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I recently dropped Lastpass in favor of Enpass 6, and so far I'm loving it. However a feature that can be improved, especially for power users, is the webform mapping screen. I am currently using the Windows 10 version and the relationships between form fields and enpass items seem to be read-only (apart from selecting a item field to map to) and can only be captured by browser extensions. A lot of those fields are required during sign-up, but not for further logins. I would like to have the ability to manually edit the webform mappings.

Specifically, I would like to:

  • Create webform mappings for manually created enpass items / logins
  • Rename form field ids
  • Add or remove form fields
  • Add or remove "additional fields"

Note: this could also be used to map TOTP fields to the webform, as also requested here


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I agree.  The ability to edit webform mappings would be extremely useful.  Often sites require a user name and another identification number and without the ability to edit the mappings, Enpass can't be used properly for these sites.

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On a chromebook. I literally have to remote into Windows VMs to use the operating system. Chromebooks live with Enpass as an android app.

I really need to be able to start working with the webforms myself. I have a couple of complicated logins that Enpass is totally incompetent at filling in. Please get webform editing on the Android roadmap as soon as possible.

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Is there any news on this yet? I have over 300 entries in Enpass and would like to remove the web form mapping from many of them, as this is no longer correct and causes some issues on many websites for me. Now I would have to create all entries again (this could take hours), because I can neither edit nor delete the mapping. Especially the deletion would be very very helpful.

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Hey @Garima Singh

Thank you for sharing that the feature to edit web-form mapping has been implemented & I'm really happy to hear that. I'm on Enpass v6.6.1 (store and win32) however I cannot seem to find the appropriate settings to edit a web-form after it has been mapped. I haven't found anything in the manual on the website or its pdf version either.

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Hey @Ahmer

Thanks for writing in. To edit the mapped web-form, click on Show Webform option given at the bottom of the particular item detail page. Also, we have noted your suggestion to add the same in our user manual and notified it to the team.

Attaching a screenshot for your reference.

Webform mapping.png

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@Garima Singh My Enpass most of my entries do not have that "Show Webform" button, and there is no way to add it. Also, for the few that do have it, I have no way of editing the form tags, only the values. Some of my webpages have changed their web forms, which has broken the saved keys and there is no way to update the Enpass Entry's web form data. I try to click the key name such as "access key" but nothing happens. It is not editable, all I can do is delete mapping, or change the value fields and nothing else.



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