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  1. Hi It is still there on all the platforms. On mobiles, instead of press and hold, just tap on the field and a button to copy your data will fly in from right side. Cheers
  2. Hi @Realmann69 Thanks for liking Enpass. We are on to release the fixes for the issues. We have deliberately removed the build it browser on mobiles because of the possible internal issues related to Webkit. Now since the iOS itself support the Autofilling in Apps and browsers, there is less need for Enpass browser. Makes sense?
  3. Which Enpass version are you using? (sync_default.walletx was the database format used by Enpass v5) Please make sure to upgrade to v6 on all platforms.
  4. Hi, sorry for the trouble! The problem is with the browser which is not revealing the URL being browsed and instead of that passing-on its own package name to Enpass. Actually, the behavior should be like Chrome which passes-on the exact URL to Enpass to save for future autofill operations. For better autofilling experience we recommend to use Chrome, Firefox-Focus or Edge works well with autofill by Android framework as well as through Notifications.
  5. This happens when you have configured two Google accounts in the device and you have installed the app using the account from which you have not purchased it. That is why your app is in trial mode and when you try to purchase again, Enpass checks all accounts for receipts and Google responds that you already own the Pro version. The solution is to uninstall the app. Switch the account in Play store to one from which you have purchased it and then install the app. It should be automatically upgraded to Pro version. Hope this helps!
  6. Thanks for your feedback, guys! That was what we started with. The UWP app was the one that was working for both Windows 10 mobile and Windows 10 desktops. But the problem was very limited functionality and API support in UWP app to support the browser extension and deep system related APIs like keeping the app running efficiently in the background. For more than 8 months we were in discussion with the Microsoft to provide APIs to connect UWP app with Win32 apps (Firefox, Chrome) and extensions in them. Even there was no API to keep the connection between UWP app with the Edge browser (UWP) live for more than 30 seconds. So due to all these issues we had to bring our Win32 app to Store using the Bridged architecture and that alone was a huge task; just to support extensions for our beloved users. Now being a separate app, the in-app purchases of UWP are not restorable in Bridged, otherwise, we would have definitely done it.
  7. Hi @rich26 Thanks for your feedback. What problem are you facing with v6 on iOS? No data of v5 has been removed and it is still there on your cloud under Enpass folder. We have released another version on App store that fixes some of the major issues reported by dear users. Please try that and let us know if that solves the issues for you.
  8. Hi Good to know that you figured out that having multiple versions installed in your system was causing this issue. On which browser and platform are you facing this issue? Is it not showing you the matching items with the opened URL and you have to search for them or are you searching for different items to fill in the opened URL?
  9. Hi guys, Using v5 and v6 can be a cause as mentioned here. Are you having multiple versions of Enpass installed in your Mac? That could be an issue resulting to this error.
  10. Hi Sorry for the trouble! Please update your iOS app to latest version from the Store and the issue should be fixed. Please let us know, if that worked for you.
  11. Hi guys This is the issue related to the Graphics card driver, also as mentioned by @Roger . You can fix it by using the steps mentioned here https://www.enpass.io/support/enpass-starts-with-blank-white-screen-on-windows-how-can-i-fix-it/
  12. Hi If you are using the Website version then it is getting stored in,C:\Users\<your-username>\Documents\Enpass\ and for Store version, it's at C:\Users\<your-username>\AppData\Local\Packages\SinewSoftwareSystems.EnpassPasswordManager_fwdy0m65qb6h2\LocalState\Enpass
  13. Hi Seems you are using multiple versions of Enpass on your system. And you are getting redirected back to another Enpass having the different data. Please keep one copy of Enpass in your systems and then try. If you still face any issue, just get back to us.
  14. Hi Thanks for reporting. We have fixed the issue and will be available in the next update. It was the problem with the Animation of sync icon. Please wait for the next update.
  15. Hi, Noted for improvement in coming builds very soon.
  16. Hemant Kumar

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    Hi, Noted for improvement in coming builds very soon.
  17. Hi guys Extremely sorry for the trouble. All the issues been noted and will be fixed asap in coming builds. Please bear with us.
  18. Hi @Waira Thanks for your feedback. Actually, the Tags are exactly like the folders and they are nested too. Also, you can tag an item while creating it. There is a bug in the current version which restricts you from using the same Tag name ever in other hierarchy of folders(like a:b:c and r:b:c) and we will fix it very soon. Also, you won't need to remember the tag as there will be a tag editor at the Edit page. You can still do this from the sidebar, under tags. Select the Tag and right click to create a new Subtag or browser the hierarchy. On the desktop just drag and drop the item there and on ipad you can still go into the tag from Groups->Tags and create a new tag or add any item inside the tag. Please do not feel like this and we assure you to make it as smooth as you want in every respect. Please bear with us and feel free to share your feedback.
  19. Hi, Sorry for the trouble! On which device you are facing this issue. Please have a look at this FAQ which might fix the issue for you. Let us know if you still face the issue and we would be happy to help. Cheers
  20. Sorry for the trouble guys! As mentioned by @aslag changing the Scale and reverting back to default fixed the issue for him. In case you need v5 for desktops it's here but it's not available for mobile devices and keeping different versions on mobiles and desktop will break the sync.
  21. Hi guys, Sorry for the trouble! Enpass v6 syncs data to a different location than v5. So you need to upgrade Enpass on all your devices and your data will be in sync. Please have a look here if you are having different Enpass versions on different devices. There are some other FAQs related to sync, which can be helpful to you. Cheers
  22. Sorry for the all the troubles and inconveniences caused to you. We just need some more time and we assure you to improve all the things in our apps. You will see all the improvements coming in, in a series of updates making Enpass the best in class. Placing things in accordance with the new engine and inner robustness was our paramount that took most of the time, and now the rest of the changes related to UI designs and improvements won't take more time. Now matter of just a little of more time and you will see them in Enpass. Thanks a lot for your co-operation!
  23. Apologies for the bad communication from our side. We will take care of this in future and try our best to keep the things clear as possible. It was not intentional at all but we were just got so busy with the release and just overlooked a very important thing. Taken note of it to look for how to improve this in future.
  24. Hi guys, Thanks a lot for your feedback and we really appreciate the time and efforts you have put on helping us improving Enpass. @100 Watt Walrus we have noted every finding of yours as an improvement for coming releases. We want to deliver the best to our users, and believe me, it was really a challenge for all of us to release the first stable version of Enpass 6 over Enpass v5. The new core architecture with tons of improvements in security and design is itself a behemoth, and implementing it on all platforms successfully is remarkable for all of us here. With today's release, we have achieved the first milestone and there are more to go, but we believe that we would easily achieve all of them. All we just need your continuous support and love. I promise that the changes you have suggested are very next in the list and you will find them getting incorporated in coming releases very swiftly. Thanks for your understanding! Cheers
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