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  1. I cannot answer that one, but as well as being a girls name and a card game, patience is a virtue. Programming is not easy especially in the moving goalposts world of IT.
  2. Yes the Enpass team is working on it, and it is reference in other threads on the forum.
  3. Hi MarvinD, While I understand you are not happy with the lack of feedback on your particular problem; could you give other forum users a rundown on how you overcame the issue?
  4. The version 5 & 6 databases are not compatible and will not allow for synchronization.
  5. Hi, Had exactly the same issue this morning on Ubuntu 18.04.01, I had closed Enpass and all open browsers before doing system updates which were: autopoint chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra console-setup console-setup-linux firefox firefox-locale-en fonts-liberation2 gettext gettext-base gir1.2-javascriptcoregtk-4.0 gir1.2-webkit2-4.0 gnome-software gnome-software-common gnome-software-plugin-snap im-config keyboard-configuration libaio1 libidn11 libjavascriptcoregtk-4.0-18 libnss-systemd libntfs-3g88 libpam-systemd libruby2.5 libsmbclient libsystemd0 libsystemd0:i386 libudev1 libudev1:i386 libupower-glib3 libwbclient0 libwebkit2gtk-4.0-37 libxslt1.1 libxslt1.1:i386 ntfs-3g opera-stable python3-distupgrade python3-update-manager ruby2.5 samba-libs snapd systemd systemd-sysv ubuntu-minimal ubuntu-release-upgrader-core ubuntu-release-upgrader-gtk ubuntu-standard udev update-manager update-manager-core upower virtualbox virtualbox-dkms virtualbox-guest-utils virtualbox-guest-x11 virtualbox-qt wget woeusb wpasupplicant On re-opening Enpass it crashed a couple of times, in the end starting and seems to be working OK. Can supply a crash log if required. Enpass version 6.0.6 (323) Firefox Enpass plugin 6.0.1 Opera Enpass plugin 6.0.1
  6. Hi, All I can think of asking is are both installations the same version? Running Enpass on Ubuntu & Android devices myself, unfortunately I do not have an Apple device to test on.
  7. Could you post which version of Enpass you are having issues with?
  8. The concept of the tags was not clear in the beginning of Enpass 6, if they had been called 'Folders' instead then there probably would not have been so much push back. But they work fine as long as the user understands it is just like a folder structure and that new records should be created within a tag area so the tag path will be auto completed.
  9. Hi, Just bump this one along again. Some information on formatting would be great.
  10. Hi oldnewbie, Yes, you have to open Enpass with your master password for the vault to be available to external applications in your case Firefox. After that initial opening Enpass itself can be locked, either behind a PIN or master password but as along as it has been opened once you should be good to go.
  11. Yes a uniform experience would be the ideal but that is not what is currently available, so we users have to work with what the Enpass platform currently provides in the way of features. Yes I can imagine if you only work on mobile devices things may be frustrating, but if you have access to the desktop programme as well as the functionality is there. As for removing categories completely this would, in my opinion be a backwards step as the majority of users are not going to want to have to start from scratch. This would definitely apply several of my customers who are both well in to their seventies and are happy with grasping the basics, but designing new categories and templates would definitely have put them off.
  12. Hi, In the desktop app to add a custom category or remove a default one: Settings > Customize > Categories > Add Categories Settings > Customize > Categories > Edit Categories (untick as required) The same options do not appear to be available in the mobile app (speaking for Android), yes it would be nice to have the same functionality. However, I am guessing most users will have access both mobile and desktop platforms, and creating multiple new categories and templates would, as far as I am concerned, be tedious on a mobile device.
  13. You would need to add these manually to the corresponding entry within Enpass, there is no way to do it automatically as far as I am aware. The default login template has fields included for one security question and answer by default, but there is the ability to add more if required.
  14. For your pre-existing log-in data you would need to enter this in to Enpass. If you have the appropriate web browser extension installed when you log in to a site that Enpass does not have the details for it should ask you if you want to save them within the programme. Is that what you mean?
  15. I am going to go with Enpass is a commercial company, and they are trying to make a little money.
  16. Sorry to hear that you have such bad experiences with v6 of Enpass. On upgrading my Linux, Android and Windows installations experienced no issues, also I have upgraded my clients using MacOS, iOS, Windows and Android without issue as well as introducing new users on Mac to v6. Yes there was a learning curve and new ways to accomplish the same task (but that is where the forum came in really handy) and things have been added since the initial release but as yet no problems that actually stopped me or my clients using the programme. There are of course many reasons that developers 'tweak' a programme and I cannot imagine that one of them is that they got bored.
  17. Thanks I was not aware of that, time for me to set up Nextcloud then.
  18. Currently it is not possible to sync multiple vaults to a cloud service. It is intended that vaults in addition to the main one are stored on the local device, this is not what most users were expecting when we heard of the feature at beta stages. Whether this will change in future releases is currently unknown.
  19. Just to add my desire for multiple vaults in the same storage location. A definite must.
  20. Hi gtx, If you do a forum search for curl you will find several threads on the issue with some possible solutions.
  21. Hi, Hardware: Xubuntu 18.04, AMD Ryzen 5 1600, 16GB RAM Software: (fresh upgrade from v5) So far no issues, CPU usage has not gone over 5% and is returning to 0% within a short period.
  22. Hi, My setup is Xubuntu 18.04, Adwaita theme and Elementary Xfce darker icons. First thing I did upon installing Enpass 6.0.1 (239) was to change to the dark tray icon, it worked first time without having to log out/in. Not entirely the same setup as you zappyguy, but I thought I would chime in with my experience. zappyguy, did you run a beta version of v6? I went straight from 5 to 6 myself. Liking things so far with 6, some irritating bits that will hopefully be improved but I will post up these points elsewhere. Oh and thanks very much Team Enpass for the "All the premium features are free for Linux." If only there were more software developers creating truly cross-platform programmes.
  23. All I can say is I am thankful that I use Linux.
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