mentioning the link of this thread in the description box, it will be helpful for us to identify the crash report sent by you.
  16. Hey @Erin Welcome to the forum! For quick troubleshooting, kindly logout from the google-drive cloud account from your default browser and try to set-up sync again with the same cloud. If the problem persists, please make another browser a default browser to set-up sync with Google-drive and check. Let me know if this is not helpful. Thanks!
  17. Hey @Fotan& @ikabupini We've been able to reproduce the crash issue on macOS and created an improvement ticket for the same. Stay tuned for the subsequent updates of Enpass. Thanks!
  18. Hey @remosito We have received your request on our support email with Ticket ID ECS-18738 and reverted you on the same. To prevent duplication of efforts, please revert on the same if you have any concerns. Thanks!
  19. Hey @eno Thanks for sharing your inputs. We have reproduced the issue with the beta version of the Brave browser and the same is notified to their support team. To run Enpass smoothly on your windows device, please install the last stable version of the brave browser and let us know your feedback.
  20. Hey @remosito Yes. If the Enpass Extension is not able to connect with one port(10395), it should try on the next port as Enpass supports 5 users at once. Please try with the other 4 ports i.e 10391 to 10394. If you are getting any trouble on all the other ports as well, please contact us at support@enpass.io. Meanwhile, I am forwarding your concern to the team. Thanks!
  21. Hey @Lox_ Thanks for writing in. I have checked this with my team and found that the issue is caused by Firefox & Auto-fill framework miss-communication. Enpass is unable to identify the domain, so doesn't show the matching entry. Once the developer of the app sets up the domain or package name, Enpass will work as expected. Thanks!
  22. Hey @mdlc We have fixed similar issues of auto-fill on Samsung s21 and the beta version for same is in pipeline. Please wait for the stable version to be released hopefully in next week. Thanks!
  23. Hey @Mariusz Thanks for the feedback on this issue with the latest version of Enpass app. I have once again shared your inputs with the team.
  24. Hey @Scratch Welcome to the forum! Before going to install Enpass on a new PC, make sure you have synced the Enpass data on the old device with a cloud account so that you can restore the Enpass data on the new device easily. Now open Enpass on the new device as an existing user and restore the database from the particular cloud. Once restore the Enpass data, click on the Enpass account page of the Enpass settings and restore the pro version. Thanks!
  25. Hey @govind Thanks for reaching out to us. In order to assist you better, please share your purchase receipt via mail at support@enpass.io.
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