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  1. Hello @ttk and @Fabian1,

    Thanks for writing  in!

    The concerns highlighted in this post are absolutely legitimate and stand well-grounded in the the purview of data security and privacy from a user's perspective. Enpass firmly believes in the notion "Security is paramount" and the same has been(and will be) the basis of every feature of Enpass.

    Many users had reported such issues and to address the same we request you to visit here for a comprehensive knowledge on how Enpass upholds data sovereignty with the website icons enabled.


  2. Hello @NickMynx,

    Thanks for using Enpass!

    We'd earlier forwarded this to our QA team, and we request additional details on the issue:

    1. What are the Enpass and Keepass versions you're using?
    2. What are the number of items and attachments the data have?

    Please share these details for us to proceed.


  3. Hello @Marcus Mook,

    Thanks for choosing Enpass!

    Yes. You'll need to purchase Enpass on desktop separately as purchases are platform-specific(managed by respective app store!!). You can purchase Enpass for your Windows PC from Microsoft Windows app store. 

    You can however restore your iOS purchase on other iOS devices (iPhone or iPad). Let us know if this helps or you have any other question.


  4. Hey Enpass users!

    We have an update regarding the "Fingerprint" issue. While our dev team is looking into this issue, you can try the below steps to unlock Enpass with fingerprint on Samsung mobiles:

    Go to device Settings --> Biometrics and Security --> Biometric Preferences --> Preferred Biometric --> Select Fingerprint as preferred biometric.

    Let us know if this helps! We'll share an update once we have fixed this in the app.


  5. Hello @Darrell,

    Thanks for choosing Enpass.

    On 9/15/2019 at 10:27 AM, Darrell said:

    is it possible for me to "Sync" both mobile phones at the same time from my PC

    Yes! You can "Sync" all your devices simultaneously. Make sure you use the same cloud account (Drive, Dropbox etc.) on each device. 

    All items of PC will be available on mobile devices once Sync is enabled.

    Let us know if you face any issues!


  6. Hello @loveworksdotcom,

    Thanks for sharing your inputs.

    The "import with .csv" issue is already highlighted with our QA team. We will share an update about it soon. 

    9 hours ago, loveworksdotcom said:

    Enpass does not autofill with MY Android Chrome, although it works fine with Firefox and Opera on Android.

    We have fixed bugs with Enpass auto-fill functionality and the improved functionality will be available in latest Beta update which will be rolled out soon!

    9 hours ago, loveworksdotcom said:

    Enpass browser extension loses communication with the desktop application and returns an error message stating that it can't find the desktop app.  Exit out and restart and it works ok.

    Please ensure that Enpass application is running in background and you have the latest browser extension installed. If you still face any issue, please write to support@enpass.io along with the details (OS version, Enpass and extension version).


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