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  1. Hey @alpevr Welcome to the forum! Please check that your browser extensions are updated to its latest version. Also, check if you have enabled ‘Ask to save new logins’ from the Enpass Browser Settings on the same Windows device. If the problem still persists, share the Enpass and browser extension version along with the browser on which you are having this issue so that we can diagnose the issue. Thanks.
  2. Hey @Jeff Chen Welcome to the forum! We regret the problem you are facing, but we’re here to help. To proceed with the troubleshooting, please confirm if you have tried disconnecting and reconnecting sync on all the devices. If this doesn't help, please share the below details: Did you start facing this issue recently - like after an Enpass update, or did you face the same problem earlier as well? Which Enpass version are you using on the Windows devices? Are you syncing with the same WebDAV account on all the devices? Did you make any changes to your WebDAV account recently? Let us know the above details so we can investigate this problem appropriately. Thanks!
  3. Hey @Krit Our team is not able to find this issue with virtual box as Enpass is working fine in our testing environment. Please share the below detail so that we can investigate the issue again- What is the exact version of Enpass? To check Enpass version, Open Enpass > Click on 'Help' from Enpass menu > Tap on 'About'. What is the exact version of Virtual Box? What is the exact version of windows 10?
  4. Hey @KUKeser We regret the inconvenience. Thanks for confirming that the beta version of Enpass didn't have this issue. As discussed, we'll work to fix this issue of the latest stable Enpass version on Windows device, so it runs as expected. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon. Stay tuned for the updated version of Enpass. Thanks!
  5. Hey @jbemener Welcome to forum! The request has been noted and shared with the team. If you have any further queries, please feel free to revert us. Thanks!
  6. Hey @daniels7 Thanks for the confirmation and we are extremely sorry for the trouble you have been facing with this. Please co-operate with us a bit more while we are looking into this issue again.
  7. Hey @adam.t Thank you for reaching out about this. I've passed your suggestion to improve this functionality. Also, we really appreciate you for exploring the app and giving time in finding this valuable suggestion.
  8. Hey @Rich G Apologies for the trouble. That's strange. It would be helpful if your share the device detail and Enpass version on which you are getting the issue?
  9. Hey @Neoanderthal Thanks for notifying us. Glad to know that the issue is resolved.
  10. Hey @damienp We are extremely sorry for the trouble you have been facing from a long time. Our team is still working to resolve this issue. Please co-operate with us a little more. Thanks!
  11. Hey @brunovieira97 We totally got your point and can absolutely see that having the ability to sync the Enpass data from Enpass Assistant on a browser as well as on mobile phones would be useful! We have discussed this with our team and concluded that we will improve this by adding means to sync from Enpass assistant on browser and auto-fill screens on mobile devices by giving a keyboard shortcut and buttons. Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. Hey @Tobias Nilsson Thanks for letting us know that you would like to see this feature. We would like to share that the requested feature is already available in iOS devices and is under development for Android devices.
  13. Hey @roha40k Glad that you liked Enpass and want to use for your wife. If you would like to provide Enpass Premium to your wife, you should look for a family plan. It allows you to add up to 6 members so that your wife and other members can enjoy the Enpass premium features. However, if you are interested in a one-time premium license, you can also purchase two separate one-time premium licenses for you and your wife. Thanks!
  14. Hey @airborne Welcome to the forum! Thanks for reporting this issue, we will look into this. Meanwhile, please try to open Enpass when your internet is disabled and share your findings.
  15. Hey @slamep Thanks for writing back. The functionality of Enpass to view attachment is that it shows one at the front and others as +1, +2 and so on.
  16. Hey @Idoki We've already introduced full-time Touch-ID support on the macOS in v6.5 in the Mac App Store version of Enpass. Could you please update the app to the latest version from the store and share your findings. Thanks!
  17. Hey @Krit Sorry for the trouble. Please confirm from where you installed the Enpass app on your Windows device - i.e., from the Windows store or our website? Also, are you facing this issue with any other browser as well?
  18. Hey @celavakosa & @haddi77 Thanks for writing back. You can check and find the latest version of Enpass on this link. Stay tuned for the future versions of Enpass extension.
  19. Hey @ddken Thank you for reaching out about this. Also, I have noted your above request and shared this suggestion with the concerned team.
  20. Hey @Heracles Apologies for the delayed response. I have highlighted this problem with my team. We will share an update with you on this soon!
  21. Hey @Tranel We have released the beta version of Enpass v6.6.0 with the fixes. Please wait for the stable version to be released and then share your findings with us. We'd love to have your feedback. Thanks!
  22. Hey @joji Thanks for writing in. You can try to troubleshoot this issue using the method given in this FAQ. Let us know if the problem persists.
  23. Hey @Neoanderthal Apologies for the trouble. Let us know the website/app name on which you are facing this issue so we can investigate further. Also, please confirm the device OS on which the issue is occurring along with Enpass version? Thanks.
  24. Garima Singh


    Hey @Ianjasp5151 Thanks for writing in. Please follow below-mentioned steps to delete the Tag: Open Enpass--> Select Tags from the sidebar which you want to delete/Rename --> Right Click --> Tap on rename/delete. Thanks!
  25. Hey @Larru Welcome to the forum! We totally understand your concern and apologies for the trouble. We will soon be releasing an updated version of Enpass in which users will be able to dismiss the alert with a confirmation dialog. Please stay tuned for the updated version of Enpass. Till then, we will request you to please co-operate with us. Thanks!
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