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  1. Hi @ehbowen, Thank you for reaching out to us. You can download the website version of Enpass for windows from our official website, refer to this link and let me know.
  2. Hi @flyingbirds, Yes. Enpass Assistant lets you do the autofill using browser extension and basic functions like searching and viewing items, edit existing items, copying information, generating passwords,etc. Refer to this link for more information. Yes, Enpass must be running in the background because the extension fetches data from the App. Enpass is an offline password manager and it does not store any of our user's information on its server hence extension can not fetch any auto-fill data without the installed application. NOTE: You can set the Enpass app to auto-run on system startup and keep it always running in the system tray or menu bar. No, It is not an Electron app. Enpass uses a cross-platform QT/C++ framework that compiles everything to native code. Enpass is designed to run in the background for a long time and there will be no performance hit.
  3. Hi @jecxnate, Welcome to the Enpass community. Thanks for sharing the screenshot of the issue. I have duly noted your feedback and it has been forwarded to the concerned team for further investigation. I'll let you know as soon as I have any updates regarding this.
  4. Hi @Aliased, Thank you for informing me. Let me share this with the testing team and ask them to provide any fix/update. Enpass appreciates your patience!
  5. @flyingbirds, We have implemented two options in Preferences -> General: Hide dock icon when main window is closed. Open automatically at login. By enabling these two, Enpass can be quickly accessed from menu bar icon and browser extensions.
  6. Hi @flyingbirds, Welcome to the Enpass community. We do have this feature where you can autofill the logins using keyboard shortcuts, your default keyboard shortcut for auto-filling is CTRL+/. You can create the shortcuts from your browser extension settings. Also would suggest you to enable Match URL hostname from the browser settings of Enpass.
  7. Hi @Ademain, Thank you for reaching out to us. For quick troubleshooting, If the Enpass extension is not listed I would advice you to update the Enpass app to its latest version 6.7.3 from Mac App Store and see if the issue persists, as Safari extension is embedded in the app itself.
  8. Hi @André Fluck, Welcome to the Enpass community. Please refer to this page for a complete information about Wi-Fi Sync Troubleshooting and also would suggest you follow the below-mentioned steps. Turn off your wireless router and restart again. Make sure that the date and time are the same or set to Automatic on all devices. Disable the WLAN server in the Enpass desktop app. Then turn it back on again. For more information refer to our Wi-Fi Sync Manual Setup. Do let me know if it worked for you or not so that I can assist you better. Cheers!!
  9. Hi @Hiroshi, Welcome to the Enpass community. Under the premium license Enpass has two robust new features like 2FA Identification and Breach Monitoring. In order to take the benefits of these options Enpass encourages its users to move from pro to premium. Please visit this blogpost for more information. Yes, Premium is also having a lifetime option. You can refer to this link of our official website to know more about pricing details of Premium – Life Time Membership.
  10. Hi @drjbg, Welcome to the Enpass community. There are two types of vaults in Enpass: Primary and Secondary vaults. The very first vault you create/add in Enpass is referred to as the Primary vault and rest of the other vaults are considered as the secondary vaults in Enpass. You can not rename or remove the Primary vault. The password of the Primary vault acts as the master password of Enpass. We do not have vault disable option, you can only remove/delete the Secondary Vaults in Enpass by the following steps (attached screenshots for you reference) Go to Settings--> Click on Vaults--> Select the Secondary vault which you want to remove. (Work Vault for example) Click the options menu (3-dots) button and click Remove Vault. --> You’ll be asked to authorize yourself by entering the master password of Enpass. After authorization completes, you’ll see a warning message to ensure removing the vault. You’ll also be provided with an option to save the vault password as an item in Enpass for future reference. Unselect the option if you don’t want to save the password. Click Remove button, and done. --> After this the "Work" vault will be successfully removed from the Enpass. Do follow these above-mentioned steps and let me know if this worked for you. Cheers!!!
  11. Hi @orangefishcat, Welcome to the Enpass community. We are already aware about this issue and soon it will be fixed in the upcoming update of Enpass. It happens when you do not open Enpass assistant from browser toolbar, but from global hotkey or system tray. Also, you can enable Match URL Hostname from the browser settings of Enpass to show exactly matched subdomain on the top. Once enabled, the Enpass extension will only show you the list of items having the same URL host-name on a login page. This issue has been reproduced on our end also and our team is working on it, it will be fixed in the future updates of Enpass. If you have enabled Fingerprint unlock, the unlock prompt will be activated automatically Enpass window comes into the focus. You have an option in settings to not lock Enpass window close button is pressed. Wifi sync working depends on your network setup, hardware, and OS configuration. I suggest you to please refer this troubleshooting guide for Wi-Fi Sync. Some apps and browsers do not support the Autofill framework provided by Android. Enpass provide alternative auto-filling options for such apps for a better experience. You can enable all these: Open Enpass--> Go to Setting-->Autofill-->Enable them all (Android Autofill Service, Enpass Keyboard, and Autofill Using Accessibility). After each update of Enpass it adds a shortcut to the desktop: I have duly noted your feedback and the same has been forwarded to our concerned team for further consideration.
  12. Hi @ESHY, Thank you for reaching out to us. Whether the full-time Window Hello will work on any device totally depends on the Microsoft Windows itself. To determine the compatibility of the device to support Full-time Windows Hello (feature is only available with Enpass Store version), Enpass relies on this API provided by the Microsoft. It is the only way to distinguish whether the security keys are generated by a legit Hardware TPM. There is little Enpass can do in this case.
  13. @herr.nilsson, Thanks for sharing the details. We were able to reproduce the issue on Mojave. However, It will show Enpass icon in toolbar after restarting the Safari browser and re-enabling extension from safari preferences. Let us know if you are still facing the issue after these steps.
  14. Hi all, I would like to share that "Incorrect OneDrive account" is not an issue that can be fixed in Enpass. Enpass just uses the account token passed by the browser. This is a Microsoft issue as clearing cache/cookies from all the Microsoft domains solves this. You have to clear cache manually from the browser settings if you are facing this issue.
  15. Hi @herr.nilsson, It is working fine in our tests. Can you please share the OS version and Safari Browser version that you are using?
  16. Hi all, Apologies for the delay in responding to your comments. We do monitor all our discussions and this issue is on our priority list. A fix will be available in next week release. Enpass will always try to do its best to hear out our user's concerns, thanking you all for the support and patience!! Cheers!!
  17. @herr.nilsson Make sure you have enabled the Safari app extension of Enpass from Safari Preferences → Extensions → Enpass Extension. Attached screenshot for your reference. If the issue persists then please let us know if you have multiple Enpass versions (Apple Store and Installer from Website) installed on your device?
  18. Hi @znation, Welcome to the Enpass Community. I have duly noted your feedback and forwarded it to the concerned team for further consideration. Your patience is highly appreciated.
  19. Hi @motocoder, You can try to take the manual backup of your database and uninstall the Enpass app then re-install Enpass and restore your database. Although, I have forwarded this issue to our concerned team for further investigation. I'll let you know as soon as I have any updates regarding the same.
  20. @icar, In our test, we found that it is working correctly. I would suggest you clear the Webform of the existing item by following steps: Open Enpass--> Select your Item-->Click on Show Webform--> Click on "Delete Webform". If the issue persists create a new item and save it using Webform by: Open the Sign-up page-->Fill your details in such a webform-->Click the ≡ button on the Enpass Assistant-->Click Save Webform. Now try log in with this newly created item.
  21. Hi @herr.nilsson, Welcome to the Enpass Community. I have forwarded this issue to our concerned team for further investigation. I'll let you know as soon as I have any updates for the same. Your patience is highly appreciated! Thank you.
  22. Hi @ajgraves, Thanks for reaching out to us. Currently, BSD support is not on the roadmap. I have forwarded feature request to concerned team for further consideration.
  23. Hi @rabbit, Welcome to the Enpass Community. This error means app is not able to connect to X server. Please let us know following details to pinpoint the issue: 1. Are you inside a Desktop Environment and running Enpass as same user? 2. Are you running wayland instead of xorg? 3. Version of PureOS? 4. What is your Desktop Environment? Gnome/KDE/Others Thank you.
  24. Hey @AndreasN, Could you please check if write permissions are there on the Documents/Enpass data folder or not? I would also suggest you to try the alternate installation of Enpass(ie. if using the website version then try the store version or vice versa) and let us know if the issue persists.
  25. Hi @PWManager, Yes, We finally have the Wi-Fi Sync feature and it is also available for Linux too. You can find the install instructions here. Cheers!!
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