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  1. Hi @freibeuter, Filed an bug in bug tracker. Fix will be available soon. Thanks.
  2. Hi @nonchiedercilaparola, Thanks for reporting the issue. Fix will be available in future updates. Thanks.
  3. Hi all, Please wait for next update. We have fixed many WebDAV sync related issues in it. Thanks.
  4. We do not import directly from Private Notepad. However you can convert it into a CSV, in the format given in this FAQ ,with your desktop and import it into Enpass. Enpass purchases are not shared across platforms. Please read this FAQ. However, You don't need to buy Enpass on desktop unless you need some special features like Windows Hello Support, custom categories etc. Free version doesn't restrict you in any other means. Thanks.
  5. Hi @balticsailor, We are providing an simple option to fix these kind of Graphics related issue in next update. If you want to fix it manually please follow this FAQ. Thanks.
  6. Hi @skylark, In Enpass 6 you can't keep different passwords/master key on different devices. Once you added a KeyFile to first PC, it is also added to the synced file on Google drive, hence when you sync it with laptop it will say "Password of data on drive is required.". At this point click resolve button and provide your master password and KeyFile you added on PC. This will also add keyfile to your data on laptop. Same is the case with Mobile device. If you are getting "Sync canceled by the user" error. Please use Google Chrome for sync setup or read this FAQ. Also, when asked for KeyFile, scan it from "Settings->Vaults->Primary->Options(three dots in right top)->KeyFile" from PC or laptop. Thanks.
  7. Hi @Endru, Sorry for trouble. Please wait for next update. New update has an option to fix these kind of graphics faults. Alternatively, you can follow this FAQ to fix it now. Thanks.
  8. Hi @chribonn, You have two installs of Enpass. From Windows Store as well as downloaded from website(first icon). Thanks.
  9. Chrome extension should be automatically fixed as well after app update. The popup you see, when you press chrome extension button is from Enpass App itself. Make sure you are not running two versions of Enpass (Traditional and Store). If it is Traditional version(downloaded from website) update that too.
  10. Hi @Rakesh, I couldn't understand your question. Do you want to import passwords from .txt file into Enpass? Thanks.
  11. Hi @mismille, Never tested that. However if Enpass 5 worked in such environment previously there is no reason why Enpass 6 shouldn't. Thanks.
  12. Hi @marcel, This was fixed in previous update. Please update Enpass to latest version. Thanks.
  13. Hi @justaguy, Click on lens icon in search entry and select fields option. Enpass will now search in all fields, title and note. Thanks.
  14. Hi @David Deehan, We are working on it and dedicated Box support will land before Jan 31. Cheers:)
  15. Hi all, The issue has been fixed. Wait for next update. Cheers:)
  16. Hi @Endru, Sorry for trouble. You can download new update directly from our website. https://www.enpass.io/downloads/ Thanks.
  17. Hi @mushroom_daddy, The vulnerability you quoted had been resolved (remediated). Please see page no. 5 of audit report. Thanks.
  18. Hi @100 Watt Walrus, We had previously used a third party API to fetch fav-icons in beta. Since their terms of use has been changed and not in line with us, we have to remove that. We are working on our own service to provide fav-icons. This feature will return soon (next month). Thanks.
  19. @Seger If possible, please provide a demo account on your server via PM. It will help us to fix the issue faster.
  20. Hi @Robert_AT, Problem Nr. 1: Is your work desktop PC datetime is same as your iPhone/iPad. Time difference can lead to these kind of issues. Problem Nr. 2: You can fix this by following this FAQ. If you are not comfortable with adding Environment variables and easy workaround will be available in next update. Thanks.
  21. Hi @enpassguy, Please follow this FAQ to restore your v5 cloud data in Enpass 6. We are making this process less tedious with next update. Thanks.
  22. Hi all, Here is an FAQ how you can setup Box in Enpass 6. Dedicated Box support is still in development. However, to restore cloud data from Enpass 5 to 6 use this guide. Thanks.
  23. @C__O Ok. Username and passwords captured by extension is represented differently by 1password. Fixed in next update. Thanks.
  24. Hi @frank-from-germany, You can download update from our website till proxy issue is fixed. Thanks.
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