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  1. Hi @Toby Humphrey

    You're not using the stable version of Enpass Extension. It seems you might have initially installed it from our old beta channel on Chrome Web-Store which was discontinued long back. The pop-up that obscured your auto-fill flow is an experimental feature that slipped into your extension through that channel. We advise you to remove this extension from Chrome and install the latest stable version from the Chrome Web Store.
    Sorry for the mix-up. Happy auto-filling using Enpass!



  2. Hi @PeterTheBike

    For this, you need to create a new vault, copy the items you would like to share, then inform the sync details to the other user. Here's how you can do it -


    a. (For you) Sync vault data over a cloud account 


    1. Create new vault, copy the items you want to share.
    2. Sync new vault with any of the supported cloud services in Enpass.
    3. Share newly created cloud login credentials and vault password with the user.

    b. (For another user) Restoring vault on other devices with cloud sync

    1. Other user can restore the vault data either from the Welcome page or create a new vault in Enpass under Settings, restore the data via sync using the same cloud account as in Step a(2).



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  3. Hi @rigmarole

    Welcome to the Enpass Community!

    Please share the below information with me and I will get it checked with the concerned team -

    1. The OS you are using on your desktop and its version
    2. The version of the Enpass App you are using

    Would also suggest you to check the following links to make sure you are not missing any steps while trying to setup Wifi Sync-

    1. For Setting wifi sync through Manual Setup
    2. For setting wifi sync through QR Code
    3. For Troubleshooting
  4. Hi @Roobert

    Since a sync server is already running on your iMAC, you do not need to run Wifi sync server on your MacBook Pro. You can connect your MacBook Pro to iMAC sync server just like your handheld devices. Please follow the below instructions to set it up -

    1. Open Enpass on your iMAC which is running the server. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi Sync > Select the vault you want to sync > Manual Setup
    2. Now open Enpass on your MacBook Pro . Go to Settings > Vaults > Select the vault you want to sync.
    3. Click on Set up Sync > Wi-Fi Sync.
    4. Select the same Wi-Fi server displayed on the iMAC device running the Wi-Fi server.
    5. Verify the connection with the code and click Yes, go ahead.
    6. Select the vault you want to sync.
    7. Enter the “Access Password” displayed on the “Manual Setup” page on Wi-Fi Sync Server

    This should sync your MacBook Pro as a client. Let me know if you face any issues with these steps.

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  5. Hi @Krisz

    Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. Our team has reproduced the bug on their end and we are working on getting it fixed. The fix will be implemented in the future Enpass updates. Appreciate your patience in the meantime.

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  6. Hi @Will.iam

    It seems that we have some issues with existing database file. We should restore a working version from backups first to restore your data. Please follow the below steps on your MAC:

    1. Quit Enpass(if Open) using Command+Q.
    2. Depending on the OS, Go to following Path in your System:


      Note - You might see multiple folders named Enpass here, please check in all such folders where you may find the Folder named Vaults. Also, Enable View hidden contents in Finder
    3. Here you will see a folder named Vault. Rename this folder. Say to “XYZ”
    4. Now launch Enpass Application. It will launch from Welcome Screen. 
    5. Select Previous Backups Option
    6. Now Restore the latest Backup by providing your Master password.
    7. You should be able to restore Enpass from last backup state now

    Please let me know if you were able to access your data after following the above steps.

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