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  1. Hi all, There seems a font family name clash. Icons in are provided by "fontawesome" (v5) embedded in Enpass binary. Enpass is picking up another font installed in your system. Can you confirm this? Thanks.
  2. Hi @stigvi, Thanks for reporting. Some other users have also reported similar issue. We are on it. Thanks.
  3. Hi @th3Chris, Sorry for the trouble. Enpass 6 per-assumes that a user's data will be upgraded in place and subsequent sync will make Enpass 6 data available on cloud. As we have moved to app folders on various clouds, we can't access Enpass 5 data files due to limited scope and access. Now that so many user's are starting a fresh with Enpass 5 data skipping upgrading/sync path. We are fixing it in next update by restoring v5 data wherever we can (Dropbox, WebDAV) and clearly advising how to do that where we can't(Google Drive, One Drive, iCloud). For now you can follow this FAQ to restore your v5 data. Thanks.
  4. Hi @RatHeader, By default search is Title search. You can widen search scope by Clicking on Search icon and choose "Fields". You can do that in Enpass 6. Just click icon next to Favorite icon (three dots) on entry detail page and you will get the option. Ctrl+D will also do the same. Thanks.
  5. Hi all, We are actively discussing it. Will update you. Thanks.
  6. Hi @superpit, Store page does not show changelog after update. Here is a link for latest release notes: https://www.enpass.io/release-notes/windows-10-desktop/ Thanks.
  7. @MPeter We are analyzing crash reports and fixing the issues. Wait for updates. Please submit crash report if haven't already.
  8. Hi @BATeller, An update with fix is in App store review process. Alternatively, you can fix it by turning FaceID/TouchID off and on again in Enpass settings.
  9. Hi @Ben7002, You can't keep different passwords on different devices in Enpass 6. Change of password on one device will force the change on another device via "Password mismatch" error resolution. The error, i think is what you got here. if not, please share error code/text with me. Thanks.
  10. @Twisted Yes, it is same for iCloud. Because we are using CloudKit API now to support iCloud sync on non Apple platforms as well.
  11. Hi @ajp776, Enpass 6 stores its data in a different place called App folder Please refer this post to know, how to find it. Thanks.
  12. Hi @Costume-obsolet-loss, Please click on hamburger menu on top right and follow this FAQ. https://www.enpass.io/support/how-can-i-import-my-data-from-other-password-managers-to-enpass/ Thanks.
  13. Hi @baak, Thanks for lsof output. If you using network proxy please allow localhost ( to bypass it in mac network settings or browser settings. Thanks.
  14. Hi @maeck, Touch ID should automatically popup when you open Enpass from browser extension or from menu bar. Main Enpass windows does not automatically show it. You can use "Cmd+." shortcut to activate it till we add this option. Thanks.
  15. Hi @macawmatt Sorry for inconvenience. It seems protocol handlers are not in effect after installation and Chrome is not redirecting back to Enpass app. Please restart your system or change your default browser for sync setup. Thanks.
  16. @sargan New version resets the all settings of previous version. If you are facing problems after upgrade, please check this option on and off again.
  17. @slc66 Forwarded to test team. Let them reproduce it on said distro. Will share findings.
  18. Hi @leumig, Enpass does offer this option when you Autofill in apps. Android Autofill framework provides wrong information (bullets instead of password) on browsers, so we have disabled this option on browsers until upstream fixes it. Thanks.
  19. Hi @Billys107E, Are you using proxy for internet. There was a bug where proxy was working unexpectedly in update dialog. It has been fixed in upcoming update. Thanks.
  20. Hi @ErrolN, Yes, it will show as pro on your iPhone. Thanks.
  21. @eddieb Next week update will bring Auto-fill for Safari in 9.3.
  22. Hi @rednewsch, Is Enpass to its latest on Windows? If a WebDAV server works on Mac it should work on Windows too. If not, we are analyzing crash reports and fixing issues. Wait for update in that case.
  23. @koskkim This issue has already been solved. Will be there in next update. @quwax A zero kb file is being downloaded over your WebDAV. We have already fixed some issues related to WebDAV in upcoming update. If you can, please share a demo account (via PM ) on your WebDAV server, it help us to iron out the issue if still exists. Thanks.
  24. @superpit Roboform generates different html when used in German and English export skips some German characters. Fix is underway, wait for next update.
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