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  1. @IslandBoy Sorry for a late reply. There seems to be an issue with the OneDrive sync. Don't worry, follow the below steps: Please disconnect the sync on all the devices that are syncing with the One Drive account. If you already have all the data on the device(s), proceed to the next step. Login to OneDrive on a browser and rename the file inside Enpass folder to old_vaultxxx.sync. Re-connect the sync on all devices with the same OneDrive account and check if the issue fixes.
  2. @kgw By Drive, do you mean Google Drive? If "Yes", Enpass folder is hidden on Google Drive and unlike One Drive it isn't visible.
  3. @Christian Düss Hey, How did you change the fingerprint? Did you add a new fingerprint in the phone settings? Additionally, do you have access to the same data on any other device?
  4. Kashish

    Menu bar

    @Endru No, that's not a possibility. Sorry. Thanks.
  5. @Christof Luick Thanks for using Enpass and Welcome to the forums. We appreciate your feedback and we've noted down the request for the auto-type feature in Enpass. We'll take your word to our internal team meetings and see if there's a possibility in the near future for such a feature in Enpass.
  6. @Endru Do you mean Enpass browser extension? It is definitely more secure as compared to copy-pasting the passwords as Enpass auto-fill itself determines the saved passwords for a website and auto-fills it without creating a history on the clipboard.
  7. @Jrdc Welcome to the forums!! Could you try disabling the Autofill under Enpass settings, kill the app, re-enable the Auto-fill and check if the auto-fill works on your device. You could also follow the help center article here to auto-fill on your device. Thanks.
  8. Kashish

    How to buy?

    @Chaosfreak The prices on the website are in USD. Enpass costs different in each country as the users are billed in their respective currency. Additional taxes might be levied as per the applicable country/state's tax laws. We appreciate your gesture, however, you can only buy Enpass from PlayStore or AppStore as of now. Thanks.
  9. @Drausi There are different version of Enpass installed on iPhone and the Windows PC. Please disconnect the sync with OneDrive on Windows and update Enpass to version 6.4. Then, reconnect the sync with OneDrive to check if the vault re-syncs with OneDrive.
  10. @T-Bone Did you save the login entry/password in Safari earlier?
  11. Kashish

    iOS sync broken

    @psoella Yes! There are certain issues with the OneDrive sync presently and we're working to have them resolved in the upcoming version update. Thanks.
  12. Hey @And, Thanks for the update. Glad to know everything's fine.
  13. Hello @Timo K., We have identified the issue with the iCloud sync and are working on an update with the fix for it. You could let us know if there's anything else. Thanks.
  14. Hey everyone, We are pleased to announce that a beta release for the next version of Enpass i.e. 6.4 is now available for all supported platforms - Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and Linux. The latest beta release comes packed with enhancements, bug fixes and performance improvements. Our goal in the newest version is to improve the auto-fill functionality as well as provide users with the much awaited OneDrive for Business cloud sync. What's New: Support for OneDrive for Business: Enpass now supports vault sync with Microsoft OneDrive Business. Reveal password(desktop): As requested by many users, we are adding a keyboard shortcut for displaying the passwords for a particular item by pressing Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+H while viewing the item detail window. Fixes: Enhanced Autofill: Your favourite feature, Enpass auto-fill, is now better than before. Tag update was not triggering the auto-sync. Improved performance for the items listing making it faster to load the items. Option to dismiss the registration reminder for Pro/Premium users. You can refer to detailed release notes for each platform on the downloads page. We encourage you to go ahead, download the Beta to get an early look at the changes, and we look forward to receiving your feedback to ensure we deliver the best possible version in the stable release.
  15. @Fabian1 we understand that it's been long; we've not released an updated version for Portable. Honestly, we're in the process of fixing certain bugs for the already developed version. Although, it'll still be a Beta but we want our users with the least of the inconvenience. So, it's a trade-off between time and quality here.
  16. @Vibsi Alex, Thanks for highlighting the issue on attachments and a detailed step-by-step solution to it. However, I'm still unable to figure what made the attachments not appear at the first place? Was it archiving those items (having attachments) or something else? I hope you could help me identify that!
  17. @Magnesium Welcome to the forums! Sorry for a late response to your post! Meanwhile, we had this checked with our team. You can use Enpass Identities to save the info on the page http://www2.policiamilitar.sp.gov.br/ocorrenciaweb . The WebForm requires a username and a password field on the web page save the form data. Identities can be found as a template under adding a new item in Enpass.
  18. @lstocky You should have access to Enpass Pro as before and I hope you already have it now (this thread). Let us know if there's any other query or concern.
  19. Thanks for the confirmation. You could reply if there's anything else, you need help with!
  20. I assume that you're asking about the master password, right? It's not stored anywhere separately, however, master password is encrypted along with Primary vault's data. Did you transfer apps from the old device to the new one? That could be a reason for the issue. In that case, reinstall the app from the store, else, I'll suggest you create a new vault with the same master password and then restore the backup file (make sure you already have one before). Restore backup file
  21. @W. Seiler Good to know it worked out! on the website, we intend to keep the latest version, and the major reason is because the older versions tend to have bugs which new users certainly won't find pleasing. I appreciate your feedback. Have an awesome day!
  22. Kashish

    reply notifications

    Yes, it's same. You can either tag us (Enpass team members) or any particular member with symbol @.
  23. @stieve Thanks for the screenshots. Those make the situation a bit clearer. If you already have Enpass data on DropBox, then I'll suggest you to first create a new vault with the same master password you're presently trying. Once you're through creating a new vault, set up sync with DropBox and confirm if the sync sets up successfully.
  24. @zKoci We're happy to know that Enpass is doing its job for your team. Enpass has been free for Linux and with version 6.3.x, Enpass is entirely free for desktops including Windows and Mac(that justifies for the unavailability of any purchase option in the Enpass app ). Also, you get all the features and that too without any limitation.
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