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  1. Hey @quattleb,

    I would like to share that 1Password does not export items that include attachments, documents, or custom icons. Those items will need to be added to Enpass separately. For more details, kindly visit the FAQ. In the Enpass, you have options to use website icons as well as custom icons. I understand it does not have the drag and drop feature to add custom icons however, you can visit user-manual to know more about custom icons.  

  2. Hey @bu11etpr00f,

    I appreciate your efforts in sharing that Enpass is not syncing with DropBox. In order to resolve this issue, I would suggest you try the following steps:

    1. Firstly, take a manual backup of your data on all the devices.
    2. Secondly, disconnect the DropBox sync from all your devices.
    3. Now, login to your DropBox account in a browser → Open the Enpass folder → Select vault.enpassdbsync file → Rename it as oldvault.enpassbdsync.
    4. Try to reconnect the device that has the latest updated data with DropBox. If synced fine, sync the rest of the devices.
    5. If sync starts to work fine, you can delete the renamed old backup file from step 3.
  3. Hey @Masterframe,

    I appreciate you for being patient with us. During the investigation, our team found that Enpass only Autofill's on the Login page having Username, Email, and Password textbox. Enpass is working as expected for https://filecrypt.cc/Login.html or https://filecrypt.cc/Register.html having the same URL saved in the item. Enpass is saving the data correctly as well as Auto filling correctly. But, for https://filecrypt.cc/Create.html, Enpass is not considering it as a login/register page and the password textbox is not a password textbox. If you are creating an item of another domain having https://filecrypt.cc or https://filecrypt.cc/Create.html as its part, then Enpass open a new tab every time regardless if the URL is already opened or not. Hence, it is the expected behavior. 

  4. Hey @sdudulon,

    Thank you for reporting this issue. Our team has tested it and found it working as expected. If possible, could you please share a short video of this issue? It would help us to investigate it better. Additionally, shares the URLs of the websites where Enpass could not autofill the details. 

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