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  1. Hey @Tote Thanks for writing in. I have reverted you on your other forum post.
  2. Hey @GuyR Thanks for writing in. I would like to share that when you move an item from one category to another, the item will not inherit the fields and icon of the new category but you can manually change the icon and customize the field.
  3. Hey @banned-one Thanks for writing back. Considering that you have installed Enpass extension for chrome browser and pinned it as given in the attached snapshot(chrome 1). After installation, left click on the Enpass plugin icon to pair the Enpass app with the extension by entering a pass-code on the extension window to authenticate. Attached a snapshot of same for your reference. Also, you can refer to this link to add Enpass extension on chrome browser. Once done, you can left click on the Enpass plugin available on the browser and it will show you all the matching items to autofill. If this doesn't help you, share the snapshot of the page so that we can help you better. Make sure you have enabled Ask to save new logins from the Enpass browser settings. To do so, follow the steps: Open Enpass > Settings > Browser > Enable Ask to save new logins. Also, you can refer to this link to enable the same in Enpass settings. Thanks!
  4. Hey @Mahmoud Abolfadl Welcome to the forum! Currently, Enpass auto-save feature only works on apps (using Android Framework services API) and not on the browsers. We will definitely improve the behaviour once Android supports this functionality. To test this issues, we would require below details- On which Android OS are you having this issue? Which Enpass version you using? What all autofill options you have enabled in the Enpass Auto-fill settings? Thanks!
  5. Hey @urgatorbait Extremely sorry for the trouble you had gone through while updating your password. I can understand how frustrating it could be. We are trying to reproduce this issue and I will notify you once I get any update from the team. Also, I would like to thank you for reporting the issue of losing focus while editing an item. We have fixed the issue and the fix will be available with ver 6.7. @Ivarson @ryan29 Thanks for sharing your valuable inputs on this. It helped a lot to understand the issue. Your co-operation is highly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Hey @flamewave000 Apologies for the delay in response. Enpass saves the Webform data only when you add the item via Enpass Extensions, manually creating and saving the data from the Enpass app doesn't have this option. Also, Enpass only gives the save Web-form option if there are username and password field in the Web-form page. Currently, there is no way to edit field value type of save Web-form data. We will recommend you to re-save the web-form data if its broken. In this process, it will update new web-form, without need to manually change it. Thanks!
  7. Hey @techera Welcome to the forum! On the Free version of windows you can access unlimited items and can freely sync between other desktop devices. The only paid features on desktop are Breach monitoring and identification of 2FA supported items. The free version on mobiles has an item limit of 25 items. Thanks!
  8. Hey @banned-one Welcome to the forum! To autofill passwords saved in Enpass on any app/website, open the website in which you wish to auto-fill and then click on the Enpass extension plugin. The extension window will show you all the matching items, you can select the particular one to fill by double-clicking on the item. You can also check the same on our YouTube video. When you login to an existing webpage (saved in Enpass database) or a new webpage with a new/changed password, Enpass detects the changes and prompts to update/save the information. Make sure you have enabled Ask to save new logins from Enpass Browser Setting so that you can get option to save new logins in Enpass using extension. Hope this helps!
  9. Hey @burm87 @fmfm We are extremely sorry for the trouble you have been facing. The issue with Touch ID on macOS Mojave has been fixed in the v6.6.3 of Enpass and the website version of the same has been released. You can expect the fix on AppStore soon. Thanks!
  10. Hey @all We tested this issue on one of the demo account sent by a user and it looks like a case of server misconfiguration. We observed that server throws errors randomly at various steps of sync, most prominently are: Http 424 Set uid or gid error. - <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN">\n<html><head>\n<title>424 Failed Dependency</title>\n</head><body>\n<h1>Failed Dependency</h1>\n<p>Set uid or gid error.</p>\n</body></html>\n Http 403 [test] cannot overwrite [/volume1/home/Enpass/...] These errors are completely random with higher occurrence rate while first connection and overwriting a file. We tested these operation by mounting the WebDAV share in Ubuntu File manager and error occurs randomly as per our observation. We recommend to restart your server if this is due to some partial misconfiguration issue after update. If problem still persists try to perform file overwrite operation in other WebDAV client software like file manager of your OS and share your observations. Thanks for your co-operation.
  11. Hey @paperblankets Enpass uses Google Play services extensively including billing, Google Drive, Google-Signin and wearable support. We might be using more of it in future.
  12. Hey @DesignT Thanks for writing back. We tested this issue by exporting multiple attachments and it is working as intended. We will recommend you to create a separate folder on your device and use the location of this newly created folder while exporting attachments from Enpass.
  13. Hey @urgatorbait Thanks for explanation. You can modify the custom templates but not the default templates of Enpass. However, I have noted this suggestion and will share it with the team.
  14. Hey @Thane5 Welcome to the forum! Thanks for reporting this behavior of Enpass on Windows. We have identified the issue at our end too and will work to fix it so it runs as expected. Stay tuned for the coming updates of Enpass!
  15. Hey @gv24 Welcome to the forum! We appreciate your efforts in helping us with the suggestions for improvement. Wayland support in Enpass is on our roadmap. We plan to switch to Qt6 near end of this year and that would be the a good time to introduce native Wayland support too. Thanks!
  16. Hey @paperblankets Thanks for writing in. Currently, Enpass depends on Google Play services for registering or restoring purchase. However, your suggestion has been noted and shared with the team.
  17. Hey @urgatorbait Thanks for writing back. To troubleshoot this issue further, please share the above details along with the Enpass version.
  18. Hey @Sm77 Thanks for reporting this issue. We have found the problem with multi-line fields and it has assigned to the team for a fix.
  19. Hey @mfasy Thanks for reaching out to us. Did you try clicking on the check mark icon given at the right top. If no, please click on the same icon, you will get the option to add items within Enpass. A snapshot for your reference is attached. If this doesn't help, please try this workaround and share your findings: 1. Take the backup of all Enpass data if you have any. 2. Quit the Enpass app. 3. Open this folder on your mac: /Users/ ${USERNAME}/Library/Containers/in.sinew.Enpass-Desktop.App/Data/Library/Preferences/ Where $ {USERNAME} is the name of the home folder on your Mac. 4. Delete these files in.sinew.Enpass-Desktop.plist in.sinew.Enpass.plist in.sinew.Enpass-Desktop.App.plist 5. Now, open the Enpass application and check. Hope this helps!
  20. Hey @Henning Thanks for writing in. I would like to share that the requested feature is already noted and aligned for implementation.
  21. Hey @Srandista Welcome to the forum! Please follow these troubleshooting steps and let me know if the problem persists. Open Device settings --> Go to Security & lock screen --> Select Screen lock --> Setup PIN. (In case, if you're using some other function to unlock your device) Now delete all the Bio-metrics/fingerprint from device settings and add a new one. Now Enable Bio-metrics in Enpass. If this doesn't help, please confirm if a keyfile is added to the vault? Thanks for your co-operation.
  22. Hey @Sm77 We regret the problem you are facing, but we’re here to help. To proceed with the troubleshooting, please share the following details: Which Enpass version are you using? Is it possible for you to share a demo account of your WebDAV server via PM, so we can set up the sync at our end and check for issues? Thanks!
  23. Hey @chickenlover Thanks for writing in. You can import any template in pre-formatted CSV within Enpass. To do so, follow the below steps- Open Enpass > Click on File from Enpass Menu > Import > Select pre-formatted CSV > Select the login type as Other Miscellaneous and location > Continue > Select the vault in which you wish to import particular data and tap on continue. Please refer to the FAQ for steps to import data using a CSV file. Hope this helps!
  24. Hey @DesignT If you want all your attachments separately rather than exported json. Please follow these steps. 1. Go to Attachments in Others section in sidebar. It will show all items with attachments. 2. Select the required items. Right click and choose Export Attachments option. Thanks!
  25. Hey @SvenS Welcome to the forum! The issue has been fixed in the upcoming v6.6.7 of Enpass and it will be available soon. Stay tuned!
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