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  1. Hey @Guno Apologies for the trouble. Please share the snapshot of Enpass General setting page so that we can check we can assist you better.
  2. Hey @Disappointed in Enpass We totally understand your concern and apologies for the trouble and would like to share that we have noted your request to remove the alert. Thanks for the co-operation.
  3. Hey @laibalion Thanks for reaching out to us. Enpass is an offline password manager, and the user's data is saved locally on the device, not on our server. The server license activation comes into action only when a user registers the purchase with us. This registration will allow the user to restore the purchase across multiple platforms. If the user doesn't register, then the App Store receipt will manage the license, and if purchased, the app's full-version will get automatically unlocked on the device. But this purchase is limited to one platform, and the user will not enjoy cross platform purchase restoration. And yes, in any case, if the Enpass server isn't working, then it will affect the license activation process on the new devices only.
  4. Hey @sdp We are working on this feature to implement it. Please co-operate with us a little more.
  5. Hey @job1966 Welcome to the forum! For iCloud sync, Enpass uses the Cloud kit which saves the data internally. It's hidden and only the Enpass app can access its data saved in iCloud. Thanks!
  6. Hey @John Doe Thanks for writing back. We are not aware of any issue with auto-fill on these particular browsers on M1. If you have any, please share the detail so that we can identify the issue.
  7. Hey @DenalB We have noted your suggestion of the feature for this specific website. Thanks!
  8. Hey @Brian R. Thanks for writing back. Yes, you can purchase the Enpass license from the Enpass itself via App Store. Please follow these steps to buy it: Open Enpass --> Click on ‘Settings’ --> Account (or Trial user.Not registered)---> Tap on 'View All plans’ → Select the plan and click on 'Subscribe’.
  9. Hey @dirk-g. Welcome to the forum! Have you synced the particular vault of Enpass on the macOS? If yes, please follow the below steps to restore the data of the particular vault on iPhone- Open Enpass and create a new vault --> Click on Restore from the particular cloud --> Login the cloud account--> Click on Continue --> Enter master password --> Tap on 'Continue'. Let me know if you have any concerns.
  10. Hey @Bleeddragon Thanks for writing in. To identify the issue, please share the device OS and Enpass version on which you are having this.
  11. Hey @Elisabeth Hecker-Mazère Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. To assist you better, please share the following details Which Enpass version are you using? Are you getting any error message while enabling/using the Touch ID? Are you encountering the issue with other apps as well? Thanks!
  12. Hey @Powershot Thanks fir writing back. Yes. Make sure you are using Enpass pro version on the same device. If you need any help, please write to us at support@enpass.io.
  13. Hey @SirHaxalot Thanks for describing the feature request. We really appreciate you for exploring the app and giving time in finding this valuable suggestion. I have shared it with the team for further consideration.
  14. Hey, We totally understand your concern. If any pro user wishes to use these two premium features, they need to upgrade it to Premium license. Your request to remove the banner has been duly noted. Thanks!
  15. Hey @chobo2 Apologies for the delayed response. Individual plan- This is the premium subscription plan to use Enpass premium features, which any user can buy for half-yearly or yearly subscription basis. One-time plan- This is also a Premium license but this do not require any monthly/yearly renewal. Once you purchase this license, you will be eligible to use Enpass premium features free for lifetime. Family plan- This plan is for them who are purchasing multiple individual licenses for their family members. Hope this answers your queries.
  16. Hey @MikeT Welcome to the forum! We really appreciate you for your exploring the app and giving time in finding this valuable suggestion. The suggestion has been noted and forwarded to the development team for further consideration. You can create a secondary vault but deleting primary vault is not possible on any device. Currently, you can use sync any particular vault of Enpass data with a single cloud account. Synchronizing different vaults with different cloud account is possible. For more details, refer to this link. Hope this answers!
  17. Hey @Eriq Thanks for sharing the details. I have highlighted this problem with my team. We will share an update with you on this pretty soon!
  18. Hey @Bleeddragon Thanks for writing in. Could you please share a screenshot of this so that we can check further along with the device OS and Enpass version with which you are seeing this issue.
  19. Hey @Powershot Welcome to the forum! It seems that you have registered with Enpass on your iOS device with the Apple private relay id, the reason which you getting this issue. Could you please try to register with Enpass using actual email id. For more details, please refer to this FAQ. If this doesn't help, share the Enpass purchase receipt via PM or at support@enpass.io along with this forum post link.
  20. Hey @SirHaxalot Thanks for writing in. You can do so by enabling option 'Ask to save new logins' from Enpass Browser Setting so that you can get option to save new logins in Enpass using extension.To know how to save new logins using Enpass assistant, please refer to this link. Let us know if you have any query. Thanks!
  21. Hey @svein Øivind Dahlseng Welcome to the forum! Our team has fixed this issue in the v6.6.0 release of Enpass which is currently in the beta phase. Please wait for the stable version to be released and then share your findings with us. Thanks!
  22. Hey @TobiB & @Giovanni Molinaro Welcome to the forum! Please let us know the following details so we can help you better: On which device (along with OS version) are you using Enpass? Which Enpass version are you using? Let us know from which software version you have exported data? Which language are you using as a default? Thanks!
  23. Hey @amaloney Thanks for writing back. Yes. Yes. Discarding/deleting any of these files can create many issue. No. This is the sync file which is created because you have synced the Enpass data with iCloud. Hope this clears!
  24. Hey @axelf We really appreciate you for exploring the app and giving time in finding this valuable suggestion. The suggestion has been noted and forwarded for further consideration. Thanks for the suggestion!
  25. Hey @LejoS Could you please confirm if you are using Enpass v6.5.2.275 or v6.5.2.725 ?
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