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    Latest update seems to have fixed this issue! There is no pop-up bubble anymore, but at least filling with notification works as it should. Great guys, thank you!
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    Hi Jeff, As per the pricing page on the website, the free app for mobile devices only syncs twenty items, if you want to sync more then you need to purchase the full version: https://www.enpass.io/pricing/
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    Thanks for the reply. I'll change my post to "Include" characters. Usually websites let you know what you can include.
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    Hi, I'm seeing the following message each time I open my Enpass 6.1.0 (404): However, when I click the dialogue which opens the Enpass update tab, showing that 6.1.0 (408) is available and then click Update Now, it opens the Windows Store App. Which shows the following: HOW DO I UPDATE? If I check my Installed apps, I can see Enpass Password Manager, but only the Launch button. HOW DO I UPDATE? Can't seem to find any way to update???
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    Can anybody tell me why i can not move the columns to the right ? I want to enlarge the space in the column "items" and the column "titles" . There is a icon visible when i place y mouse on the borderline......but i will not move? Is this a hidden option or something else? Are there Enpass users how can move and create more ore less space in the fields?
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    The new version 6.1.0 (June 6, 2019) of Enpass for iOS has fixed the issue. Thank you.
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    Hey @Ian, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. This issue has been fixed and updates with the fixes will be available soon. Thanks!
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    Hi @Richard2016, Thanks for writing in. Currently, Enpass is on SQLCipher v3. There were some issues preventing us from migrating to v4. However, SQLCipher V4.2 is out with fixes and hopefully, we can continue with the migration to v4 without degrading the customer experience. Thanks!
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    Hey @Simon92, Thanks for sharing the details. Our dev team is already working into this issue. Till then we request you to please co-operate with us. Thanks!
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    It is good to see photo cropping in the latest iOS update a must have feature that was needed and works well Very pleased with that feature
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    Dear @Anshu kumar, dear Enpass team, I'm very pleased to see that all the above mentioned issues were fixed in the recent release of Enpass (version 6.1). Great - thank you very much! Kind regards, c74a
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    I fixed it by removing the application with TrashMe and I am able to log in now on all devices.
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    It has been working great for me! The acknowledged issue of not remembering the vault location is the only minor issue I've had. Thanks!
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    Thanks! I actually had blocked the google API in my hosts file on my local machine. It was dnsmasq.config where I had to manually remove the URL of the Google API. I then could easily sync with Google Drive. I love enpass ;-)
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    I tested it again, and the Change Category is instead working now. However if you choose a multi-level category, the record ends in the top level one (the program doesn't ask for the sub-level category) I also want to suggest, that together with the "Last modified" and "Created Time" fields, the actual category of the record is displayed. Is not very obvious in some categories that doesn't have the category name in the title. Thank you!
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    Steam implements TOTP with a different alphabet. The basic algorithm seems to be the same as usual TOTP, but the representation of the token is different. An example implementation can be found here: https://gist.github.com/mooop12/1af7f0ffc8f28ea76f27abcba1e6da01 It would be cool if Enpass added support for these token types (maybe even as part of Enpass 6? :-) ) To not clutter the UI, maybe you could take the road of Bitwarden which uses a URL scheme to support different token types (no schema = default TOTP token, special token however could be steam://xyz123abc456).
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    Hi, Anshu, Thank you for your reply. I understand Enpass pricing. I'll buy it by google play store
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    Hi @João Henrique, I would like to share that with the release of version 6, Enpass uses the App folder for the synchronization which saves the data internally. It's hidden and can only be accessed by the app. To view Enpass file please follow these steps: Open Google Drive in any browser --> Click on Setting icon --> Click on Settings --> Manage Apps --> Enpass Hope this answer your question.
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    Solved Seems my devilspie conf broke copy/ paste when moving the window to specific workspace.
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    Works now, was a typo in the manual proxy configuration.
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    Hi , i just come from 1Password to Enpass. After a long wait i just look if there the wlan sync would be build inside enpass. But i, like others too,do not find that wlan Sync. I use Enpass on a Windows PC , an iPad and a iPhone. For me it is a need , i do not want to sync to clouds. For me it is fine to sync it at my private wlan network between all my devices. Without that Enpass feels not round . So i would like to ask friendly when the wlan Sync feature will come. And when it comes would it be possible to sync between PC , iPad and iPhone ? Thank your for your patience . Greets Stephan P.S. just read the message above , from J_Thomas and hope the will do it anyway
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    Hi @Sivakumar K, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. Please follow the steps below and let us know if the issue gets resolved: 1. Log out from Windows Store. 2. Sign in with the Mircosoft account that you used to purchase the app earlier. 3. Open Enpass app and let us know whether the Pro version is restored or not. If the problem persists, kindly share your Enpass purchase receipt via PM so that I can help you better. Thanks!
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    Wow...Anshu, you have nailed it. That was the exact problem...seems my first attempt to get the latest version from the Microsoft Store, while terribly confusing, was successful and it was there lurking while I upgraded the existing version. I have uninstalled the Store version. Thank you for your quick response. G.
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    The following steps and information will allow you to import a CSV file. Although I am coming from SplashID, the information below is useful to anyone. Tools Excel TextWrangler (now BBEdit) - free. Or probably any feature-rich text editor. "TextEdit" default app is NOT sufficient. Thumb drive Investigate how you will secure-delete your unencrypted SplashID export file before you export. SSD is questionable, as are flash drives. However, Flash drives are more easily reformatted in whole, or flat out sacrificed and destroyed. Google "wear levelling". The csv file is dangerous. It's unencrypted, small and fast to copy. AND, it's the most important data you have. Overview You will export the SplashID CSV file to a sacrifice-able thumb drive. You will import a .csv file of your own structure using Enpass desktop. The SplashID .csv export will be cleaned up in TextWrangler, imported into Excel for sorting, and finally opened in TextWrangler again for final processing. To import to Enpass, you will choose the "Pre-formatted CSV" option, then choose "Other Miscellaneous" from the drop down list before choosing and uploading your file. These instructions are a careful sequence of Find-Replace for your SplashID CSV export, resulting in a properly formatted file. You will still have to work your data inside Enpass, such as dragging items into Enpass categories or adding tags through multi-select. This is not very sophisticated. It DOES get your data into Enpass, and in the tidiest possible way. Probably it's time to tidy your data anyhow. Result Your final file will have one record per line, no spaces/returns between lines, and the top line will be the field names with quotes around them. The ends of the lines have no punctuation character. Your file will have had all commas that do not relate to fields removed. In case you didn't know it, CSV stands for Comma Separated Values. Attention: dates (January 5, 2007) and notes (Dear Jim, I am ...) will create import problems or unexpected results due to commas. Difficulty There are many small but easy steps. Frankly, Enpass, I don't know why this can't be a wizard. Steps 0. Export the SplashID CSV file to an empty flash drive that you don't mind destroying later. Make duplicate of the CSV file. Don't work on your original. I don't take any responsibility for your data, nor will I help further than this post. Let's assume your original export file name was SplashID-export.csv 1. Open the file in TextWrangler: Immediately: File > Save as... Choose a new name like MyPasswords.csv. You may need to add .csv at the end. If it says .txt you can simply replace it with .csv. Choose Unix and UTF-8 encoding. Save. In TextWrangler, you want to work with unwrapped lines... View > Text Display > Soft Wrap Text Even if something below is checked but grayed out, Soft Wrap Text is NOT CHECKED Tip: In TextWrangler, when you click a word all same words are highlighted with an underscore. 3. We will be using semi-colons for markers. Therefore, replace any existing ones in the CSV file with something else NOW... before the "marker semi-colons" are added. Later, Excel will import commas, but export semi-colons. If you don't clean out extraneous semi-colons now, it'll be a big pain later. Find ; Replace - Replace it with whatever you like that is NOT a semi-colon or a comma. Here I use a dash. The semi-colon will tell Excel (eventually, on import) "This is the end of a record. Start a new line." The comma will tell Excel (eventually, on import) "This is the end of a field." 4. Now build the formatting framework for the further work. First, we want to remove all tabs and return characters. You can see that in TextWrangler as a little hook and perhaps a delta-triangle when you... View >Text Display > Show Invisibles 4-a. Get rid of all the line breaks. Select everything. Text > Remove Line Breaks 4-b. Unfortunately, some return characters remain. They are little hooks. Highlight one this way: click to the left of the character and drag your mouse directly down one line to the start of the line below. Only the return character and it's line will be selected. cmd-c (copy). Open Find. cmd-f (find). In the find box, cmd-v (paste) in the return character. The find box will look empty. In the replace box, type 4 spaces. Again, it will look empty. Now replace ALL. CORRECT RESULT: ALL DATA IS ON ONE LINE. Note: Forget about all those extra spaces. They automatically get sanitized out in the process below. If they don't, you can later replace 4 spaces with something else in the same way. Naturally, 4 spaces is more searchable than 2 spaces. 5. The exported SplashID CSV has a handy structure for the following step. The record TYPE comes at the start of the record and the CATEGORY ends the record. We are going to mark these using Find-Replace, then use the markers to put line breaks at the end of records - where we want them. Remember, Enpass only accepts "one record - one line". The semi-colon markers make it easier to look at your records in Step 8. Also, they tell Excel when to start a new row. Any extra semi-colons will transfer into Excel as blank lines. No need to worry. They automatically get sanitized out. If you didn't do Step 3, you will regret it after this point. So, going from your SplashID TYPE dropdown list... Find FirstType, Replace ;FirstType, Put the semi-colon before the type name. Include the comma in both operations. Repeat for all Types, including "Unfiled" or "Other". Note: If you’re clever at cross referencing, you can compare the category counts with the search results for, for instance, “Personal” TYPE. If Splash ID counts 10 files under "Personal", but your search result window finds 12 instances of "Personal", then review it to make sure you aren’t setting a semi-colon in an unnecessary place. Specifically, if the TYPE “Personal” doesn’t appear at the beginning, where TYPE is found, or at the end, where CATEGORY is found, then you do should NOT add a semi-colon. 6. The CATEGORY should be done like this: Find ,FirstCategory Replace ,FirstCategory; Put the semi-colon after the category name. Include the comma in both operations. Repeat for all Categories, including "Unfiled" or "Other". 7. Now reintroduce the line breaks... Open the find dialog box with cmd-f (find). Activate the checkbox for GREP. in the find box, type [\;] ...bracket BACK-slash semi-colon bracket in the replace box, type &\n ...ampersand BACK-slash n The codes say, "take all the semicolons and put a new line." The search terms will light up in colors, signifying GREP search. GREP is a sophisticated and precise code-based Find-Replace technique. More, in case you have really crazy data structures. Now replace ALL. 8. Review your data. Does each and every record-line start with a Type? If not, you can safely fix it by hand. Use the delete key to join up the rogue line with the line above it, to which it belongs. "One record - one line." Don't worry about lines that only hold a semi-colon. Save. Because you saved the MyPasswords.csv file as a .csv and changed encoding to Unix/UTF-8 at the very beginning, you are all good to go. You can probably see the current encoding in the info bar along the bottom. 9. OPEN EXCEL Open a new document to see the option to Import Import > CSV file > choose MyPasswords.csv > Deliminated File > checkbox "Semi-colon" and "Comma" > Next > Select All Columns > Choose the Text Format> Finish > New Sheet Long numbers (like credit cards) will be shortened to scientific notation if they are imported under the "General" Format. The numbers will NOT be normal on export if you leave them alone. To prevent ... In the last screen of importing you can choose General, Text, Date, .... USE THE TEXT FORMAT AT THE MOMENT OF IMPORT by first selecting the column (Or all columns - this spreadsheet has no calculation purpose) and then selecting the Text Format. Note: the difference between selected and unselected columns is very subtle. You will get a tiny white line around the black area.) To be sure, perform this formatting every time you are doing an Excel import! 9-a. Select All. Sort Ascending or descending. Is it blank?!?! Don't Panic. You can delete the many blank rows created by our semi-colon Find-Replace routine. Or Select All and change your sort direction. 10. Add an empty row at the top of the sheet. Add the following column headers, being sure to include, at a minimum, the bold ones - spelled EXACTLY as here. Tags, Title, Username, Email, Password, Website, yourChoice1, yourChoice2, yourChoice3, yourChoice4, Note, yourChoice5, etc6, etc7 Naturally, put the titles on the columns to correspond with what is indeed there. Mind the spelling and make sure you have all the bold items, even if you need to insert a new column. I suggest to put the Tags title on the TYPE column. Note on Tags: The Tags column should hold only one value at this point. If you try to complicate things with tag separators in the tag field, forget the rest of these instructions. These instructions are a careful sequence of Find-Replace. I didn't have multi-tags, so I don't have a process for multi-tags. I titled my TYPE column as "Tags". After import you'll have the chance to select several records at a time and add tags. Note on Creation Date: I sorta tried, but I do not think Enpass can retain the dates exported by SplashID. I deleted them. Probably, I could have re-entered all the dates in a format that uses dashes like 01-01-2001. Oddly, using the Format > Cells... > Date did not work. If you do not get rid of these date commas somehow, you are going to have trouble! Imho, just delete the date column. IMPORTANT: use "Note", singular, and not "Notes", plural, so the field appear in a yellow box in Enpass 11. The order of the columns doesn't matter to Enpass... not exactly. Since it plucks out "Note" for itself, for instance, it seems to affect the import of the columns that follow the Note column - depending on whether a record contains a Note or not. I don't know and I didn't trouble myself with understanding, but... if I move the Note and Tags column to the end I got the expected import results. Therefore ... move the Tags and Note column to the end. Reminder! Always select the column with a click ...as a whole... to keep your data orderly. 11-a. OPTIONAL: ADD A CHECK FEATURE Follow this if you want to give yourself an extra check that your import will have an expected result. Add a column at the very end. Title the column 2DELETE.. Use the handle to copy the word down the entire column. As a spot check, if you've imported properly, when you examine your imported items in Enpass, the 2DELETE field will also contain the value 2DELETE. Otherwise, with so much text file gibberish, you could overlook a data alignment problem. Of course, you should go back later and delete this column and re-step from Step 13. I also deleted the Category column. Once you're in Enpass, you'll want to drag each item into the native category folders that comprise Enpass anyway. 12. TIDY UP I used the split pane function to always show the title row while I tidied up some files. No time like the present to tidy the data. It may help you to see your data better if you use the "Wrap Text" cell format in Excel... Select All > Format > Cells > Alignment > Wrap Text IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you see long numbers (like credit cards) written in scientific notation. The numbers will NOT be normal on export. They will have been shortened and therefore changed. This is a matter of using the "General" format on that particular column in the import settings. In the last screen of importing you can choose General, Text, Date, .... General will allow the shortening of long numbers, and in the cycle of import/export of this method, the original numbers will be lost. USE THE TEXT FORMAT AT THE MOMENT OF IMPORT by first selecting the column (Or all columns - this spreadsheet has no calculation purpose) and then selecting the Text Format. Note: the difference between selected and unselected columns is very subtle. You will get a tiny white line around the black area.) 13. Excel: File > Save as... > Rename it to indicate that you sorted the file and changed the data, i.e. MyPasswords-Sorted.csv. Make sure it's still CSV format. Save. If prompted: save the active sheet, and click continue on the warning about features. 14. In TextWrangler, open the file which you identified as being sorted in step 13. 15-a. Notice that Excel exports .csv files separated by semi-colons rather than commas. Probably it's a setting I've got. Skip this if your exported file is separated by commas. While it's still separated by semi-colons, probe for any remaining extraneous commas: Find , Replace - Find a comma and replace with a dash. Or replace with a number of spaces or any punctuation that is NOT a semi-colon or comma. 15-b. Replace the Excel created semi-colon separator with a comma, as required by Enpass. Find ; Replace , Find the semi-colons and replace them with commas. 16. ONLY on the Title row, put quotes around the field titles. Do not add punctuation to the end of this, or any other, row. CONGRATULATIONS! Your data is now sanitized and whipped into shape. Save with a new name to identify this has been sorted and processed in TextWrangler. i.e. MyPasswords-Sorted-Processed.csv This helps to identify the correct file to import into Enpass. Save as... > MyPasswords-Sorted-Processed.csv Check that you've set Unix and UTF-8 encoding. Check the file ending is .csv. If it comes up as .txt, simply delete .txt and type .csv in its place. 17. OPEN ENPASS Once you've set the masterpassword, do a first test import into Enpass. File > Import > Pre-formatted CVS > dropdown "other Miscelaneous" > choose your file MyPasswords-Sorted-Processed.csv. Continue. IF your file is one record per line, IF there are no extra/blank lines, IF the file contains commas only between fields and not within fields, IF there are no semi-colons, IF there are indeed quotations on the field titles, IF there is no punctuation at the end of each line... your data will be recognized. Import! 18. Oh no! Is the screen empty?? That's because it was imported into the Miscellaneous category. Click Miscellaneous. Examine your import. Does the 2DELETE field contain the value 2DELETE? Look at several records. If yes, your data is aligned. In the sidebar, do your tags look like tags or do they have odd snippets of text? You've probably got a comma somewhere within your data. Choose a complex record. Compare it to the Enpass record. Is the record indeed complete? Alignment errors point to an extraneous comma somewhere. 19. PROBLEMS Need any fixes? Having an import problem "nothing to import"? Want to delete a column? You probably have a comma error, or a title formatting error. So... EITHER Go back to Excel, using MyPasswords-Sorted-Processed.csv, and follow Step 9. Rename it MyPasswords-Sorted-Processed-Excel-rev1.csv or whatever you like to indicate its freshness. Tidy your file and keep going down the steps. OR Go directly back to TextWrangler, using MyPasswords-Sorted-Processed.csv,, and follow Step 14. Rename it MyPasswords-Sorted-Processed-TW-rev1.csv or whatever you like. Tidy your file and keep going down the steps. 20. In Enpass, you can now either import more sheets (aka Categories) OR If you have fine-tuned your data, you will want to replace, not add it twice. If you worked on your records again, replace your data. You don't want duplicates. Erase what you already imported: Gear Symbol > Advanced > Erase Everything Follow from Step 17. 21. Organize your records inside Enpass. Sort them into the categories. Highlight several records and add tags with a right-click. 22. All good? Great. Set up a sync so you can get your data to your smartphone. First set up sync from desktop to cloud. From your phone setup sync from phone to cloud. Viola! 23. According to your appropriate method, secure-delete the dangerous, unencrypted SplashID export file and all the iterations you created above. All your passwords are exposed. If you go to all this trouble to use/change password keepers, do not be lazy about handling or properly disposing of these files. 24. Kiss your Mom. We love that.
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    Hey guys, Thanks for writing in. Please refer to this FAQ. Hope this helps!
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    Hello, For logins Windows The csv file must respect the following structure (10 data fields): "Title","Username","Email","Password","Website","TOTP Secret Key","Custom Field 1","*Custom Field 2","Note","Tags" If some data does not exist, it is necessary nevertheless that the field is present by indicating a double quotation mark. For example: "Title","Username","Email","Password","Website","TOTP Secret Key","Custom Field 1","*Custom Field 2","Note","Tags" "Enpass", "Ekalb","","MyPaswword","https://discussion.enpass.io/index.php?/login/","","","","",""
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    Releasing the beta in the coming weeks? Really? How can your release cadence be in weeks? Is this 2019? Come on guys, if you are marketing this tool as a productivity boost and security mechanism then this issue is to an extent unacceptable. Make a point release, it's likely a touch of css and nothing more.
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    @Vikram Dabas Here is a screenshot of the scan results of the Have I Been Pwned plugin in KeePass. I selected to see all results (default is to see only those results where the password was not changed after the breach) so you see more results. You see that the plugin gets the Password Change Date in KeePass (this is not stored, but he plugin compares the passwords in the history of each entry). It also displays the breach date and at the bottom you get information about the breach. Would be cool if Enpass also offers such a "Check breach by website" feature and also displays information (text) about the breach. Of cause in a larger font. OLLI
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    Hi @Vikram Dabas. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my rant. You clearly sensed my frustration as I was wiping all things Enpass off my Slate and reinstalling the stable version. Thanks for getting the CPU Drain fix pushed out (to you and/or the team). I'm back in the beta boat. It's tough - we're the ungrateful consumers constantly begging for updates and features while whining about costs. But then again especially beta testers are donating our devices (some of which are pretty high value) to you to make your product more marketable. It's a tough tension. I look forward to seeing how you guys resolve it. In any event, I've grabbed the last two updates to the beta. Everything seems fast and fluid. There are two things that should still be looked at: I'm assuming that the Enpass Service notification will be mandatory; if that's the case, then please confirm. In any event, there's a typo in it: it reads "Enpass Autofill Serive" When the app has been running for a while and you go to close it, sometimes it keeps popping up as many as three times. Current setup causing it: Running a Pixel Slate in Tablet Mode (no mouse/keyboard/cover attached) on Stable v74 (fully updated) Enpass App is pinned to the shelf Press and hold Enpass App and choose "Close" Expected behaviour: Enpass App Closes Experienced behaviour: Enpass App opens. Press and hold and choose Close, enpass app appears to minimize and re-open. Rinse and repeat until it finally does close (and it does, but after several tries Those are the only ones that I've found so far. Thanks for improving the process for us. Another random feedback that I'm going to leave here rather than risking trying to get it out elsewhere. I've had a horrible time getting this posted. I actually drafted the bulk of this the day that you posted (and @Dentonthebear) and couldn't actually post. The anti-spam filter kept advising me that I was posting too many times or that my browser was forbidden. I also keep getting login problems accusing my domain of being a spam domain. I am sending this from a static IP address because it's my business computer - I'm a lawyer in Canada. I'm not sure what's going on, but maybe the spam filter could be eased up a little bit? Thanks! I'm not sure if this was aimed at me or not, but I'll respond to it because I want to be clear that I wasn't whining about a beta product not being ready for prime-time use. Rather, I was complaining about the lack of updates to the beta. Whether those updates came in the form of an actual update to the software itself (even with a disclaimer of "Try this out and see if the CPU bug is gone") or in a post ("Just FYI: we've nailed the CPU bug and will be rolling out an update to the software in a fortnight, barring other build issues"), I just wanted to know that this was actually getting fixed and that we could expect to continue testing. As I said: I don't mind donating my bloody expensive device for testing beta products if I know that the testing is leading somewhere. I was starting to wonder if this was going to languish in beta for six months, maybe even a year. Over a month without any changes to the beta and no roadmap for when we should see it doesn't inspire me to help them beta test. It inspires me to wait in the rest of the forums for the update to hit whenever it hits and to not help them out with the test. If I'm alone in that sentiment, then so be it, but I wanted it said just in case there's others like me reporting everything from showstoppers to cosmetic bugs and then wondering if we'll ever see a fix.
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    Hey @BATeller, Thanks for reporting this issue. We have found this issue and fixed will be available in the next update. Till then please co-operate with us.
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    Hi All, Microsoft recently introduced the developer preview of its new Microsoft Edge browser. This edition does not support the old Microsoft Edge extensions. The Enpass extension for the new browser would need to be installed from the Chrome Web Store but requires some fixing before it works. We are working closely with the Edge team at Microsoft, and hopefully, the upcoming Enpass v6.1 would bring support for the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge. Meanwhile, you can make the Enpass Chrome extension to work with the app by disabling the "Authorized browser with verified code signature only" option from Enpass Browser settings.
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    Hi All, The Favicon feature has already been added to the Enpass app. Please wait for the coming update v6.1 which will bring it. Thank you.
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    Now that Enpass 6 is what it is, what alternatives are you considering? My biggest requirement would be that the implementation is totally open-source, to prevent a vendor lock-in.
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    Hey Guys, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. There might be some technical issue with the app store so please wait for some time and try again. Thanks for your co-operation.
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    Have the same issue. Already purchased it, but now it shows that the app is "non pro version". Trying to purchase - getting error 7
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