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  1. Dear users,

    We understand and relate to your issues by reading your reactions. However, we're here to shed some light on how we aim to handle Pro users now and in future.

    As promised, the existing Pro users will continue to enjoy all the Pro features without any additional cost. We will keep on polishing the app with new updates. Furthermore, we will continue to add more Pro features in future at no extra cost.

    However, with time we have to release features that make Enpass better, with added security and productivity which requires recurring operational costs. Hence these overheads are difficult to cover from a one-off cost of Pro-license, and that is why we need monetary inputs from users at a minimal cost.
    With that said, rest assured, Pro users are not compelled to pay once again for Premium features and can continue to enjoy Enpass Pro along with new Pro features.


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  2. @KHK

    On 9/12/2020 at 4:45 PM, KHK said:

    I always get only the passwort filled into the login-windows, not the user name.


    Make sure that you save the username in the correct field type (as Username) in Enpass. 


    On 9/12/2020 at 4:45 PM, KHK said:

    Than I looked into the web formular and there is only the passwort field. How can get the user field as well into the formular?

    Just create a login entry in Enpass with the username, password and the URL of the particular site.

  3. @False

    Thanks for sharing the WebDAV account details. We connected using the WebDAV Nextcloud server with the demo account credentials you shared, and there was no error. We are, however, using Enpass version 6.4.2 on Windows.




    We have intentionally masked the WebDAV URL for privacy reasons. However, we have shared the unedited image and the account details with you over the ticket.

  4. @akash8 
    Welcome to the Enpass forums.

    Enpass requires a master password if the user is setting up sync with a cloud account where there is an existing Enpass data. However, in case if you lose or forget the master password, it is impossible to setup sync with the same cloud account.
    Now, as you have access to the data on the Android device, you can manually share each item from Enpass in Android with Enpass on the desktop. You will have to setup a new primary vault on the desktop and then add each shared item into the vault. Please refer the user guide here for info on sharing items in Enpass.

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  5. @Just a guy

    We can understand that it is indeed hard to identify the particular OneDrive account with which you are syncing in Enpass. However, one workaround is to change the default browser on your system and then setup sync. This will ensure that you do not have saved OneDrive account credentials in the browser and can sync with the desired account credentials when redirected to the browser. 

  6. @Yoshie2000

    Welcome to Enpass forums!

    Disconnect the sync in Enpass on all the devices. Make sure not to delete data from OneDrive account while disconnecting the sync. Once you disconnect the sync, delete all permissions for Enpass from the same OneDrive account after opening the page
    Now, re-connect the sync on all devices and check if the problem resolves. If the issue persists, share the Enpass version you are using on each device.

  7. @Andre Lapierre

    Hello and welcome to the forums.

    Which version of Enpass are you using now, and which version did you use earlier? Also, on which OS did you update Enpass? Were you using any cloud to sync Enpass data?

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